Dino DC: My Perfect Daily Driver – BMW 440i

My Perfect Daily Driver - BMW 440i

Posted: 2023-06-07 12:39:43
Author: Dino DC
This video was shot from June last year up until just recently, where we took the 440i convertible to Hakone and put it through its paces – a slight change from its usual straight line daily duties in central Tokyo.

Mods consist of a set of 20-inch BBS LM-R wheels, KW Variant 3 coilovers, Yokohama Advan Sport V105 tires and an Eventuri carbon airbox all fitted by the BMW specialists at Studie Tokyo.

The aim was to transform the look of the 440i into something worth looking back at every time I park it.

Special thanks to:

BBS Japan: https://bbs-japan.co.jp/en/

Yokohama Tires: https://www.y-yokohama.com/product/tire/sp/

Studie AG: https://www.studie.jp

EVENTURI: https://www.eventuri.net

GTechniq: https://www.gtechniq.co.uk

KW Suspension: http://www.kwsuspensions.jp

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Thank you [Laughter] Hey so I’m here at studio today I’m picking up a set of BBS wheels they’re going to go on the project 440 my drop top uh BMW basically they’re going to get fitted with the old kws that I had on the 435 and before I do that I’m

Gonna take the wheels home and coat them with some G techniques of the uh I got sent it’s basically protecting the wheel and making sure the you know they’re very easy to clean and that brake dust doesn’t really get stuck to it too much and the cool thing today is that I came

Here with my latest press car the new ghost Rolls-Royce 2022 ghost it’s a really big car so hopefully I can fit all four wheels which are right here so we’re gonna try and see if I can fit them in the trunk here it’s really deep so hopefully at least two boxes so much

For the trunk idea I was only able to fit one box it’s just a little bit taller if I put it vertically too bad so after picking up the BBS at the studio the other day I thought I should get on with the job of coating

The G technique sent me the C5 it’s called The Wheel armor so basically it creates a protective film on the whole Rim so it protects against brake dust and you know random contaminants so when the time comes to to actually clean you get most of the cleaning done with like

A high pressure washer you don’t need to get too busy with it all right moment of truth so these of course are two piece design polished diamond cut rim and it’s like a new color they offer it’s called it’s a really sparkling kind of silver and I think it’ll look good

Against the wider the car oh man the level of shininess here but the cool thing is I never noticed this but they actually paint the inner of the barrels in like a glossy black you can see the little carvings behind the the splits here of the spokes

And then on the inside of the spokes they’ve actually kind of like machined out even more material I guess as much as possible to to shave us weight I mean they’re not the lightest of Wheels you know two-piece rims are never going to be as light as one piece Forge like the

Rids I had before but I just needed to kind of mix things up a bit and uh I think these will look super cool first thing I’m gonna do is clean them with some g-technique panel wipe this basically just to remove the the remainder of the oils that are there

On the surfaces and just gently wipe a little Contour here around the bolts and then once we’re done with this we’ll flip the wheels around and we’ll do the barrel so I’m going to open this here I shook it well a few drops to kind of saturate it

And then what you’re supposed to do is do little sections of the wheel and then I’ll start with the with the inner disc I’m just going to do this and go all the way around it every surface a few spokes at a time and then within like a minute of you wiping

It on you’ve got to wipe it off with the microfiber towel so that’s as easy as it is I mean um you just literally wipe it on and you wipe it off straight away and uh I’m just going to get on with the rest of the wheel I’ve got three more to do

After this so I’m Gonna Keep sweating away and uh we’ll see how it kind of looks when it’s all done and finished hey there welcome to a very windy oh I’m here today this is probably like a month on since you saw me a few minutes ago cleaning and uh coating my

PBS wheels and uh today is the fitting day so uh I brought the project drop top 2.0 with its uh very sad looking stock wheels but as you can see I’ve loaded up the BBS lmrs is one box in the back three inside and uh the KW

Suspension and we’re ready to go today for a bit of filming there’s a few other customers here waiting crazy thing about studio is that they’re so busy it’s insane every time I come here how many customers they have waiting to get work done the car park is literally printful

Of cool cars starting with the AC Schnitzer 4 Series Cabriolet here which is the New Gen car which is a replacement to my car and the actual reason that I got this 440 to replace the 435 is because I just I couldn’t do this Grill I don’t know I just can’t

Digest it if they’re going to change that eventually I mean it does look way better on an M car of course we have the 2D Z8 demo car wide body tons of extra work Custom work done on this car okay so the car’s been driven inside now so one of the coolest things

About studio is that they import like floor tiling for their workshops from Germany so it kind of feels like you’re in a German Workshop you’ll be mounting Tires over here suspension prep over there and then the car is going to be put there and uh all the 50 will be done so uh

They fished out the tires that Yokohama can do deliver so they’re the advanced sport v105 it’s actually the previous model to what has just been released or refreshed and we’re fitting 275s 30 zr20 in the in the back and the 245 30 in three years so basically I’m stepping up one inch

And going a little wider lining up the wheels for the tires ready for fitting and the coating I did a few weeks ago you really feel it it’s like silky smooth in the meantime the kws are getting cut these are the same v3s I was using on Project drop top not

Tropical 2.0 despite the facelift and the upgrades the chassis didn’t change so it’s a straight swap to the 440 so with the suspension layout at the back the spring is separate from the damper here’s a bit of a detail of the KW v3s and they were even kind enough to clean

Up the dampers and springs of course these were used before on the black car that I had before the 440 the 435 no weights needed so while the tires are on the balancer they clean up the sidewall the cool thing they do here before fitting new

Rims is to actually get rid of that surface rust that kind of happens on the on the inner portion of the Hub Okay so we’ve measured on how to look at the rear it was sagging a bit too much so we’re doing it with the roof folded and closed in the trunk so the car’s size has its lowest point right now so we’re probably lifting at 10 mils keeping into account that you know when

You have rear seat passengers is a bit more squats so wheels off again we’ve actually maxed out as I as you can go at the back so this will have to be it I honestly think it looks perfect I don’t think there’s much difference from the black car that is a bit lower Foreign Turnpike this is the toll gate that leads up the mountain and I’m basically here to finally kind of shake down the BMW project drop top version 2.0 as I call it on speed Hunters so I’ve recently had a set of BBS LM RS fitted at study alongside with uh Yokohama

Advanced sport tires and the same KW variant 3 suspension kit that I had on the black car uh you know it was such a beautiful day today and the timing was just right I decided to come down here and get some pictures put the car through some Corners because obviously

It’s our daily driver and the family and we don’t really enjoy it as much as we should it’s such a great car it’s such a great driver’s car and of course you know being convertible you kind of maximize the usability tenfold I’m a big fan of BBS rims and I wanted to do

Something different when it came to this car so instead of the rids monoblocks I had last time I went for a multi-piece wheel uh I didn’t want to do the LMS because I feel they’re a bit too flat and the lmrs really kind of have that race look and feel about them Oh [Laughter] I did the whole Turnpike and I got a little bit carried away and kind of went all the way and then we came down the other side towards hugoara Onsen an amazingly beautiful spot and if you actually zoom in you can kind of make a little island there so the

Craziest thing is that I’ve had this car for three years and I did the suspension and the wheel upgrade a couple of months back and this is the actual first time that I’m able to really say that I’ve driven it and I have to say I’m pretty

Impressed with the car obviously being a convertible it’s quite heavy I think it approaches something like 1800 to 1900 kilos so you know with a full tank of gas a couple of people inside you’re well over two tons so it feels very heavy and it kind of It kind of has that

Undulation when you start hitting mid Corner bumps but the KW do an amazing job with such tiny little side walls as you can see here there’s not that much there and of course mid Corner bumps really come through the steering and they kind of throw you off

But the Advan sport that I’m running have so much grip it’s quite shocking how much grip they actually develop in in the you know dry conditions like this so I was able to pretty much push as hard as the car goes and just it just rails it around the faster corners of

The turnpike so all in all I’m really really happy with the whole turnout of the handling and suspension package that we fitted and you know thanks to study for you know doing all the work fitting it getting the alignment and the and the car to look and sit right we had to

Raise the suspension all the way up to the max at the back to get that that kind of perfect level of course like I said it’s it’s a convertible so it’s quite heavy in the back especially when the roof Folds so you kind of have to account for that

Extra sag at the back but uh we fitted the eventually uh carbon air box and basically that allows the engine to breathe a little bit more freely and it kind of wakes up the the intake sound you get a lot of flutter because of course oh M2

Yeah this is the fun area so basically like I was saying you get a lot of flutter because these engines don’t actually run a blow off valve so every time you back off the throttle you just get dope sounds which is pretty cool and of course it looks spectacular in the engine bay Foreign Foreign if you need to access the trunk when the roof is folded away you just hold the this switch and it lifts the cover section up and then the roof gets lifted so you can have access to the trunk in all your camera gear we

Need to do some driving shots of the car with the top down now so we’re gonna head back up the mountain up there where the hakone turnpike ends at the top so it’s actually just over a thousand meters at the very top there and on a

Clear day you actually get to see Mount Fuji but today unfortunately it’s uh super cloudy but yeah let’s go so just coming up from Lake Ashi I kept the top folding in the trunk I’m gonna automatically tell there’s so much weight at the back that it was bouncing and kind of like

Pitching outwards through the tighter corner so it really changes the character of the car once you shift that much weight you know to the extremities so something you know that I never experienced with because like I said we just drive this car in Tokyo usually so

It’s a it’s a good good bit of experience to kind of like put your own car through some driving that I usually Reserve only for Price cars so it’s been a ton of fun though I have to say I’m overwhelmed by the amount of grip that the Advent Sports generate I’m actually

On the slightly older model so when I fit to the tires they’re just about to launch the newer version so these are the advanced sport V10 105s and they have just released the 106s and so here we are at the end of my little Excursion to the hakone turnpike

And the general hakone Mountain Area to put project drop top 2.0 through its spaces I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to drive this car properly but I got the sample the actual uh sides of the of the tires instead of always driving straight in Tokyo and I have to

Say I’m I’m really impressed with how the setup has worked out so well you know between the advice that study gave me when it comes to fitment sizing up the wheels and tires and going for the right offsets just to get that look right but also the performance and you

Know the the handling everything has to be in check and they really know what they’re doing and a big thanks to them a massive thanks to BBS yokama tire and KW suspension for allowing me to you know fine tune my daily driver into something that’s uh you know really

Special on the right roads but at the same time a great car to live with and a car that when you park you just have to look back and you know take in because it just looks so sweet uh happy that you know this project is pretty much done I’m not

Going to do much with it anymore I think because as I said it’s our daily driver my wife uses it to take the kids around and I think I just wanted to you know get it to look right and to perform when I borrow it you know on roads like this

Or when I go to shoot so happy with it and now it’s time for uh the other cars in the in the dino DC stable so more on that soon but let me know what you thought below uh in the comments and thanks for uh always checking out the channel [Applause]