Dino DC: Pec’s Perfect 3 Car AE86 Collection | N2/Street/Show

Pec's Perfect 3 Car AE86 Collection | N2/Street/Show

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Posted: 2023-09-06 10:49:32
Author: Dino DC
In this episode we check out Pecx’ amazing 3 car AE86 collection. Pec has spent over 25 years cultivating a collection of rare and insane AE86 parts, slowly piecing together his hachi-rokus. The collection includes a stunning Keiichi Tsuchiya replica Trueno, an Initial D inspired Trueno and an N2 Built Levin!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Thank you Hey welcome you join me on another scorching hot day here in Houston Texas and today we’ve actually found a guy that’s kindly opened up his private collection of 86s probably you know a type of collection that I would never have said we could find here in

Texas but you know as we’ve seen at Cars and Coffee and other meats that we’ve featured since being here JDM is really strong here and people really love cars like the hachiroku we’ve seen a few turn up actually this Corolla wagon was at the meet that we went to last night so

And we just pulled up with our gigantic Bronco Raptor or press car for the trip we’re gonna go inside the garage and check out a little collection of hachiroku’s here so the actual collection is made up of three cars starting with this Toronto right hand drive so this is the kind of classic

They’ve gone for uh you know Initial D Style with the fujiwara tofu 10 sticker on the side so that kind of is basically you know the the streetcar very simple very clean on what a knob is and then we have a keichita replica it even has the

Green carbon fiber hood we’ll take a look at the engine in a second that’s very special and he’s got the integrated rear wing let’s take a little peek at what’s going on under here it’s still not completed but uh 20 valve Blacktop and what a clean engine bay

And look at the interior TRD steering wheel seats 2.5 ratio steering wheel and fifth gear and carbon fiber Dash this is a a car that’s being put together after 15 years of like Parts hoarding so a long-term project that’s just come to for tissue now the owners

Kind of put it together for the 86 event that happened last week and it’s almost there engine is almost finished and then it will be complete back on the 20 valve here so the headers were actually custom made for this car in Thailand one of the honest friends

Have them done and the car runs Tod yellow hampers up front and TRD blues at the back so really cool to be seeing the car sitting on SSR doritoris these are very special Wheels indeed foreign And then over here in the corner in blue we have the N2 full-on race car and two fenders is basically what it sort of started shooting at scuba during the famous N2 races back in the day where tecards and suchia and TRD used to participate in completely stripped on cabin and some bracing

Across the Shelf pretty much full-blown race car in here even the sunroof has been blocked off another look at the Corolla wagon we saw last night really cool without the bumpers xr4s and I do love that steering wheel that’s Momo prototypo and it’s got the 1970s Momo style horn button very cool

Shop is pretty much 4ag heaven I just learned that one cool thing about this car is that a couple years back at the Bangkok Auto salons friend bought the glove box lid to get kitchen to cheer to sign it Okay so we’ve opened up the Bonnet here

And here is the stock engine that came with the car the 3tc 1770 CC I love the oil cooler style out there on the bumper go to Japan the the Japanese Auto Federation and Bloom there’s something so cool about these Toyota Corolla wagons so aside from the really cool prototypo

Momo steering wheel there’s actually these old school kind of like akoska Dotson sport bucket seats Thank you Foreign Cars out so we can do some driving shots because it’s always nice to see cars out on the road and hearing it’s a bit of movement that needs to be done here to get the cars out such a cool lineup outside like this okay so we’re gonna get more streets oriented tune out

With the fujiwara tofu 10 sticker on the side so there you have it I mean I think the final question would be which one would you choose the kitchen replica the regular street car or the N2 tough choices I guess the owner figured out that you need three to be content so

There’s your answer probably Thank you So I’ve been throwing the keys to the N2 race car so I’m going to take it for a quick lap around the the block It certainly goes it’s on higher cams revs about 8 500 RPM of course I’m on normal streets here I’m not going to push it too much but uh but nonetheless this thing is on fire so fast once it gets on cam Come on come on Foreign So I can’t believe that what not even two weeks after driving a hachiroku in KL I’m here in Houston Texas and I just drove an end to 86. massive thank you it’s been an awesome afternoon to spend with you guys and what a nice collection of cars including this

And two Beast that just loves to Rev okay so I hope you’re going to continue following me on these kind of Little Adventures while we’re here in Houston Texas next up is going to be an interesting shop tour so check back soon it’s gonna be fun it likes to Rev