Dino DC: Malaysia’s Crazy Touge! | Hidden Car Culture Ep.3

Malaysia's Crazy Touge! | Hidden Car Culture Ep.3

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Posted: 2023-08-16 12:38:03
Author: Dino DC
Still in Malaysia, this time, a continuation of the last episode where we checked out an underground car meet. In this episode, we check out one of Malaysias best touges, heading up into the mountains with a GR Corolla, AE86, Huracan STO, R32 GTR, FC RX7 and more.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Thank you okay it’s pretty late at night now we just uh we left the meat and I took the Corolla the gr Corolla out just out of the city now we’re kind of climbing up into a really nice mountain pass up in the mountains it’s about a 40

Minute drive and apparently we’re gonna get some nice cool fresh air and the most important thing we’re gonna have a bit of Corners to kind of throw the gr Yaris around the owners throw me the keys very kindly he’s the same guy that allowed me to drive is the aw11 the

Other night the car has 2 000 kilometers on the clock so it’s basically just out of the run-in period and uh I’m already enjoying it it’s really Punchy it’s a little bit different from the Yaris in the with a kind of longer wheelbase and slightly wider track it feels a bit more

Planted a bit more playful and kind of smoother through the corners but yeah I’m gonna keep driving it and just enjoy it and uh gonna just take it all in because I just still can’t believe what the hell is happening tonight I can’t believe it these guys

Are all awesome we’ve got a nice selection of cars even that altetza with the turbo GS there’s a Evo 10 sorry Evil 9 wagon uh 86 S2000 we’ve got another MR2 back there sw20 I’m following the Swift here the basically is leading the pack and of course Yips FC from Singapore and

Again the CRX the super fast CRX from Singapore so that’s what the Gathering looks like from the back we also have a 550 horsepower M2 which is pretty much built for supang track days the White sw20 and the hachiroko I pointed out a second ago fun times there’s even an S15 there yay

And a 32 GTR next to another s2000. kind of smokes foreign go through enough thank you okay so we we just made it up to the top of the hill and what a climb that was with the gr Corolla thankfully I was following the gr Yaris because I had no

Idea where I was going of course this is the first time I drive a road like this and also it’s dark very dark and uh I just can’t believe these guys have such an amazing playground and then you get up here and you have Starbucks you have a gas station hotels restaurants

I don’t know I just feel like I’m in a video game right now so the other cars I finally reached we actually had a bit of an issue so unfortunately yip’s car the FC ended up possibly blowing a turbo so he’s actually getting towed but we were told to continue driving and

Enjoy the night so I’m kind of sad for him because you know he kind of organized all of this for us but uh we definitely are making sure that we’re enjoying it so thanks yip I think we’re gonna wrap up the night here it’s past midnight and we’re gonna

Drive back to the hotel and kind of get some sleep because it’s been a long day and just blown away overwhelmed by what we just experienced Malaysian car culture is on point guys you should really come and check it out thank you for uh taking a look at this episode

We’ll have more a lot more coming from Malaysia so stay tuned for more thank you foreign foreign