Dino DC: RE Amemiya’s Hidden Tokyo Workshop!

RE Amemiya's Hidden Tokyo Workshop!

Posted: 2023-05-24 10:52:06
Author: Dino DC
For almost 50 years, RE Amemiya has been developing some of the most famous engines, body kits race cars, all with the one consistent factor – the rotary. In this episode, we check out their lesser known Tokyo Workshop, where Amemiya-san himself still works on cars to this day.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Hey welcome to a new episode and today you join me at a very special place if you’re into rotaries or even if you’re not into rotaries aribemia is one of the best known tuner in Japan and this is actually their Tokyo shop this is where amimiason himself works out of there’s a

Separate shop in Chiba where you know they handle all the customer cars and you know they have a shop selling merch but this is really the heart of the operation where am I measan actually builds engines and you know this is where all the D1 cars and tokyoto Salon

Cars are put together so I just wanted to drop by and kind of take a look hopefully amimia sun is here we’ll take a walk around oh there he is right there so the craziest thing is that you know after starting the company about 50 years ago he’s still every day working

Away creating stuff fabricating and uh here he is right now welding away at creating a bracket for some support we’ll go inside take a look and hopefully if we’re lucky enough he’ll take us upstairs and we can check out the engine room where he actually built the engines so

I’ve shot here so many times over the years usually after Tokyo Salon the big thing about arima Mia is always that they created one project every year for the Tokyo Auto Salon unveil and after that I’ve pretty much shot every car that they ever created up until some

Years ago usually for magazines or speed Hunters today I wanted to do like a video tour of the place and starting off with the fact that this is actually the amemia biru or amamiya building and it was built in 1991 the first of January that’s when it was open and basically

This is where the workshop is of course in second floor is all workshop and then up there is Apartments where amimia-san lives and some of his mechanics live and it’s basically a massive operation here in the heart of Tokyo so we’ll walk inside and take a look

At the cool projects they’re working on inside I just had a quick chat with the head mechanic and you kind of gave me a rundown of what they’re working on currently so there’s this Eunice Roadster Yoda project that they’re putting together eventually we’ll end up with a rotary engine

This really sweet sa-22 RX7 has just had a new engine dropped in they’re actually working on you know the ancillaries around the engine so this is a 13B n a and you can see how the intake has been extended over the top of the engine I think that’s really good for a mid-range

Response and you can see what this car is going to end up looking like over here is another sa-22 customer car that they’re working on this project is a bit further back compared to to this car here but one thing I noticed is that it’s sitting on really cool vintage rims

And it’s got an integrated kind of buses style rear spoiler or deck spoiler that’s in the midst of being kind of Blended in the interior is all stripped out could we possibly be seeing next year’s Tokyo Auto Salon car let’s keep that in mind and see if this actually materializes to become that

Again another 13B swap it looks like this is staying na2 actually mmsan is a big fan of keeping rotaries and a not so much for the D1 car here the FD this actually runs a four rotor Turbo and in between rounds it’s basically in for some maintenance some slight changes

They’re always trying to push performance as much as they can so this this section here of the workshop is where all the fabrication is handled they have a few basic tools and drills and machines to help them you know create things like exhaust thank you

Just cutting away out of a big sheet of metal it’s creating pretty heavy duty bracket for for something but you know the thing that really stands out when you come here is it it really hasn’t changed much since they actually set the company up these shops that you know

Most people would think you know armamia is kind of a body kit manufacturer but you know they do Engine Tuning too they they get their stuff done all cars are always completely you know custom built from beginning until the very end by then and uh I think this sums up what

This company is all about it’s all about power it’s all about complete cars and just extracting performances you know the evolution in rotary engines much like other older School Japanese engines continues as people continue to be into these engines and to these cars the you know the evolution you know they’re

Always pushing here they’re always pushing to perfect their cars be it in Motorsport or you know for Street use and customers it’s a it’s amazing to see and the crazy thing is that you know even after so much success and being so well known I mean mia-san is there every day working away

And creating anything from brackets to whatever needs to be done on the day all right so uh about this D1 FD they actually debuted the the car the first round last month in June is the second run at scuba and they want to get it perfect and it’s basically running a full rotor

Turbo setup the turbo currently off but it runs a big gcg Garrett gt42 it’s got twin twin wastegates and it’s connected inside to a huland sequential gearbox with a custom set up when it comes to like linkages and positioning and at the back here the massive radiator

With all the venting and air guides to get it as efficient as possible cut out rear end a couple of extractor fans at the back and a little fuel tank sits slightly offset to the driver to counterbalance the weight and just get the the balance correct and All Above here

Is the collection of bumpers of every type some are stock some are customary Mia Creations there’s even a dashboard up there rear FD hatch doors I mean it’s it’s all about maximizing space in Japan when it comes to workshops so it’s always interesting to see how everybody does it slightly different

And right here is a revolution RX8 not sure if it’s a customer car or anything so this wasn’t even planned visit so it was really nice for these guys to take a few minutes out of their work day to allow us to film inside and take a look at the cars that they’re

Working on we definitely need to go visit the other shop in Chiba and kind of take a look at some of their famous Democrats that they have hopefully they still have some of the cars that they built for the tokyoto salon this year so I hope you enjoyed that and you know

We’ll be trying to do more of these kind of shop tours even if it’s a quick drop by we just happen to be in the area so we thought you know let’s see if he’s in it’s always such a pleasure when you come here and you’re so welcomed and

You’re allowed to kind of roam wild in the workshop so big thumbs up to Ari me I hope you enjoyed this episode and check back soon for more Foreign