Dino DC: Ported Rotary RX-3 and RX-7 NOISE in the Heart of Tokyo!

Ported Rotary RX-3 and RX-7 NOISE in the Heart of Tokyo!

Posted: 2023-06-04 20:00:12
Author: Dino DC
Even in Japan, it’s not often that you see an RX3, let alone and RX7 and RX3, together in the heart of Tokyo! In this video we got to check out Aaron’s (Ace Auto) two beautiful examples, and take them for a quick drive through Tokyo, making all the right noises.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Hey Guys hey welcome to another episode and today kind of materialized pretty quickly I got a message from my friend Andy at power vehicles yesterday saying that a couple of his mates were down from Hokkaido and would I want to do something with the cars that they brought down and I thought uh yeah

Absolutely because these guys came down with a beautiful rx3 Mazda and a beautiful sa-22 RX7 both from Watanabe Wheels and if you look closely both cars are on Sapporo number plates which is a pretty rare site down here in Tokyo but apparently these guys are involved in

The whole car game they have their own shop and uh kind of do these kind of drives where they’ll put cars on the ship ship it down here in Kanto and then you know hit up events and tracks and do a bit of grip driving here and there and

Before they go up to Fukushima to a business circuit tomorrow for formula D we’re gonna you know shoot their cars a little bit and drive them around Tokyo and just enjoy seeing a couple of you know n a uh rotary cars especially a savannah RX7 which is you know a really really rare

Sight uh these days in Japan most of these cars are probably being like shipped down to Australia or New Zealand and uh even you know rotary events like Seven’s day you don’t really see too many show up so it’s a bit of a treat and both cars are pretty well sorted

Really nice builds very clean uh lots of attention to detail starting with this rx3 here is 17s you don’t really see 17 inch watanabas on older cars this is a slightly smaller 15 inch model but uh let’s talk to the owners and get a bit

Of a low down on both cars so this is Aaron he’s the owner of both cars yeah can you tell us quickly what you’ve done to both and uh what you’re doing on this trip it sounds really like a fun Expedition that you guys get up to so 1976 Mazda rx3

It’s got a 13 Bay secondary Bridgeport weather Davis Craig electric water pump side mount alternator and everything else is pretty standard oh it’s got adjustable toilets buying a whole lot of suspension in front as well nice cool custom arms oh yeah it’ll come from America and you’ve done a 17-inch

Watanabe yes setup but why so big oh I’m a little bit of a fan of slightly oversized Wheels all right nice it’s good I think they do them up to 18s though yeah but I I didn’t want to modify the guards have only just slightly been rolled right right didn’t

Want to go too hard and you’re basically on on an adventure uh yeah ship the cars down from Sapporo yep and then we’re just a bit of a road trip around Tokyo and then back up to you’re driving all the way up to Hokkaido after Fukushima yeah and you

Take the ferry from where to go back ah go back from Sendai wow it’s amazing that’s like uh it’s just cool to get them out and use them proper Japanese road trip so this one has the stock 12a so Weber carbs yes Weber carb and then

Just Jitter to make it a bit of a Bridgeport idle so oh nice apart from that so it’s been ported no no but I’ve tuned it to just sit there and idle up a little bit right right okay see what you mean otherwise pretty standard lowered Springs in the front

Yeah and it’s just adjustable in the back uh yeah let’s take a look inside because uh you have a pair of really cool seats so uh these are Recaro with uh I think it’s a custom houndstooth like Center so you found the second hand and you found these on Yahoo amazing

I haven’t checked out an interior on RX7 since I was uh rx3 rather since I was in Australia still got the standard wheel too original nice so Ace Auto Japan that’s your company what do you guys do um I’ve actually got a retail car sales and we sell cars Nationwide you ship

Everywhere all around the world nice and import as well we’ve complied quite a few cars imported oh you did the other way around too that’s quite rare nice where do you usually bring in cars from oh okay quite a few cars from Hong Kong okay in America England nice bit of a

Process to get it done but yeah is it is it more of a headache to import them to export probably yeah and and this one is uh I mean these cars basically are your stock right so they’re always up for something they’re not for sale they’re too good

They can’t sell them all right let’s take a look at the rx7s interior completely stock so simple and and a Dash is not cracked that’s pretty rare you can tell when cars have been stored and looked after well so basically I noticed one thing as

Soon as you opened it up it actually has a 13B of course these these cars came with the 12a that’s correct so uh so where did you find this was this like a new engine or did you pull out or something brand new built engine brand new parts is this ported yes just

Secondary Bridgeport nice do you have any idea what kind of power it does or uh maybe 250 250 yeah well it’s a light car so that’s plenty of uh plenty of fun and you can tell it was a 12a because it says re-120 here Foreign Foreign foreign So we had a bit of a drive around Tokyo and just to get some sounds you know these n a rotary engines sound amazing especially when they’re bridgeported like the rx3 we came to shiromi Italia this is a spot you may recognize if you follow me on speed Hunters I like to

Shoot a lot here it’s very unjapan like it’s kind of like a paved Italian Road and I did the Liberty Walk F40 here back in January in in the rain and here again we are in the rain checking out a couple of really cool rotaries it’s a bit busy today but uh

Just trying to find nice locations to kind of make these cars pop so I am still driving the nsxr as my daily thanks Ben we’re just gonna spend a few minutes here to shoot the cars in detail we’ll go for another ride maybe find something a little bit more

Traditionally Japanese looking than an Italian Square I have to say I’m a massive fan of the color choice of this rx3 Nardo gray has quickly become one of the most popular colors over the last few years starting you know with Porsches Lamborghinis even Ferraris just the flat gray seems to really give a

Very unique take to a car it kind of emphasizes the lines and it’s subtle it’s not too showy and it just goes so well against black detailing like carbon fiber or in this case you know the big Watanabe Wheels here and all the the powder coated the bumpers and the

The tail light trim and I love this exhaust so much it’s really cool to have a couple of rotaries on the channel for a change unless you haven’t really realized what I’m trying to do with this channel is to kind of show you as much variety as possible so I’m really trying

Hard to kind of you know progress through all the different facets that Japanese culture offers people and of course the rotary rotaries are a massive part and coming up soon it’s going to be seventh day in July I can’t wait to cover that there’s so many people from

Abroad coming to see that event of course it’s held multiple race tracks on the 7th of July and then everybody convenes that daikoku at night time or later afternoon and then off to umiotaro for a bigger celebration of all things rotary so this car over here is a 1976

This car here is a 1979 so the first generation of the RX7 and we’re actually talking together with Aaron before you know growing up in Italy in the UK I never really saw too many rotaries this was the very first Roti I ever saw when I was probably in like

Fifth grade or sixth grade was this the sa 22 was the first naturally aspirated rotary and officially important to UK so it wasn’t until I came to Japan that I got to see and kind of like understand the whole rotary scene in more detail you know where is Mazda going with this history

Like I really respect what Manza is doing these days they’ve really uh stood out for their own very unique and kind of Daring design you know they do well on the regular production car side of things SUVs and you know they have a new straight six engine and they do a lot of

Diesels even here in Japan but I don’t think they should really be just you know expecting the Eunice Roadster the MX-5 uh Miata to kind of support the whole sports car history that they have they have a vast history that of course you know spans back right into the cosmo

With the rotary engine side of things and I know it’s difficult to get rotary engines up to spec when it comes to emissions and you know they they have a tough time you know progressing the evolution of what rotary could be in the future but when you see cars like this

You kind of feel nostalgic you feel nostalgic for what they stood for and just how good they were as drivers cars you know they were all about being lightweight and you know very communicative and the sound was absolutely insane so I really hope we do see some rotaries uh

Coming back from Mazda not as generators and electric cars that doesn’t count for me and you know that we see the progression of the RX7 I mean it’s a phenomenal car there were so many others you know the cosmo the rx3 the RX-8 you know we want to see

Mods that push that envelope and maybe combine a rotary with I don’t know like an electric motor assist that’s what everybody seems to be doing to kind of balance it out emissions wise sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t as Honda has shown us with the replacement of the NSX

I don’t think that really worked out it was a great car but it had no soul so we’re moving one of the cars the rx3 to do some driving shots and I just wanted to get you to here how the road 3 sound just bounces off these massive buildings here in the shieldome Probably understandably every time I hear and shoot a rotary I really want one even an idol like this they sound amazing Bridgeport of course this one 13B foreign We’re doing the RX7 now so slightly different this is a 12a so 1.2 liters if you really want to count uh engine capacity not ported completely stock just has a bigger carb these recaros are on point like I was saying these came or were supposed to be

Fitted in a Porsche but they look perfect from the cabin of the little rx3 which is actually not even that little like I always have this image of an rx3 being a tiny little car but it’s actually decently sized especially for a 70s car I mean this in the 70s must have

Been a very big car especially in Japan Foreign Here we are causing problems again in the middle of shimbashi so we decided to stop in one of the most picturesque Izakaya Street in shimbashi that goes all the way down towards the station and park the cars up a very typical Japanese setting so cool so there’s constant trains above us

But as you walk past these with the nsxr in the background okay so we’re gonna wrap up this shoe right now I just want to say big thanks to Aaron and his friends that came down from Sapporo and gave us a couple of hours to spend together with their cars

And the chance to immortalize these amazing historical pieces really in a very unique setting here in Tokyo I hope to meet up with these guys when I have the chance to go up to Sapporo and get some kind of inside information of how you know the car scene is up there but

Until then I hope you enjoyed this episode and enjoyed a bit of rotary content for the channel oh Oh