Dino DC: Malaysia’s Crazy Hidden Car Culture | EP.1

Malaysia's Crazy Hidden Car Culture | EP.1

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Posted: 2023-08-06 11:32:41
Author: Dino DC
In this episode we kick off our trip to Kuala Lumpur. Starting off with the two day event – Art Of Speed. We also had the chance to take an AW11 MR2 on some of KL’s best highways. There is so much more coming from this trip that we can’t wait to share!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Thank you welcome to a new episode today you join us at Narita Airport just about to leave to Kuala Lumpur we’ve been invited to go to Art of speed which is a show that I’ve been going to for exactly 10 years always covering it for Speed hunters and

This will be the first time that we actually take our content from Japan abroad so I’m quite excited for that because there’s going to be a lot of like car culture hunting that I’ll be doing on the side of the show aside from the show itself so coverage from the

Show hopefully a series of Vlogs from that there’s a lot of stuff happening around that massive event in KL a lot of eating and a lot of meeting friends because I have a lot of friends in KL now after you know a decade of going there for artist speed and other events

So lots of car culture a lot of JDM stuff a lot of imports a lot of Classics so a nice mix of stuff so quite excited to get going on this exciting trip so the thing with Malaysia is that there’s a lot of car culture out there that most

People don’t really realize there’s incredible collections that hopefully we’ll get access to this time around and I just want to kind of show show you guys the Japan is amazing in itself but there’s a lot of other countries within the Asia kind of region that really do

JDM another you know facets of car culture very very well and Malaysia is definitely one of them so looking forward to hunting a lot of cool stuff out there and bringing you uh hopefully new content hopefully things you haven’t seen before on other channels Thank you Foreign Okay so here we are we’ve arrived in KL our friend Yip came to pick us up so artist Feast starts tomorrow but tonight we’re taking a bit of time off and enjoying some amazing uh Chinese foods just to show you how much life there is here so it’s after nine o’clock

And look how many people are out everybody’s sitting down crazy Hey so it’s the next day and we are at the venue of artist speed just outside of the KL the show is already pretty packed with people arriving and as you can hear a lot of people arrive here in all sorts of motorcycles but enough of

The chatting I think we should walk in and start taking a look at all the cars that have come this year to display a nice kind of look at what Malaysian car culture is all about foreign So the actual venue is really cool it’s a series of like exhibition Halls and it’s divided quite nicely a nice mix of cars and bikes and boots and stalls a lot of stuff to keep people interested a lot of events happening and participating in the event on that

Hall down there there’s a Hot Wheels uh display the whole custom Hot Wheels created here in Malaysia so we’ll definitely take a look at that later on okay so here it is this is uh I guess you would call this the main hole this is where

The main event stage is where all the performances are going to be done today so there’s a nice kind of lineup of cars around the perimeter and some kind of like curated displays along the way so let’s begin right here so starting right here with this really cool EK

Civic running Weds Wheels it’s got some really nice Pro 500 AP Racing calipers very clean build lots of detailing even the inside of the trunk it’s like carbon fiber completely stripped out the Shell’s obviously been taken down to a raw metal and resprayed body color bolted in roll cage

Battery relocation you’ve got all the radium filling accessories back there carbon Dash very clean build this really nice array of 510 that since we have two coops one sedan and one wagon of course vintage cars here in Malaysia are really really hot definitely take kind of like

The majority of show cars here are very much kyusha and vintage are very type including American stuff and as we will see later on there’s even some Italian cars is just pretty crazy so this is going for kind of like a British racing green this is super clean this maroon color

And right behind us the big Datsun pickup right behind it a Chevy pickup on steelies and Yoko Harmony over tires interesting take this thing behind it really made me giggle when I came in because it looks like a little cake car but then it’s being converted to a pickup

So I think this is the Malaysian version of the Daihatsu Mira I believe it was a and right behind an Alfa Romeo GT Julia GT in Malaysia I can’t believe it this would be 17.50 so it’s pretty crazy because I was just looking at one of these in Japan so it’s

Really nice to see you know this love for Italian cars showing through even here in Malaysia and right behind it the Julia sedan with the carabineri the Italian police Livery on it it’s actually a deep maroon oh it’s actually like a deep purple Pronto intervento the phone number so legit police car

Livery on it right here at the back of the main exhibition hall there’s like a kaido racer slash style display let’s do one whole circle from the outside and we’ll go inside and take a look at the cars from the back just got the Playboy logo but it actually says pray boy

One with a 787 style livery and this black one here let’s go inside and take a look at the back look at the takayari on this three takayari on each side completely this one has either a diff or a gearbox cooler at the back this one’s going for very much a kaido

Eraser look if you remember katosan from Liberty Walk runs this kind of conversion on his Ken Mary but uh tail lights all green closed up one has been left and it’s tilted at like 45 degrees and you know much like most of Malaysia there’s an insane amount of love for

Japan and Japanese culture in general not just cars I’ve noticed there’s pretty much every kind of main shop chain here 7-Eleven Eon I even spotted big shopping malls like lalaport so you know Malaysians really enjoy Japanese culture of every form food clothes cars bikes everything so it’s really cool to

See this Fusion of cultures coming together here in Asia foreign [Applause] foreign [Applause] [Applause] it’s pretty legit and the front seats actually turn rearward so you can have a little picnic style party back there uh okay so there’s some more JDM stuff back here there’s a nice Celica St here on the Speedline Wheels an aero Disc set up at the front

And make it at the back and of course if you’re talking about hachiroku’s you can’t really beat one of the limited black limited versions only 400 of these were ever made this is actually one of two in Malaysia and check out the detailing so on the Watanabe is the center caps have

Been done in Gold just like the OEM graphics on the car okay so here’s another great one we have to kind of talk more about on this is a ke70 Corolla Coupe and I think this is like the perfect example of how Malaysian you know aftermarket tuning culture has

Evolved in the decade that I’ve come to this show art of speed and just seeing how people are just creating better and better projects cleaner and cleaner builds this one particularly is running an SR20 swap with a top mounted turbo and it’s so well executed and right behind it is this uh

Old-school Starlet on the N2 fenders very clean build nothing too crazy just right so right here next to the black limited is this panda that is quite famous in Malaysia because the owner has been pretty much on a 10-year Journey restoring this car from bare metal to I would say pretty much Museum

Spec Perfection he’s kind of laid out his entire project you know and the details that have gone into it I mean we’re actually going to go and see him next week to do a proper video on this car but just wanted to quickly run through it and uh

Kind of check out how clean this restoration is I mean it looks pretty much like it just came out of the Toyota factory in the 1980s so the actual full restoration began in May 2019 so four years in the making right down to the bear chassis the car

Was put on The Jig and straightened out rotisserie completely brought back to Perfection all Factory spec painted and reassembled using some original parts some refurbished of course you can’t find everything but yeah the level of you know attention to detail is Second To None I’ve I’ve seen a lot of

Restorations and this is right there at the top with most of them okay so we’re here with the owner and he’s going to give us a quick rundown of his massive Journey what a decade long right basically I own the car since uh year 2015. then I drove it around for four years

Then I decided okay then I decided to restore it because of the condition it wasn’t so good at like like other 86s as well that you see uh decided to full restore it strip everything apart and then um you know uh sticks out the brass okay overhaul the

Engine restore the interior I basically convert from koki previously cookies back to zenki type one uh yeah all right can we take a look at the interior yes yes tonight all right so yeah this is the senki interior previously it was cooking the black and

Gray interior so we try to find all the Zen Key Parts and we try to we up up we are closer the seats and try to find that that sticker is new so whenever I can find it or try to find you whatever I cannot find it or try to you know

Restore it and we managed to find the original 86 radio as well oh even the radio yes correct yeah but I think that is not functional uh just for decoration purpose yeah well thank you we’ll definitely come and see you next week yes cool thank you

And since we’ve done two older 86 is over here we gotta show this um gr86 on 326 Power Wheels it’s dumped right to the ground so it never fails to impress me just how into Hot Wheels Malaysia is in general of course Hot Wheels are made in

Malaysia so it kind of goes to you know hand in hand you know there’s a lot for these things and you you can’t even get they’re like releasing limited edition Hot Wheels and check this out you actually only get a 10 minute shopping limit that you you

Got to kind of like buy as much as you can or whatever you need in that amount of time and then they kick you out to let the next people in so this is uh the moon eyes Booth of course moon eyes has been supporting artist speed since the very

Beginning so just over 10 years now and there’s always a ton of stuff from these guys worth buying and some of the crew from Japan is here as well the famous Moon discs and all the accessories and stickers that you would find at Muniz area one in Yokohama and the custom car

Culture continues with a crazy Cobra Mustang next to one of I think three or four rwb 964s that are in Malaysia I was actually at the very first build in 2015 here in KL of I think was a Targa or Cabriolet and this thing is running a twin turbo conversion

Hanging out the back you can’t get more dramatic than that for visuals there’s even a little dump pipe for the wastegates under there so pretty wild 964 I spotted this really interesting MR2 wide body it’s got the attack sticker on the side so when you put all those pieces

Together pretty cool to see that they’re recreating the Japanese time attack look and feel it kind of reminds me of the Kyushu Dungey NSX that we saw for a few years at scuba during the Battle of vomit years and then into the first few attack series even has a snorkel up here

OMP steering wheel insane like setup for the hydro and the shifter and a massive GT wing and diffuser yeah this is pretty wild continuing on there’s a nice lineup of four Nissan’s starting with this uh akoska 2000 GTX going into a Skyline GTR replica and right behind it

Is a v-spect tuner R34 GTR with some Nismo goodies it’s got the Nismo Inlet pipes and air box Es two nurse then so we have two nurse here there you go so it’s got the v-spec 2 Bonnet carbon fiber the Nismo titanium strut brace it’s the Pearl worldwide that Nissan offered it was possibly the most unluckiest color you could choose for 34 because it has extreme discoloration issues between the metals

And the plastic so between steel aluminum carbon and plastic you get four different shades of yellowish white which you can really tell here it’s unfortunate and this is exactly the same color so this is a an M specter so these cars are worth upwards of half a million dollars now so it’s pretty

Crazy we’re seeing two of them right here at Art of speed okay so we are in the second Hall where it’s a whole other different vibe and including there’s a kind of like an outdoor camping show next to this and we come in and we see a bunch of old school rally Mitsubishi’s

And Toyotas a little Starlet here and this is where one of Malaysia’s biggest JDM groups no equal kind of arranges a display and they always have a really cool theme this year it’s all about Motorsport so pretty much every car that you will see

Here has a moto sport theme to it or is a multi-sport car starting with this 787 Livery FC from Singapore so there’s a 997 Cup car and the only 355 challenge stradale in Malaysia very cool EK next to it that has a cappuccino two drag spec R32 GTRs

We’ll have to see if we can get a look at the engine Bays right behind it uh Pulsar drag car wholesome Sunny pairing and this is actually something that I particularly notice and like straight away this is like I guess you could describe it as a mishmash this is a

Satria so this is a Malaysia Market proton that’s being kind of like built together with Mitsubishi Lancer pieces so you can see it’s got EVO 3 headlights Evo 5 integrated bumper and I think the fender is off of an EVO too it’s an insanely well built Frankenstein time attack car and it’s

Actually one of the fastest cars I’ve ever lapped supplying I think it does 216 officially 215 unofficially not really sure how much power it actually puts out but it’s got to be something substantial because yeah lapping two minutes 16 at Sepang is serious serious and next to it

Is another time attack car this is actually one that I may have seen before because this was actually the 2012 World Time attack at Eastern Creek in Australia and it’s been imported here to Malaysia and it still has I guess the original Arrow the headlights have been deleted like a

Hand-shaped kind of conversion side exit exhaust gigantic wind it’s kind of like a cool take at what you know World Time attack and the whole time attack scene at that level was 10 years ago and uh kind of seeing how it’s all evolved in the last 10 years pretty wild and more cool

Rally evos Impreza here and next to this discovery Hamill trophy soon to be restored project is a very cool car this is a very very early late 70s lunch at Delta the only one in the country they think and it’s actually just being put through the initial first stages of a full-on

Restoration so I think next time we see it at Future shows it’s going to be in pristine condition but I think it makes sense to kind of take a look at it like this because it kind of emphasizes just how old the launcher Delta design is of

Course you know it was designed in 78 and uh and how simple the lines are I mean all the way up until what 92-93 when the integral a kind of like phased out it was you know pretty much the same shape that remained so this proton lira

If you look at it closely here has the Schumacher name under it and that’s because this particular car was actually driven by Michael Schumacher back in 2003 on a trip that he had here and uh I guess it’s become a legendary car because of that I don’t

Know I just find it cool seeing you know local market cars being used in Motorsport like this one was obviously and yeah back of these two that’s a dream garage right there 355 Challenge and 997 cop car we finally got it open and here’s a 4g63

Out of a first gen Mitsubishi Lancer Evo so the one two three generation so it has a massive low mounted turbo down there Arctic one piece manifolds stronger wastegate a little Custom Piping yeah I mean I see I think something like this would probably put out five to six

Hundred horsepower touching on the size of the turbo pretty cool Thank you Foreign School friends have brought a really interesting car for me to sample tonight as we go and check out a meet that’s happening in KL so I think we should just jump in and drive I have to say uh driving Malaysian highways it’s kind of like driving in Tokyo except there seems to be sometimes more traffic sometimes like now less traffic kind of helps you’re trying to familiarize yourself with a car you never driven Now this is so cool I mean drugging in Malaysia is pretty much as much of a kind of video game look as it is driving in Tokyo Okay so we made it eventually to the car meet we’re a bit late some cars have left but there’s actually a car still arriving so we’re going to take a quick look and check out what showed up and possibly head upstairs because there’s an indoor drifting track so uh yeah

Let’s take a look great Laughs [Applause] It’s been an incredible night I’ve had a chance to spend a good couple of hours driving this really cool MR2 around Malaysia and sampling some of their Highway Network including this really cool nice new highway that basically is going to remind me of the one gun you

Know big thank you to Europe and his friends for you know taking us out tonight and what an amazing meet a great night in Malaysia and looking forward to the rest of the trip foreign Speed I’m actually just going outside the main venue here because I’ve been asked along with a few other guests that came to the show to judge the Hot Wheels Legends Malaysia contest which is basically going out here on a car park and judging a bunch of cars have been

Built with the whole kind of idea that they could possibly become and be turned into Hot Wheels diecast so we’re gonna go and check it out over here and see what showed up for this interesting Hot Wheels themed event okay so here’s the the car park that’s hosting the Hot Wheels Legends

Competition and we have to go through all these cars and select six so as ever I’m confronted with difficult choices and this is a serious lineup of cars here I mean it’s like four or five lines deep and check out this Honda City here with the Moto compo Volvo Amazon with scores

In the grill this one that looks like it’s been hand painted with a magic marker and I think it actually has been done that way colorful mini with a GTR plate a Vel fire that’s interesting that’s interesting because I don’t think Hot Wheels has ever made a Vel fire van and

Welfare Vans are very cool especially when they’re dropped on air suspension and have gigantic Brembo calipers of course there’s some local cars like these protons which I know very little about so it’s hard for me to make an actual call on these oh my Lord look at this

This would probably be the most complex Hot Wheels to create I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car that combines Gold Wing doors with butterfly doors it’s got a it’s got a water feature in a bar and champagne glasses a bit of sticker bombing happening in the back

Alec is loving it these are pretty cool so it looks like a local proton pickup but with EVO 3. front swap I apologize for the music this has an EVO 4. front swap okay so after two days here at Art of speed we are concluding the coverage it’s been an amazing two

Days and checking out you know the best of Malaysian Car and Bike culture and we still have three days here in Malaysia so we’re going to be doing a lot more hunting around for cool cars cool uh shops and potentially even some collections so I really hope you enjoyed the coverage

I’m gonna head back to the hotel and start looking at the pictures that I took so check back soon for more Malaysia is awesome and I want to share as much as possible with you guys so thank you for taking a look at Auto speed for 2023. You’ll be seeing a lot of food content here because we have the official speed or rather food hunter that keeps taking us to these glorious places this is Darren you’ll be seeing a shop in a future video but for now we’re doing other stuff not really car related more the important stuff