Dino DC: Mooneyes USDM Takes Over Tokyo! – Japan’s Strangest Cars

Mooneyes USDM Takes Over Tokyo! - Japan's Strangest Cars

Posted: 2023-05-17 10:43:05
Author: Dino DC
The Mooneyes Street Car Nationals is one of the few annual events that attract such an immense variety of cars, styles, makes and models. To top it off every year over 1200 cars converge to take over the Odaiba venue, some of which with modifications that you’d never expect. Whilst we can’t fit the whole event into one video, a few stand outs like the Hakosuka on Hydraulics, LS-powered HiAce and an AE86 on air cups.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Hey welcome to another episode and today we are in odaiba one of the newest neighborhoods in Tokyo built on reclaimed land and hosts today to the Moon ice streetcar Nationals the whole neighborhood’s literally taken over by American cars of every type and a lot of Japanese stuff

Mixed with a bit of American flavor it’s Japanese car culture Extravaganza really because it’s such a mix of cultures only moon eyes does it like this and it’s always so good so we’re gonna check out some action as people drive to the orders of car parks and then Absolutely crazy and then we’ll make our way into the show over here and we’ll take a look at the close to 1500 cars that are usually present at these events Thank you here’s a hardcore Camaro there’s mirassan from rocket bunny as I’m asked so we’re basically going to take a quick stroll around just to see what stands out this year I’m gonna go straight to the Japanese section where most of the Japanese cars are because that’s where the cool stuff

Is so let’s see what we can find so I have my assistant this morning carrying my camera bag getting him to work I just had to stop because I spotted this Carrera 3 liter from M’s machine works super clean very well executed integrated aircon there a great example of you know the variety

You can already see like among all the American stuff so I just bought it the Tokyo Soul here he’s the official voice of Muniz right for the English audience I’m seeing the show yes so uh tell me about the show today how many cars are here we have about 1200 cars all

Together yeah all different things nothing really bunched together uh the low riders uh and the hot rods all all over the place but it is an interesting show in the world that you can get so close to the cars we ask that you don’t touch them obviously but you can get

Right up and even peek through the window and take photos of them so in that respect it’s a pretty great show so I I’ve noticed it’s a bit more mixed up compared to previous years is that intentional it is uh there’s no real order that they come in uh the the show

That we do it at in winter in Yokohama it’s timed and everything is in its different section around the venue uh but at this venue they all come in uh lined up from starting at five o’clock in the morning and they start coming in and we try and get them all loaded into

Two to three hours and then kick off at eight or nine o’clock in the morning awesome and if they want to see your stuff your photography because he’s an awesome photographer and he’s got his uh Instagram page took us all right Tokyo so check that out

Uh yes and uh so you’re welcome to come and see that uh you know we sort of do the same things but some people do it much better than other people so so moon eyes is also slammed cars like I said there’s so much variety so many different styles and

This Hawaii styled Toyota BB with a tad bit of onikan actually quite a lot of negative camber and the things people do in Japan with smaller cars like the March or the Daihatsu let’s take a closer look at this Star Road specific made by work Wheels but designed and branded by starro so

They’re called ghost Stars there’s one lineup of little vans that always stand out to me and we’re just gonna walk up but oh God look at this old school Mitsubishi K van let’s look at the inside so here’s that lineup I was talking about these are all from garage blow

And basically they take little K Vans or k trucks and convert them to look like Dodge and Chevy vans and my favorite has to be the blow kids bus it’s so wrong but yeah it’s so funny and so Japanese it’s actually like an American micro school bus and if we check inside

It’s very well created inside with plenty of cool accessories kind of hinting at the style like the effort and cost that would go into something like this so I mean you’ve got to appreciate people doing this kind of stuff it’s just so good look at this one full yellow interior

It’s got the round glass of the back like the original ones it’s kind of like a surfer theme this one has a Radio Flyer in the bed and just to mix the variety in next to a 240Z these solex carburetors running t-37vs much like recfest the other week you

Just keep finding things and you kind of lose your way around the car park and you never know where you’re supposed to be going and you’re always kind of grabbed by cars that you see across like lineups absolutely insane Thank you [Applause] Thank you the thing in Japan has always been to own cars that you can’t get in Japan much like in the US other countries you try and get the things that are you know you never got in the first place and this Subaru Tribeca is a perfect example

We never got this compact SUV in Japan but sometimes at moon eyes you come across once and this one’s actually been slammed on some steelies last year when I covered the event for Speed Hunters I did a quick Spotlight on an n360 that this gentleman built and this year he’s

Got another cool project this time it’s a two-cylinder air-cooled motor it’s running an fcr if you can look at it this side it’s running an fcr slide slide carburetor and because it overheats so much in the position and this is actually engineered cool little air intake with an

Electrical fan to kind of keep the carb cool and you know it’s being cleaned up no bumpers tight fitment on the stock wheels so we’re being given the okay to take a look inside it’s got like sound deadening all around the cabin simple cloth seats really sick this is really not something

I would stop and take a look at except I noticed something really particular aside from the fact that it’s running a serious custom wide body the work vs x-axis have been custom barreled same amount of stretch on the front here two semifiers up front but at the back

They’re even wider like I’m not even sure if you can understand how wide that is it must be like 35 centimeters a lip three four fives 30 20s and of course full audio in the back titanium Mufflers that stick out half a meter the craziness just continues all around you

Can see how much work actually goes into creating these beautifully flared out real arches kind of work on the doors so this is a crown beautiful classical takes on you know old school Japanese show where Vans like Nissan homie here it’s got the 1985 cabin cigarettes on the front

And an elephant ride from a playground or a fair or something so it’s all about creating your own little unique you know scene or area of display these guys have gone absolutely crazy with some coolers electrically powered tri-coolersoku style look at the seat the air horns

And then we get to this I have to scratch my head for a second figure out what it was but it’s actually a Honda Odyssey that’s been transformed to look like something out of the 50s or 40s even it’s even got like covered rear fenders

At the back so going back to the Civic meeting that we covered in April a lot of people commented that they would love to see more shuttles though the the wagons here here you go on wire mesh Wheels 16 valve dual carb oh man you could just smell the 80s in here

Sick wooden Rd wheel so this is a Tokyo neuro over here it’s got a badass Honda Element and check out all the camera areas in here he’s gonna have this massive anchor battery pack so basically with a with a full battery like that you can probably shoot a whole week

And the element has been lifted on some spoon Wheels massive Yokohama geolander tires and up front type one have fitted some Spoon calipers and talk about a different take on a Honda Element absolutely cool so you know of course the exterior is being wrapped but he’s even wrapped paint though So one of like the famous most famous painters here in Japan uh cenosa right from munoto did the orange paint on the exterior but it’s actually wrapped on kind of like a digital camo all around the inside and this is one style that over the last decade has really exploded

In popularity especially in the Yokohama region basically doing like Trophy Truck conversions to Tacomas and pretty much any other track that is imported from the states and this one is a special one because it’s as Extreme as it gets like serious lift they’ll completely redone suspension massive King shocks

Reservoir tank here cut out front bumper over fenders and of course the spare tire in the bed basically exactly the kind of car you want to drive around with in Japan your cars will get out of the way when they see this coming up behind

I’ll just give you a quick glance at the actual variety but you just cannot I’d like to welcome everybody explain it like it’s just holding you different styles this us style S14 on chrome wheels and it is I keep saying variety variety variety but I mean look at this old school crowns Subaru r1s midgets more civics K cars VW buses Toyota pickups Mazda pickups Suzuki chimneys and it goes on for 1200 cars all around in every direction and this venue couldn’t be more photogenic it’s where

D1 holds the odaiba around same car park actually further up there Everything I just spotted this Corona Coupe GTS beautiful custom interior all leather wrapped the renowned steering wheel it’s like a tablet there and a switch panel motec it’s c127 digital display for the dash and then up front the 4A that this car came with in 1985 has been replaced by a

1993 2J na from a Toyota Crown an amazing amazing build and it’s sitting on work CRS I showed you the the garage blow Vans and Pickups here’s another taste with lifted Vans and cage rocks every color shape and form this guy’s got the off-road look going with a tent at the top

At the back here he’s got a color matched trailer so apparently it’s a gym Marie it’s the perfect off-road vehicle for Japan staying with the van theme I think this is probably the n360 version of the van the Honda life Step Van here’s that lawnmower engine in there two cylinder

And I think it actually makes sense why Honda ended up calling the step wagon a step wagon is because this was actually originally a step van so I guess they went back in history kind of stuck with that theme of steps and things and there’s a bunch of them here various flavors

This one’s got a little cute velocity snacks and another interesting lineup is a set of two-door wagon Toyota publicas so the Toyota public was basically the Japanese version of Volkswagen the car for everybody it was the affordable post-war car that got Japan mobile again affordable I got families out there

Driving around and uh I’m living and doing cool stuff so and I’ve actually seen the station wagon version but cool that they used to do two-door station wagons back in the day with so many cars Bonsai Racing Equipment always have really cool Nissan Skyline shows like Tokyo

Restaurants I’m pretty happy to see them have a display here and they have this crazy Ken Mary on massive over fenders if you guys know what wheels these are and there’s a Costco which we’ve seen before Tokyo if you ‘ve seen coverage from that this is the one where the whole front

Section comes out in one piece and it’s kind of like a modern restoration so it’s a four rotor re26b some sooner sequential here’s the exhaust setup goes into the full rotor just spotted this JDM twin set up here ER 34 forward over the rb26 swap

But the cool thing here for me has to be this black FD that was at the underground Tokyo meat uh last weekend it’s a mean looking thing blacked out in every possible way and then on the interior old town and if I get my phone in here

You can see it’s actually on Hydraulics something different and as we’ve seen before when we visited Flex the hiace is one of the most popular vehicles in Japan and on the custom side of things it really gets done in every possible Style and flavor out there

Inside and out let’s take a look at this one here so like many vans the engine is actually mounted oh my God it’s a Corvette LS what was not expecting that oh my God and the hydraulic setup of the back dear Lord all right I’m going to make my way all

The way up to the American section now and see if we can spot any cool American cars and also JDM stuff okay I think I might have found uh muscle car section raked Pinto and then the vans my God the Japanese love the vans and the selection is never ending pretty much

Having grown up in Italy in the UK this is definitely as far from what I kind of grew up seeing check out this Crown wagon The second 2jna we come across today on an old older Toyota first was the corona Coupe now this really nice Crown wagon it’s really crazy it’s like among American cars and Japanese cars of every type boom we have a little selection of Corrado E36 and a Nissan Silvia

Isuzu Amigo and a Ford Bronco I love the pairings this is the Curious one there’s a decotora loader with a Corvette when I mean we have everything we really do we have everything I gotta take a look inside of this Hummer oh yes absolutely classy so one of the coolest things about Moon

Noises not only all the merch that is being sold but also the swap meets that happen during the event selling all sorts of stuff from t-shirts to hats to diecast cars Hot Wheels so many Hot Wheels collectibles I actually found out that this cool Haku

I just walked past is owned by one of the end style guys so we shot what two two of your cars two hachirokus back in the day always drifting Nico yes and this is a new project drift car yes So k70 drift car so you exchanged nice so clean and solex carbs it’s a bit closer look these cars are so nice when you just clean them up like this oh my gosh what is this full original interior almost original look at this smells like right there oh everybody’s popping the hood

I was [Laughter] I love to see well used drift cars in all their Glory super clean on watanabas as well so I’ve been told I need to ask about the suspension for this one okay there it goes I just took a look inside and he’s got like

The old school steering wheel he keeps saying his car is dirty I don’t understand where it’s supposed to be dirty it’s perfection oh Thank you And that completes a whole lot of at least the interesting cars to me you know of the Moon ice three car Nationals much like Rick Fest I cannot shoot everything I cannot show you guys everything it will be like a five hour video as much as I would like

To do that I think I’m actually gonna end the coverage here I really hope you enjoyed seeing yet another facet to Japanese car culture uh a cocktail of pretty much everything and anything car related and with that let me know below what you thought if

You want to see more stuff from Moon ice hit me up in the comments hope you liked the episode and check back soon for more