Dino DC: Malaysia’s Biggest Private Car Collections!

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Posted: 2023-08-30 11:34:31
Author: Dino DC
Our final episode from Malaysia! In this short film length feature, we check out two of Malaysia’s most amazing private car collections – Bespoke and JPM. Between the two of them, we check out over 100 collectible cars and bikes, in two of the most impressive locations we’ve seen.

Massive thank you to Yip, Rikmun, Kok, Nathan, Darren, Chan, Ivant, Sam, William and everyone else that made this trip as amazing as it was.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Hey welcome to yet another interesting stop here in our never-ending tour of KL car culture today it’s something a little bit less JDM even though we have a nice gr Yaris with some custom coloring down here behind us but we are now at bespoke this is one of the most

Premium car resellers here in KL and we’re just going to go and take a quick look at their stock which is quite impressive to say the least starting off with this beautiful Lamborghini Huracan estio being a YouTuber I should mention all the color coordinations right so aquamarine blue or something but yeah

Absolutely beautiful next to it 430 Scuderia another 430 Scuderia two Alpha Romeo 4cs a Boxster and all Merc but we’ll get to these cars in a second I just wanted to concentrate first on these initial cars here on the corner starting off with the civora and this very interesting pairing so what we

Have here is an interesting pairing this is a a pair of Mercedes CLK dtms only 100 of these cars full carbon-bodied wide body amazing Creations were made back in the day and only 40 were right-hand drive and there’s two of them here and this particular car has 96

Miles on the odometer so basically delivery mileage we’ll have to see if we can have a look inside later on but I mean when do you see stuff like this of course beautifully maintained and kept and casually here in the front of the dtms is a hakaska GTR running some

Solex carburetors here no air box no stock air box in that beautiful gray top s20 this car is immaculate and OEM restoration including the right height it right so high at the back just like the original cars did coming out of the Nissan factory back in the 70s we have

An aerial atom which is uh I forget the actual uh name of this but it’s the special edition with sequential Transmissions has paddles mated to the Honda case series at the back so this is on sale right here amazing thing I very rarely come across atoms in Japan you

Just don’t see them let’s continue with a look at the outside here so this is one of two EV cars that I’ve spotted so far so this is the only e H we see a lot of these in Japan they don’t do so well because they’re very pricey and they

Have a very limited range but there’s another electric car here this Tycoon next to a GT2 RS and an array of other Porsches but it’s this card here that is very special so this is a roof rgt only three were made in the entire world and

This is the only one with a pdk transmission So based on the 991 unmistakable Arrow conversion with the wide body kind of tucking in to The Wider bumper Center exit exhaust carbon fiber diffuser section carbon Wing we kind of have the expose the screws holding it to the to

The body kind of like an rwb feel about it and again some more carbon detailing in the front so one of three and one on one if you consider the transmission foreign To the inside portion where we enter the Pista room there is one two three and four 488 pistas including this particular example which is one that was only offered to the drivers of the World endures Championship the venue itself here is extremely well curated so like polished concrete walls exposed kind of

Pillars on the ceiling and you know piping electrics kind of industrial feel and uh really interesting art lots of memorabilia gas pumps and various amazing things like an air-cooled flat six Porsche engine turned into a coffee table that’s that’s a dream right there a few gt3s including a touring I love the touring

So the touring is basically the less showy version of the GT3 if you will gets rid of that rear spoiler for something a little bit more conservative so yeah which one would you pick full on 991 GT3 or the touring version and then it continues on so this is

Actually not part of the dealership Behind These doors as you can see it’s kind of off limits this is where the owner of bespoke keeps his own private collection and if you thought things were crazy up until now brace yourselves authorized personnel only but I’ve been

Given a I’ve been given a key card here so we can have a closer look starting with this Murcielago SV and what I think might be a 964 turbo there and a nice array of covered cars but I think we should probably turn the lights on and start uncovering cars so

We can understand what we’re looking at I’m particularly interested in this one because this is the first time I see this car Thank you so we’re slowly understanding what we’re actually looking at here as the covers come off beautiful McLaren SLR in metallic black and another 997 from the GT3 RS we go to a GT2 RS and the only one in the world painted in this really deep metallic blue

As we uncover the center portion we just found out this has only 95 miles on the odometer so it’s quite interesting to see a cool Vantage gt8 because I spent a bit of time last year with Advantage the current generation Advantage F1 Edition which blew my mind it was like one of

The most Rowdy cars I’ve ever driven and of course this is a an even rarer Edition okay so like I mentioned a second ago this is the first time early eyes on this oh yes I need a little bit extra help to uncover it properly wow

What a thing it’s all about the air on this thing and of course the EcoBoost we’re gonna actually experience an ecoboost engine when we got over to Texas Ford is hooking us up with a really cool car but I won’t get too much into it it’s not really a sports car but

Something more interesting to me and over here there’s this little tiny Hood where you get access to all your fluids air conditioning ECU and battery terminals I mean just look at this and the final card to be uncovered here was this beautiful black 964 turbo and it has the bespoke

Side decals here iconic rear spoiler in very good condition usually these soft Plastics really deteriorate quite a lot it’s all stock except for the addition of these color coordinated recover buckets you can’t really see maybe from front oh yeah there you have it the bespoke collection

But I hear this is only a small part of it so incredible stuff and just so I don’t get told off for ignoring the bikes we have a nice Ducati this is Double R a BMW S1000RR and an MV and what a treat to see a Murcielago SV

In all its Glory we see a lot of these in Japan murcielagos I mean not really the SVS so much but dramatic cars I think it’s from a really interesting era in Lamborghini’s history that kind of initial transition over to the Volkswagen Audi group and you know things for one started kind

Of working I don’t think these cars are that reliable these days electrics and stuff but the sound must be incredible So Um I definitely want to have a little look inside one of these CLK dtms because it’s another first for me and of course these cars were extremely light they were just I believe over a ton I think a thousand thousand one hundred kilos something around there so all carbon fiber and

Very minimalistic interior but beautifully done so we have so we have a rear seat delete all carbon fiber paneling lighting everything nice strengthening bar here that also becomes the mounting for the harnesses so there’s the 5.5 liter Supercharged V8 that powers this Beast so there you have it this was the bespoke collection

Really really nice dealership and a great place to kind of hold some of a really interesting Personal Collection I want to say a big massive thank you to the bespoke guys for hosting me today and opening their doors to some of the most beautiful and incredible cars in the world

Well what could possibly be next uh you know of our coverage here in Malaysia of you know everything car culture related but an actual Museum so this is the JPM collection this is a family-owned Private Collection there’s over 100 cars in this building behind me and it’s actually three buildings combined so we

Have one two here and then there’s a little Bridge here where the jpn logo is third building and a garage section over there and there’s actually three floors of cars and bikes and they’re all kind of subdivided into really interesting things so uh we’ve been pretty much

Given free reign to go inside and take a look at everything there I’ve already had a tour with the owner kind of been already blown away by what’s uh what’s inside so let’s walk in and take a look Thank you okay so we’ll start the tour here and uh there are some pictures here of the actual owner of the car Mr JPM with one of his Bugatti chirons The Collection actually has three including a Divo so I mean the cars are just incredible you know from the incredible

Hyper cars all the way down to really interesting cute local stuff like the peroda which is based on that I had to mirror in this particular section it’s kind of a celebration of all things JDM there’s a cappuccino an az1 a 660 Honda a fair lady Z

And of course this being my favorite K cars of them all with the Gold Wing we got a dc5 type power race car an NSX that they’ve had in the collection for a long time and one of the most rarest cars the you know we don’t really see many of these in Japan

Anymore of course the Mitsubishi GTO all with kind of race delivery and uh one interesting fact here is the owner of the collection that used to run this FJ Cruiser when he was working on the Christmas Island just off the coast of Indonesia there it’s famous for having all those crabs

Across the road it’s time to cross over into the other rooms here so this section is an open area that connects the smaller building over to the two main ones here and there’s some interesting stuff here too starting off with a local Malaysian military vehicle so the cool thing about

This is there’s actually a six wheel vehicle built in collaboration with pinzagawa which I believe are exactly the same guys back in the 70s Mercedes worked with to create the G-Wagon the original galinda Wagon and the big truck collection continues with an H2 Hummer sourced in Japan

And the original Humvee Road version I guess you could call this so this was one of the limited edition numbers that Arnold Schwarzenegger commissioned a rare site so see here Hummer Unlimited Edition it’s only a four-seater and of course all the space in the middle is because on the actual military version

There was a roof mounted like turret to kind of shoot guns from and next to it something even bigger this is the Toyota Mega Cruiser military version and it sits even higher and wider than the H2 that has inspired it I actually do see some of these very very rarely in

Japan usually the road going version so this initial section I guess we could call the hot rod lineup there’s a nice selection of customized 50s even 40s cars from from the states next to this Chevy truck is a Ford Thunderbird an interesting shade of almost fluorescent green so we got some

Slightly more performance oriented cars here 71 Camaro 1978 Corvette 1980 Corvette and the Challenger so right across here they just opened this for me but this is actually the double-sided elevator the car lift that brings the cars up to the other two levels so we’re gonna go right through this into

A more vintage section of the museum so there’s a really cool 1930s 1940s lineup of cars here starting off with this 19 39 Cadillac Fleetwood gigantic car the one I’m particularly interested in is this one so as you can see this is not the actual movie called from The Godfather but

Exactly the same one that was used and it remains to this day the longest and biggest Cadillac that has ever been made this is actually one of the most interesting Vehicles if you can call it that this is the first petrol car ever to be made dates back to late 1800s and

It’s a Daimler hence the Mercedes logo and we’re actually gonna start it aren’t we no way there it goes Well I think we got it yay and then we swiftly move into a collection of Mustangs starting with regular one Shelby GT500 another Shelby GT500 and a couple more starting ending with the 20 2019 or 2025 liter and funny that we actually get to see another Liberty wall kitted coping

The mini GTR per se in front of a real GTR a Nismo version so another current one really this is a 20 2018 possibly and the 992 Targa I recently got to drive this in that iconic green color and the vintage car collection continues so next to the insane Daimler we just

Looked at there’s a Ford Model T from 1915 so this is a roadster and a few more later generation we have a 29 26 a 27. in 1921 okay we’ve come all the way up to the third floor and there’s a bunch of Porsche cop cars here 996 GT3 and 996 cop car

Next to a dc5 but you know where I’m going right the 2003 Falcon Nurburgring 24 hour race car and I actually shot this car in 2003 the first time I went to the Norwich life for the 24 hour race so I’m just beyond shocked that you know I actually came

Across this car here and as the owner was telling me it actually came with a spare engine so as you can see here this is zero zero two and the car runs zero zero one and you know these engines were among the first to run the GT plenum

From Nismo testing it for reliability I guess before they launched it at the Amore Factory as part of their parts lineup of course carbon doors and door cards Thank you move away from the Falcon car pass a cobra here we go to this 220 SC pontoon which is a complete restoration recently done in Germany beautiful beautiful car I don’t think I’ve ever seen this out in the open before and you really have to see the interior because it’s

It looks like it’s brand new it smells like a new car in here over here in the corner at 280 SL with a hard top and past these two classic Mercedes are two of my favorite the SLS and SLR I mean look at that combo again after

Seeing this car at uh arios up in Fukushima again it kind of reminded me how sad it was that Mercedes had to stop using Gold Wing doors because of regulations here’s Michael Schumacher with his back in the day and yeah just look at the slrs over it’s so short super long Bonnet line

And those legendary openings on the side so we keep going here and we find another interesting themed collection so these are all the movie Cars so this is from night and day we move on to the Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang onto the James Bond section with

A couple of astons beautiful V8 Vantage here Back to the Future with the DeLorean and the little Herbie Beetle on the corner here so pretty cool see a nice selection of movie Cars like this and of course if you keep going to the windows here you can see just how high

Up we are and all the space around it so that’s where I was before when I was showing you the building and as you can see there’s a little Bridge there that will take later to connect over to the second level so if you guys have been

Following my channel for a few months you may remember that I went to see a Supercar kind of like hangout place on the ground garage so the owner of that place he has exactly the same Cav GT40 replica which was actually used in the Ford versus Ferrari movie and this

Is pretty much the exact same thing except that they’ve gone for a golf Livery and as I was hearing before they actually had to pay a licensing fee to run this coloring so I think it was like twenty thousand dollars to get the coloring license so this P1 only has

Very few kilometers on the clock I think around 400 they were saying and it’s really cool it has a matching Kitty car next to it a really cool spec really nice orange very simple and it’s even got McLaren installed little stickers on the end of the spokes I think this car just

Does not age I mean it’s almost 10 years old and it still looks phenomenal like the first time you know you laid eyes on it so we’re gonna proceed and move down to the third floor because oh by the way yeah every corner has additional cool things to look at like a go-kart

Nice two-stroke Thank you Okay so I just had to take a little break because I’m sort of overwhelmed I’m here with Tien uh he’s managing one of the biggest collections here in Malaysia I believe the JPM collection right well we hope so we hope so yeah biggest Private Collection right so um

Can you just quickly you know explain what this collection is all about and how many years you’ve been in this particular location and kind of a little rundown on the cars that you guys keep here yeah sure so most of the collections we have about well personally we had a math calculation we

Have 180 cars okay in total yeah but in this building we have about 100 to 110 most of their cars are privately owned by us my father’s a crazy collector his name is JP chin you guys can Google okay he was famous because he bought two Bugattis right and the Bugatti Divo is

In Singapore yeah so that was right so most of the cars here we collected are private collection we bought over the years for the span of 20 to 30 years his philosophy the first salary check he gets you buy a car so that explains that’s a nice philosophy yeah yeah so of

Course this building we got it in 2016 that’s where we moved most of our collections here right and we continue to expand our inventory from that so but it’s still a private property a private Museum but we do do some public uh openings for people to come and see

Right okay that depends on the events or it depends the time to time yeah right and I kind of really enjoyed the way that you all separated what kind of theme um how did that come about well um we all started with how many cars we’ve bought yeah right

We’re talking at it yeah yeah I mean initially for example we are the German car sections which mostly are the Porsches right and we do have Mercedes and BMW but we thought because we had so many Porsches why don’t we just fit it here sure and call it the German section

Yeah yeah so it it we changed the location from time to time as well based on the amount of cars that we have so you do shift stuff around them yeah so recent I mean for the past couple of years we’ve been buying a lot of vintage Americans like you saw yeah

Um in a month we bought 30 of them so then we thought I think yeah we should put in the ground floor yeah that’s pretty much how we arrange it and for me it was I mean all these cars are amazing but even seeing the really old

Stuff like you know early Century 1900s even before 1900s the first uh petrol car correct I mean you guys really enjoy a kind of unique mix of things all motoring related and bikes yeah yeah so I mean as a collector we are not as great as Japan or even Dubai which

Obviously you can have the all the high-end hyper cars and Etc we tend to have a more variety of variations right um so why we got 1886 because us as a car lover Automotive level we we felt that having the world’s first car in your garage is like a proof of you know

Sure yeah it makes total sense yeah and of course we bought the 1915 earlier 15 first and we thought oh that’s the first mass production car it’s good to have why not and it’s cheap it’s so and we got it and and it just keep expanding and expanding bikes yeah my

Father is a real Moto head he started with bikes but of course he started with super bikes and hyper bikes had a lot of accidents and he stopped but when I had the interest of hiding having motorbikes he bought Harley Davidsons because it’s slower right safer we’re chilled and a lot of

Experience yeah and uh we’re actually in front of your favorite car here right yeah thank you tell us a little bit about this 9 30. um well just to a bit of before this is actually this is a martini my first so-called passion of restoring car actually came

From this okay we bought this car in 2012 and after five years of owning it I thought why don’t I drive and I drove it I love it and my passion of restoring came in and while I was restoring as you know Porsche all looks the same yeah right 964 993 they all

Look the same I couldn’t differentiate I started studying and I studied this car the Porsche 930 Turbo the first turbo that was ever produced and the one that the real video maker which people crash on the four speed by the way yeah the four speed so this is a the 3.3

Yeah so better than a three liter and we managed to find this in Malaysia I think you went to bespoke that’s right yeah we bought it from him yeah yeah this was a Malaysian car meaning it was delivered to Malaysia specifically and the owner had only done 26 000 kilometers wow with

This car and he did not drive it even the paints and the seats was as original as possible yeah I kind of fell in love with it and and um I wanted it short so we we got it and yeah we’ve been we got it and then we we

Didn’t do much of modifications I I know a lot of Porsche lovers they do a lot of modification their car we didn’t do much the only thing I did was the rims I sprayed to go yep together with the sticker and this is color matching you know and

The lens instead of The Botch I changed it to uh clear a clear real world and that’s the only thing and it made it look a lot different very cool and yeah I I like this car because of how the character and how it looks and I drove it against a 997 Turbo

And it still can go 20 200 kilometers per hour yeah so that’s why I did legendary fast car this one yeah yeah well you know thank you so much for allowing us to kind of cruise around your Halls here uh multi-level Museum uh I’m gonna get back to it because

Um there’s what two more floors we need to look at so thanks again uh we’re gonna continue our journey thanks thanks for coming nice to meet you notice we’re being healthy there’s elevators here but we’re taking the stairs because look at this this is the air cooled corner or section starting with a

Nice Outlaw style Beetle and as we move across you’ll see these more classic 911s that lead into the martini so the 930 me and TM were talking in front of a second ago at GT3 RS 4 liter 997 collectible extremely collectible car and we move into more modern stuff here

So this is a GT3 touring 991 a nice black Targa 4S right here in the corner we have a 928 S4 and I hope the doors are open because the trim on this is absolutely insane look at this hell yes I’ve always loved these V8 Porsches they were pretty unsuccessful back in

The day but they definitely stand out for uniqueness and another 80s v8 car has this eight Series BMW we have a nice pairing of Karmann Ghia is here a little BMW C1 scooter and we reach the Italian Corner starting off this Italian section with the Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition

So this is a 1988 car and if you know I’ll probably mention this every single time I see a contact but this body kit with a spoiler and the skirts and the over fenders was designed by Mr Pagani when he was working at Lamborghini this is something you really

Don’t see every day this is a 2002 6 liter SE Lamborghini Diablo only 42 were ever made and this color is absolutely stunning it was kind of towards the end of the production line for the Diablo before the Murcielago was released and it’s kind of has this smoothed out bumper

Design more integrated lights you can see right here yeah blue six liter SE this is number eight of 42. even smoothed out here in the back that’s got this kind of like fascia over the lights and next up we have this Murcielago SV so this is the lp 674 so four wheel drive

Stunning color next to it Aventador and then here the Ferrari section begins this 430 spider the 575 Marinello the 348 and curiously enough two mondials so the Mondeo was kind of like the entry level Ferrari back in the day kind of what the California used to be or Portofino now

They kind of share the same design as a 308 328 lots of lures everywhere pop out lights of course right here in the corner as we passed as we came into the Italian section we have the 599 GTO crazy how wide this thing is okay so we are connecting between the two buildings

Right here from Italian section across the bridge into the little British section that they have here so Alec is already filming here and let’s start down here with the Rolls-Royce Corniche of course the Corniche is the spiritual I guess inspiration for the two-door rolls royces that we have today at Lotus

Evora and curiously enough a Morgan arrow8 I don’t think I’ve ever seen these in Japan so this runs a BMW V8 I think was out of I forget which BMW you know it could have been the M5 engine I’ll have to figure out if you know let

Me know in the comments but yeah a very interesting take where Morgan known for you know creating wooden chassis tried to modernize itself and if you’re a car nerd you should be able to recognize those tail lights this is from elancha thesis so we have an XK 120 here the

Fastest Jag or fastest production car of the time 120 was referring to the speed of the car used to be able to reach 120 miles an hour of MK1 E-Type SJ spider I wonder if this is the V12 version yeah so xjs convertible V12 next to it the SKR the project seven I

Don’t think I’ve ever seen this very cool little mooc mini and an mg completing the British section of the JPM collection now we go to another floor and this one is more to do with bikes so there’s a bunch of stuff here more kind of like American Chopper style stuff Harley Davidsons but

Even a motoguti here customized just uh just to prove just you know how much the owner is into pretty much anything with an engine in it it’s a really old Harley that has an interesting history they found it in Australia even has a gun holster here my favorite Ducati the

Diavel and of course we’re not done yet there’s a few more cars here so this is like because they were explaining it it’s kind of like the pickup base so whenever cars need work they’re placed here so local you know shops or restorers or paint shops can come here

And pick up the cars and uh take them to get work done and then once they’re done they drop them back here and it’s slowly moved back into the massive collection that is JPM I’ve literally been blown away in every form uh when it comes to Malaysian car culture

You know people you know every time I mention I live in Japan they say oh my God it’s a Dream It’s the car capital or car center of the world but um you know we may have a lot of cars and a lot of interesting meets happening but

One thing that stood out during my few days here in Malaysia is the way that people really manage to enjoy cars with their friends it’s much more liberal it’s much more fun and it’s much more involving it kind of brings people in instead of segmenting and I have to say

I’ve never seen anything like it in the world so I’m just going to keep coming back to Malaysia and discover more because I feel like I’m just scratching the beginning of what could be potentially a deeper tunnel Thank you again the surprises keep coming in Malaysia I’ve just been told that I get the keys to this beautiful year 2000 GTR complete stuck it’s just running an exhaust and some wheels and some really sick AP Racing breakout for so me and Alec are going to jump in we’re actually fumigating for

Mosquitoes so I think I’m gonna go inside the car turn this on before we actually die Smokey exit when you get a chance to drive a fully stocked 2000 FD in this kind of condition and I have to say you know after driving continuously driving tuned cars it’s such a refreshing change

To feel what an FD was like stock I mean this guy’s just running an exhausting Wheels it’s just really smooth and torquey it’s got a nice Power Band to kind of make it very usable in town and it sounds pretty Epic and this car in particular is so tight it’s so well

Looked after beautiful Plastics it’ll be the perfect ride to go to this final car meet that we’re going to in KL before our flight tonight Foreign hell yes on t-37s R32 GTR they’re all coming in now Lotus Exige Elise I don’t even know anymore the Gold Wing doors are up sick car A few BMWs there’s actually a couple of m2s I saw going coming in before so like I was saying let’s head down there and see what we can uh we can find I’m gonna look at the back of these uh three cars that have been taking me

Around KL for the last couple of days there’s even a few Volvos that turned out this 242 some local production protons here with a Grady sticker Evo 10. crazy to see that these cars actually get modified here in Malaysia very cool to see an fk8 more protons that look like evos that’s

Another one here you think it’s an evil 10 but it’s actually locally produced a couple of Corollas old school Corollas here’s that Pajero Evolution we saw come in on t-37s these things are among that select you know number of JDM Cars that have gone and become very valuable

You have an e70 Corolla and a hachiro Conti 37s that we might have seen at the other meat I’m kind of forgetting because there’s just so much that keeps turning up there’s even an old Peugeot of some type GL oom I talk about variety I mean pretty crazy and speaking of variety

Like I mentioned there’s a a couple of off-roaders that came in and I know this one was a Porsche Cayenne with like cup bumpers and off-road wheels and really lifted ride height so okay so actually there’s two of them too bad they’re parked in the dark because uh they’re really well

Done so this is the one that I saw come in so if you noticed front bumpers aren’t cut but it has like a bull bar type setup so apparently that’s a new trend that’s happening here in Malaysia right yeah lifting lifting cayennes and being able to kind

Of crawl over curbs and park on these places here cars keep coming hey so I’ve just been told that these Mugen GP rims are only or were only available in the cup cars so this particular owner actually had to get a cop car to secure

The wheels so the owner of this car is that crazy man over there that was guiding me while I was uh driving the Corolla gr up that crazy Mountain Road if it wasn’t for him I would have probably crashed because I didn’t know where I was going so I think

It is now time for us to pack up and head to the airport and catch our flight back to Tokyo I want to say a massive thank you to everybody who came up and brought their cars out thank you so much for coming to see me I cannot wait to

Come back to Malaysia thank you for checking the channel and looking at all the content that we’ve had from Malaysia and uh stay tuned for more because now that we’re back in Japan I will be doing more from there as well as other countries so thank you and check back soon for more Thank you Thank you