Dino DC: Secret Underground Tokyo Meet: Taking an NSX-R!

Secret Underground Tokyo Meet: Taking an NSX-R!

Posted: 2023-05-07 16:35:51
Author: Dino DC
It’s peak car season here in Japan at the moment, and with this comes meets like this one, with some of Tokyo’s best built cars all joining for the one, secret invite only meet, in Shinagawa Bay! Meet’s like these don’t happen as often as many people believe, so it is extra special when you get a turn out like this. Some stand out’s include the Bosozoku Nissan Leopard, countless GT-R’s and FD RX7’s, and the outlaw style Porsche 356.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Thank you hey welcome to a new episode and today I’ve got a special one for you guys I’m actually driving for the rest of this month this na1 Honda NSX R that a friend of mine kindly gave to me for the month while he’s out of the country

And I plan to uh you know capitalize on this amazing opportunity of having one of the rarest most sought after you know JDM legends from the 90s starting tonight today is Saturday last couple of days of golden week and we’re going to a very special meeting that’s been organized by some really

Cool car guys here in Tokyo it’s called the no-name meat and it’s pretty much Invitation Only and we have a really nice spot to park up the nsxr and you know without further Ado I’m gonna jump in the car and head out now Foreign Okay for once we actually arrived pretty early at the meet and the NSX is like Center Stage here as the meeting is actually being put together and every car is being positioned as it should be as per the plan and there’s a nice lineup of cars that have already arrived and I guess

They have to wait their turn to get in nice gtt sweet Lexus LC that was at weak Fest the other day I actually didn’t make it into the video that we made but I definitely filmed this it was just too much to show Just push the NSX R4 because it facilitates people maneuvering into place it’s sweet white 32. on uh This Is My Land gt3s we have kentas 993 the big Wing at the back the gtt club here There’s this is like typhoon typhoon levels of wind it’s absolutely incredible got some awesome GTR Skyline representation here The Austin Club this is actually um ACR you can’t release it because it’s so dark but the kids is really sick that’s another shot we definitely have to visit for the channel really sick 34 ER 34. on R35 brakes front and back we got the vintage cars arriving now foreign Foreign Action It’s another sick I think it’s a 964 over there rwb964 Cabrio they’re a rough action needed to kind of spice up the meat tonight Correa four and another sick inning one has just pulled up behind the nsxr it actually runs a 3.1 liter CA 30 and an na2 front-end conversion with a

Custom bumper from the company that built it’s an actual demo car from NSX tuner oh there’s another NSX wide body very very dark down here and then the advance E46 that was at uh weak Fest more FD Magic rocket bunny look at this wow look at that fitment absolutely stunning and another FD All the good guys basically uh you know Tokyo’s car culture car scene are here tonight and check out this FC on t37vs And the pandem rocket bunny E46 from Korea I mean seriously I think we’re really spoiled we do work fast week Fest and then two or three days later we’re here all here in Tokyo again to meet up and uh and create a meeting like this absolutely sick

GTR lineup is growing look at these Koenig five spokes look at that that’s some crazy tight fitment on the caliper there I mean the thing I really really liked about this NSX is the center exit exhaust kind of like Blake’s green and a sex on speed Hunters if you guys remember that

Which is now in Australia a couple s14s here people bringing the cars and the Transporters as well pretty crazy on the moon Tech green R34 into a and of course what could we possibly um be missing konnichiwa zoku oh my God so good With the takayari exhaust This meeting is really quickly becoming something pretty bloody crazy really really filling up now I think we’re brimful You have a chance to check out the RB RCF just managed to make it in and as well as the LC 500 that was parked outside before uh the car that was at weak Fest the other day one of those massive SSR wheels stroll around the back of the cars

This sick lineup of skylines some GTRs some gtts some 32s and I apologize but it’s very very windy and very very dark Foreign okay so I just spotted this Impala pull up opposite the venue where we’re actually holding the meat and I just have to come out and check it out it’s like perfectly parked in the brightest area too so we can actually get a nice look at it God it’s so good

Outside on the Main Street the cars that couldn’t get in uh that’s parked up here and this 365 just showed up alongside the low ride that we just saw absolutely sick so apparently the owner of this 365 actually has a 964 cop car registered on the street and a

Bunch of other stuff like uh recently purchased R32 GTR so this is a guy we really need to hook up with and do a proper shoot on on his cars a nice Corvette here this E36 just pulled up DBS LMS and the wind just does not give up today and this is morisan’s

Er34 he’s actually the organizer of the meat if you’re a long time follower of me and speed Hunters you might have seen the feature of this ER 34 runs uh hre Wheels I’m just gonna get in the back of the NSX here actually I’ll just uh

I’ll just show you how much space there is here I can fit gimbal drone there’s a bunch of GoPro stuff in there and then my camera back here so uh useful supercar it’s a very famous car in Japan gets features in the music videos commercials and various advertising

Projects and stuff so I’m sure you guys have seen this before but yeah when you see it up close it blows your mind Ouch so f-31 leopard customize beyond recognition Was saying like out on the street these are takayari pipes so kind of like bamboo bamboo shoots and then at the front is pretty much the way to describe this car so with the with the extension on the chin and we got June arriving here with the Thunder that is his Camaro Madness There’s a few more cars waiting out here to get in Cluding The Supercharged Mustang that June hardcore also built with JP Customs for this year’s Tokyo Salon we went to shoot this with Larry back in January and this amazing s30 and white plates Completely stripped out but in a very beautiful way look at the interior on this and soki’s leopard is 100 road legal in Japan I don’t know how he does it he’s even got like a purple police light back here foreign So fast forward uh about 20 minutes and we’re now at Umi hotaru parking area in the middle of the Apple line and everybody’s moved here And seeing like my car was one of the first uh we kind of left pretty early so the cars are just arriving now I got some uh very late dinners going at 11 p.m so it’s going to be a late one for me there’s that Moon Tech 34. leopard Oh look at them you were following it yeah are you guys okay so this is uh kaizel’s ride for the time that he’s in Japan Morrisons latest purchase Well Lawrence of Wheels everybody slowly rolling in another Moon Tech car Oklahoma So it’s been six hours worth of car meets uh amazing cars amazing people two different venues I think you know what a perfect way to end this episode it’s been great and it’s been especially great taking the nsxr uh out to this no-name meet that Morrison organized

With his buddies and uh I’m in awe of what the nsxr is all about it’s such a special car a lot more content coming on the Channel with this car so uh yeah let me know what you thought in the comments and if you’d like to see more of these

Sort of gatherings in the future so hope you enjoyed it and uh check back for more soon