Dino DC: Malaysia’s INSANE Underground Car Meet! | Ep.2

Malaysia's INSANE Underground Car Meet! | Ep.2

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Posted: 2023-08-13 11:00:18
Author: Dino DC
In this next installment from Malaysia we visit Craft Lab, a boutique wrapping service that was hiding some very cool customer cars. We got thrown the keys to a brand new 992 GT3 with manual transmission and drove to one of the coolest car meet up spots in KL. Next up will be a blast up one of the craziest togue I’ve ever driven…

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign So next up on the cards from Malaysia we are at craft lab this is a shop that predominantly kind of caters to like color wraps they look after quite a nice selection of cars so we’re gonna go in and check out the brand new place that’s

Just been open a couple of weeks ago so we’re actually like pretty good timing to come and visit them because like I said they just opened so the cool thing about this place which I noticed straight away when I came in is the insane collection of model cars it’s literally like an entire

Wall and it’s I was quite amazed that they even have like super new models as well like this 992 GT3 RS it’s substantial all right so this is the the main shop window here we have a nice Aventador SV and this super cool 992 GT3 manual that’s actually sitting on

Hre five spokes with a brushed finish deep concave design on the back here and we’re actually taking this car out tonight okay so behind this 992 GT3 is this 991 GT3 that’s been wrapped in this really dark metallic green even has like a nice Brown kind of tan leather interior this audio

Rate the thing that quite impressed me was the the interesting Recaro seats that it’s running it kind of look like something you would see on like a concept car like an EV Microbus or something here’s a nice McLaren LT it’s in for a bit of work it’s getting the front splitter

Redone after some damage this is the 355 challenge Ferrari that was the art of speed it actually came away with a nice award so great to see it again and nicely lit up area I mean this is an iconic challenge car basically the very beginning of you know Ferrari’s customer uh racing program

Back in the mid 90s I think the 348 was the first one then came the 355 so it was at the very beginning of you know uh customer car racing and people being able to buy these cars and race them in uh one make series of course now the

Ferrari cup of Ferrari challenge is way bigger right here is a 430 Scuderia another iconic Ferrari always nice to see kind of Collectibles being kept up well and if you’ve never seen what this car looks like inside it’s pretty raw it kind of reminds me of the Enzo inside

It’s got like similar door cards made out of carbon fiber completely exposed floor aluminum chassis and of course paddles only for this one so an insanely valuable collectible okay an iconic car in a very cool color and those Wheels unmistakable pretty cool okay so if we go to the back

Section of the shop this is where some other cool cars are being kept including a kind of homage to the NSX GT so this car runs the GT like front bumper with the extended spoiler section here spoon mirrors and carbon fiber the snorkel is also in carbon fiber of

Course to get that fitted on this has been converted into a lexon unit you can see the piping feeding intake actually we’ll go over to the other side in a second and take a better look at that Mugen carbon fiber wing and again the extended bumper at the back so Arc

Air box by Phoenix’s power down in Kyoto and you can see how the piping so here’s another couple of cars that were out of speed I saw this 180 the drift spec car on display and next to the Ferrari that order speed was this 997 Cup car so this was the first year

That these cars had the sequential gearboxes so you can see inside it has the paddles there’s no shifter on the center tunnel it is possibly one of the coolest cars next to it GTR bumper fronted R32 gtst four-door love the period correct VBS some big calipers back there kind of door mirrors

GTR rear wing so one thing that I just found out here in Malaysia is basically you’re able to buy a number plate which is affixed to your name in Malaysia not the car itself so basically you can actually get it before you actually own a car so that means you

Have to actually register to some kind of vehicle and what people like to do here to kind of you know get these special numbers which are kind of given away at lottery I believe you can register them on any vehicle so they choose these 50CC scooters

And just store them like this until the car becomes available and then they can transfer the number plate to that other vehicle so pretty cool and a very different way to how things are done in Japan where I live Thank you Thank you so I’m here with Nat from Craft lab and we’re just going to ask him basically you know what the place is all about you guys are just freshly opened yeah so we basically just moved in to this facility three weeks ago so we moved from

Somewhere nearby we ran out of space so this is our new facility yeah and you predominantly kind of uh specialize in like color wraps color changes yes so we specialize more in uh the New Gen kind of film uh it’s Ultra glossy looks like pain uh we also specialize in actually removing most

Parts to wrap all the way inside so you open the door you know you don’t see you know how usually your wraps you open the door you see your original color yeah it’s like my GTR yeah so we wrap all the way inside so when you open the door and

It’s all one color yeah cool cool and I took a look at the back of your shop you have a bit of a storage is that yes part of the facility as well it’s kind of store yeah so we’re trying to provide because um in the central part of KL you don’t

Really have a premium car storage so we’re trying to provide that service right so there are people looking to store their cars they have more than like maybe five cars they don’t have space at home so we try to provide that it’s in the air conditioning space we

Will charge the car we we warm up the car we rotate the car for them yeah cool and speaking of cars we’re going to be taking this out tonight right so we bring this out for dinner tonight dinner and we’re doing a car meet yes and we’re doing a comment also so and

You don’t have to wait for Porsche to lend you one to drive you’ll be taking this awesome for dinner tonight there you go I get to drive one finally yeah cool cool keychain too yeah okay the afternoon has gotten even crazier so as I mentioned we’re gonna take this out for a ride

Manual 992 GT3 on hres this super cool 488 wrapped in purple is coming out this is actually running the Pista Arrow so it’s like a replica body I guess really well done and it’s running 22 inches in the back and 20 ones at the front pretty sick I’m

So excited to actually be driving a 992 GT3 for the first time and uh what a great way to do it I mean a manual you know that’s like the dream spec for this car and uh and it’s also in the launch blue uh I think it’s called the shark blue

Oh man what a trio and you got ipsa FC from Singapore so we’re gonna have quite the Convoy should be fun I think I’m gonna step inside and get the seat nicely adjusted so this is the wysac pack and it comes with this uh electrical lifter allows you to get

Maximum clearance especially if you’re baggling me Porsches are always so comfortable I’ve always never had an issue with Porsches when it comes to fitting they’re made for big people I believe the the head engineer that kind of runs a GTE program is like over 190 centimeters himself so it makes sense

That all the cars fit taller people right this is going to be fun so no option has been spared in this particular car it’s got carbon fiber everywhere Foreign for dinner I didn’t want to risk anything so I refused to park the car close to the curb even though there’s hardly occur but there’s this massive gutter here so yeah it was a very short drive it’s just to get a hang of of the car it drives so easily and smoothly

Total Porsche I mean they nail everything when it comes to like you know the feel of the clutch and the gearbox and even does little automatic blips on the throttle on the way down so I look forward to driving a little bit harder later on when we make our way to the meat

And now we eat Thank you well this is something very interesting I never thought I’d be driving a GT3 tonight with this company we have a 488 that looks like a Pista we have a CRX that’s faster than anything I’ve seen with a Honda badge on and we have the Yip with

His uh FC in the back and we should be doing a cool lap of a highway system which would take about 15 minutes so you should be able to sample the 992. um thank you Okay so we’re pulling into the meat that they’ve put together for us tonight quite excited to see and check out what cars have come out tonight and what an entrance to be making with a 992 GT3 dude is that a pandem fc oh my God

Okay so we made it to the meat that was put on tonight for us and I’m gonna start off we’re just showing you the cars that we were out driving with right now the CRX for Singapore the Suzuki Swift and behind it is a fit RS nice

Supra here and some old Volk racing gtcs and it just gets really really good now so you guys are gonna love the variety starting with this but yeah this is a Subaru STI type RAR so I actually remember borrowing this when it came out from STI God it must be like 2 000

Five or six I forget now but yeah it’s amazing seeing one out on the wild it’s such a collectible if you’re into Subarus this thing has six spot calipers this is the first time the Subaru or rather STI went really crazy um with our kind of special editions right behind it

Fiat Coupe this is the massive American thing from artist speed lots of Hondas have the last two thousands let’s go down this route here another Supra 70 series Supra a 90 series Supra an NSX another Supra two GTRs 234s a Datsun Sunny Truck God this is insane 32 on t37vs the rsgr

On SLS hey what’s up this was the same S2000 we saw the other meet a couple of days ago after the first day of artist speed an S15 a gr Corolla I haven’t even seen this in Japan on the road this is the second one I come across in Malaysia amazing absolutely amazing

Here two spoon cars an EK and a dc2 ichishima sun will be very happy to see this level of dedication man I gotta say Malaysians are just on point when it comes to like nailing you know the look and the feel they do JDM or even you know American stuff so well

This is a 992 GT3 we just arrived in and that was the highlight of the night I mean I woke up this morning I was like yeah it’s going to be a good day of shooting but little did I know I was actually going to sample my first manual GT3 wow seriously amazing

And then of course some American rides here so we’re at Juicy station which I’ll have to find out exactly what this is but um it’s an inside and underground car park and maybe it’s a bar slash detailing shop I’m not really sure but yeah crazy selection of cars laid out

Old school Corvette here Chevy truck got the American uh pump there step on this side where the 34s are and it becomes Japan and there’s even a Daihatsu here I mean check this out next to an s660 there’s a little Daihatsu okay we have to talk about the 34s here they’re both running

Zetune bumpers r-tune bonnets zetune fenders Nismo skirts this blue one actually has taller Wing stays Nismo wing that’s actually something I’ve been really contemplating on doing for many many years on the 34. not so much for Arrow or looks or anything it’s just the wings sits right in the middle of your

You know view on the rearview mirror so lifting it up you could actually get more visibility I mean it also looks pretty sick compared to stock you guys tell me this thing is running there’s more LM gt4s and 19-inch and a nice Brembo setup six spot front

And four pots rear whether this one is on SSRS type F’s and AP Racing Pro 500R tractor calipers you definitely have to take a look at the engine Bays of these three GTRs let’s keep moving so again as I was saying a super old stock rims

Just don’t see this kind of stuff these days and for some reason there’s a car guy car in this uh Butler garage polishing Bay I wonder if this is really from Japan or not so I know Kimura San the owner of car guy in Japan he’s a super cool guy

We did a video with him uh maybe seven years ago when he drove he’s at 40 up and down a ski slope in Nagano that was pretty Epic so cool to be seeing something branded by car guy here in Malaysia cars keep arriving sweet 32 on Old

School Nismo Wheels another R32 on more Nismo Wheels We haven’t even looked down here there’s a couple more S2000 look at a wide body one here A muse body kit on this Jay’s racing wing Evo another FC behind Yips FC sw20 on t37s that we saw while coming in this is a aw11 I was driving the other night on t37vs white body Evo Porsche Cayman pandem kitted FC dc5 an FD that looks like it just came

Out of the Mazda Factory how clean is this my God why don’t we get places like this in Japan Foreign Okay so we just had a little few minutes to kind of look over these spoon so we got an EK and a DC they’re both k-swapped they’re both completely shaven and wire tucked both engine Bays look absolutely amazing completely functional so it has aircon power steering

So this one generates about 260 if not more horsepower it’s running Toyota Racing intakes this one about 230. and they’re both pretty much running every single spoon parts that is possible and if it’s okay with the owner we can maybe turn the engine on yep [Applause] we’re to the dc2

We’ll give it a quick start how clean these bills are [Applause] so these were all built here in Malaysia and certified by experience from spoon has been over here and you know they know these guys and it’s all given the a-okay from them in Japan okay and if the night

Couldn’t possibly get any better I just found out that I’m swapping the GT3 for this gr Corolla so two new cars I’ve never driven before I get to sample both Okay so we’ve had a chance to kind of took over with the owner of this Bayside

Blue R34 so he’s actually picked up this car when it was in pretty bad condition and did a full restoration here in Malaysia so it’s a v-spec just like mine he had it completely re-sprayed and he did the v-spec 2 thing where you actually use the same

Uh body color on the engine bay whether the actual v-specs came with a black semi semi satin black color in the engine bay and he’s running hybrid turbos kind of restored engine nice pieces like the r Arc air box and and there’s more strawberries and titanium this is the only non-nismo part

Is this Malaysian made carbon fiber hood kind of looks like a Nismo one it has the the same kind of venting both cars run the same one and uh next to it silver one it’s pretty much sister cars this is a bit more highly tuned this runs the Tomei engine a Grady intake

Uh and some HKS turbos so potentially close to 600 horsepower and I love the SSRS and the AP Racing calipers so you’re going to little super corner here 70 80 90 and the Corolla two more GTRs we need to take a closer look at and a little Panda trainer here

With the fujiwara 1210 sticker actually there’s two it just never ends it just doesn’t end so of course I’m the only nerd that we get excited seeing your Daihatsu among such selection of cars but yeah this is so cool oh my God it’s an aftermarket rims yeah the next one is this beautiful

Persian cat hey buddy how you doing we get to see the gr Yaris engine bay with a group in carbon air box Ram air kit and it’s on t-37 SLS it’s got some additions spoilers definitely have to Market God it just never ends and there’s a body kit manufacturer in

This location wide body Evo custom paint there’s a 34 gtt here on the corner on t-37vs and a valve side FD on vs but wait there’s more apparently there’s a lot of other cars being stored right behind here so we’re gonna go take a quick look Okay we got a special card to check out so this is the storage area I thought it was far smaller it’s just like you can’t even see where it ends and what are we looking at here oh my God no that’s so cool wide body sw20 TRD Style Style TRD Corolla Style FD

FD Spirit are wow look at the seats they haven’t faded jzx81 Cameron is a 86 on one side and a CRX on the other SL55 good Lord also they put the new headlights on yeah okay another pooper over stock wheels oh my God I was saying this I haven’t seen a Supra

On stock wheels in so long and others too where are these are stock wheels they look really tiny there they are evil wagon just pulled up and if I’m not mistaken a Lamborghini sto has just rocked up I’m gonna go and check it out past the white body S2000

The 996 GT2 another dc2 and here’s a Lambo crazy what a color man there you go we didn’t even talk about the 355 and the beetle Malaysian car culture guys