Dino DC: Mad Mike’s Twin Turbo 4-Rotor RWD Mazda 3 in Japan!

Posted: 2023-06-11 10:04:58
Author: Dino DC
The Mad Mike Mazda 3 is a 4-rotor, twin-turbo monster, with over 1400HP, built to run Pikes Peak this year (2023), but without any sacrifice to drivability in potential future events! In this episode I met with Kawato-san and checked out his shop just south of Osaka, TCP Magic, where they have been building and developing the car, alongside some of Mike’s other insane rotary builds.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Hey welcome to a new episode today you join me in a nice Countryside town just outside of Kobe and you know with so many rotaries around where could we possibly be if you haven’t spotted it yet we are at Total Car produced magic TCP magic and we are

Here to check out Mad Mike’s crazy Mazda 3 project which has been built here by kawato-san for Pikes Peak so we’ll be taking the car out soon once they get the last few pieces on the car has just been shaken down last week when Mike was over and

They’re just fixing the front and rear diffusers and you have to get the spoiler back on but I should be should be done quite quickly in the meantime we’ll take a look at the shop starting with this FD over here so this is uh Mike’s FD

For uh formula D Japan he was using this before covet hit and he was not able to travel to Japan to drive so it’s kind of been sitting here it was here two years ago when I actually came to shoot another car that they were building

The S15 for road to a car for Liberty Walk it’s always nice to see this car in its Glory it’s an insane setup four rotor twin turbo look at that twin external wastegates I think I’ll have to take a wild guess and say like a thousand horsepower probably more at the

Wheels depending on what boost they crank on but uh insane project and this car over here if we go inside the workshop and have a little peek actually has a similar setup for rotor twin turbo 1400 horsepower another Amazing Project that was here two years ago when I last

Visited is this FD this is being built for a customer in Southeast Asia it’s one of those projects where they basically gave an unlimited budget to kabatosan and they told them just to build the most perfect most complete highest spec highest quality Su you could possibly put together today and uh

It’s coming together slowly because you know it’s a long-term project uh starting off with an FD shell which they completely stripped down to Bare Metal put it on the jig straighten it out re-sprayed it here’s a base engine uh 13B that’s gonna be soon joined by all the necessary ancillaries as manifold

There needs a turbo will be a top mount and uh look at all the the heat shielding v-mounted intercooler with a radiator over there this is going to be an epic project and one I’m really looking forward to shooting when it’s complete hi okay another six months then we can shoot it

It’s absolutely I don’t know I would call it like FD Perfection I mean look look at the details like the gusseting around the roll cage everything is like color coded it’s gonna get a paddle shifter of all things so sequential and then the addition of paddle shifters

This is going to be even wilder than I even expected and like any rotary workshops this is the stuff I love to check out like the workbench where the engines get disassembled and then put together again with fresh Parts you can kind of see the wear and tear and the

Deposits that happened with regular use and a little special housing there k6b from uh TCP magic these are all the numbers that they pulled off the other cars that Mad Mike was uh running here in Japan in fdj One of the coolest things about TCP magic is they’re right next door to another shop called cmiz Auto and they have a really cool pairing of e46’s M3 baby I mean there’s something so special about seeing an E46 on t37 SLS it just means grip time attack car so this has

An E46 engine swap completely stripped out so there you go a little little bonus along with the road to reaction that we’re getting today here another cool place uh that I always like to take a look at when I come here is the stockpiling that’s going on back here

Um aside from all the the parts that karate son keeps back here you know for race support and just general storage there’s a few less cars than usual yeah that’s pretty sad weathered God look at the stickers it’s a sunroof car and there’s a spirit r over here sorry a bath or star

Oh an Ryo that’s 15. oh my God I think I actually shot this car back in the day I wonder what this is doing here another serious FD build here judging from the fueling in the back let’s take a closer look at the front fuel tank in the passenger side

For the time attack so here’s another FD that I want to show you guys another FD FD that uh called the sun was built pretty sure this is a three rotor yeah three rotor turbo actually remember shooting this car back in the day when it was still in D1 cool Euros body kit

So the car is just about to get fitted with the um rear diffuser which is being finalized down there because it got damaged but I thought I’d just show you uh the thumb pipe under the front diffuser you can see the Hollinger transmission I think if we go

Towards the rear it makes more sense a Hollinger transmission connects up to the drive shaft shop carbon fiber propeller shaft which connects up to the winters Quick Change was saying that due to regulations in FD they kind of requested the the rear suspension be left uh not stock but the stock torsion beam

To be used because kautosan was originally planning to just get rid of this and just use the RX-8 subframe which would have made things much easier but to conform to regulations and you know Mike wants to probably use this car eventually in FD or other sanctioned drift competitions

Uh where you know you’re not allowed to fiddle around with the stock components or the main components of suspension layout and of course what makes this easy is that you can just literally pop this off and change the final drives and kind of adapt the car to any circuit or any solid

Driving that Mike might want to do a specific track so they’re finishing up the rear diffuser diffuser new raised Wheels and behind that we have the endless uh these six spots in the back I think they’re floors So take a look inside the shop while they’re finishing up the Mazda 3. it’s a really cool place for just random you know memorabilia or merch yeah turbo smart Toyota tires my mic’s brand more merch carbon fiber clutch plates never been signed by Mike FD and check this out

Speed Hunters logo right there man do I have memories about this car Ibiza circuit first place uh cup from 2016. speaking of cool stuff let’s see if we can get back here and check out some parts that we’re laying around oh more carbon fiber discs from clutches

So exciting is the supplier when it comes to clutches for all of TCP Magic’s builds so those carbon discs that we saw earlier on are all exetti so casually parked outside the actual main shop is a nice drum of VP racing fuel so this is a 109 octane 204 liters

I’m almost scared to look up what these barrels actually cost foreign foreign foreign [Applause] foreign [Applause] the interior isn’t it foreign foreign [Applause] [Applause] foreign Foreign