Dino DC: Japan’s INSANE Unique and Rare Car Dealership!

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Posted: 2023-07-26 10:07:08
Author: Dino DC
In this episode, we stop by my long time friend’s shop in Koriyama City, Fukushima! ARIOS is a specialist in all things rare and unique, Suzuki-san, the owner, highly respected GT driver here in Japan, now shop owner. We check out some of his insane stock, such as an OG RWB 911, Mercedes SLS, and a collection of gated manual Ferrari 355’s and F430! We also check out his personal McLaren GT3 converted drift car.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Hey welcome to a new episode I am at arios today which is a really cool Supercar pretty much tuna car shop in koriyama up in Fukushima the owner suzuki-san is a good friend of mine he’s actually really well known in Japan because he’s very respected super Thai Q

Uh Champion so Super Taco is kind of like the group end Series in Japan and he has this insane shop in the middle of koriyama uh they do a bit of everything uh very high-end cars but they also do a lot of custom stuff they do Supercar

Rentals so uh there’s a lot to see here today and before we go inside let’s take a look at a selection of cars that are out here so most of the stuff is either stock or for rental pretty much everything here is customized so starting with this three series on big

20 inch work Wheels it’s a cool Cayenne GTS brand new M3 that’s the NSX I just drove down with a 6 series and as you can see I’m going towards this Carrera RS replica this is a beautiful car only 50 000 kilometers on it just got that classic Carrera RS

Look the side pipe got the ducktail with the Carrera RS logo just look how clean this is inside so well done it’s just simple it’s got a nice roll cage in there just to keep that shawl nice and nice and stiff Recaro buckets Williams seat belts and a personal Alcantara steering wheel

Very very clean loving these mirrors So yeah a little bit of old stuff too here let’s take a look at the front line up here and the first thing I come across is this Urus kitted er34 Skyline gtt on work meister’s bronze Barrel sick looking thing ready to drift and up for sale take a look inside if

It’s open so it’s got a bright bucket for the driver’s side flip up boss nice steering wheel there so very cool uh build very very aggressive right behind it is this old R32 GTR it’s running really cool center lock impulse Wheels talk about period correct stuff machine erasing rs’s it’s a bit rough

Definitely needs a bit of attention and there’s actually a customer here looking asking about it next to it is this virus full wide body conversion up for sale this thing is pretty insane we’ll have to ask suzuki-san to open up so we can take a look at the engine but

It’s definitely a full build t-37s and hiding behind there some Brembo six spots actually same same calipers I run on my GTR front and back you got fours lots of carbon details carbon doors carbon hood and it’s currently on sale for 4.5 million yen so with the current state of the Yen now

That would be around 35 Grand and next to the virus cars this first generation hachiroku zn6 on Watanabe is very very cool so it’s not often you see 16-inch wheels on these cars but boy does it look different I really like this look it’s got a serious amount of negative camber

And it’s on sale for 2.7 million certain other Hachi for 3 million this is the daddy of the mall the S65 AMG on Carlson Wheels because everything in Japan needs to be customized of course no price on this I know these cars devalue like crazy actually I just spotted this as an S63

Possibly somebody’s playing around with badges over here an old school Legacy I used to have the wagon version of this car really great car incredible how cheap they are now so I just spotted the Supra here A90 and it’s actually running Suzuki’s own arios Aero so that’s another thing this company

Does they do develop their own body kits so it’s actually a full-on I wouldn’t say conversion but definitely like side skirts and then rear bumper finisher you got the massive spoiler back here that front lip It’s time to go inside the main shop and check out what they have inside so you can see here it’s actually a pretty big space 1961 NG so really there is a bit of everything even vintage cars so Suzuki son told us that today is kind of quiet

They don’t have as many cars as before or as usual rather this is Suzuki’s on here if you’ve seen the video I did on Hagerty with Larry you’ll notice that this is the actual McLaren MP4 GT3 race car that Suzuki song was drifting at ibisu Nishi and since then he’s actually

Wrapped the car in this really cool kind of camel thing and he’s had a custom clutch installed so it’s a little bit easier to drift and it doesn’t have that problem where you know you just burn out the race clutch because they’re really tiny four disc

Clutches on these cars so it’s a bit tough but let’s see if we can take a look inside oh there’s Larry’s sticker he’s shooting a lot of race cars lately but nothing this modern so it’s a 2010 car so that would make it 13 years old but

Yeah I mean this is the kind of cars you need to get into I mean a 10 year old race cars are the best track cars you get your uh race prep chassis and suspension you get sequential Transmissions oh my Lord look at that and if I figure

Out how to open on it pull to open the door it’s got a hydro it’s so sick so it’s got Oreos bucket seats yes oh my God look at that and of course because everything is blocked out back here you have a reverse camera but you see what I mean

Buying these kind of old race cars the way forward and with both doors open and it’s so dramatic so it’s currently filling up the air tanks compressor was running of course this is an air-shifted uh yeah so airshifted sequential and you can see how it differs from the production

Engine it’s a big oil tank here for the dry sump ceramic coated exhausts and catalysts you can see how the intake has the charge coolers here from each side so that’s the cooler for the transmission hanging High there in between the exhaust as you can see lots of carbon

Fiber yeah that’s the air restrictor because this used to be used in Super GT gt300 so they have to kind of restrict and make the whole playing field kind of match up it’s kind of strangled a bit as you could say and as I was saying there is actually an

Air intake for the cooler that’s the panel that is out here so that feeds the transmission cooler and let’s take a look up front foreign pwr radiator look at that that’s amazing this is proper race car stuff obviously so every panel is in carbon fiber

To this and of course because this is a drift car remote audios wow even the wheels are Oreos so you have these custom made obviously because they’re Center lock big Akebono brakes zero nines and of course look at the camera on that and it’s been modified so you have enough steering angle to

Actually keep it at an angle while drifting and it comes with a user manual McLaren GT and of course Center lock wheel nuts require these gigantic things and an air tank to get the air jacks to lift the car from the ground what a thing though

As you can see the vinyl wrap is not liking the heat coming from the exhaust there’s a nice LED emergency light here in the back that’s the rear view camera and I kind of love how they maintain the whole sizing correct as you know race cars always run massive

Sidewalls so these Yokohama tires they’re actually the burner tires are 275 45 18s and they’re Advanced Sports V 105s where the the front gets the neovas for extra grip as you can see lots of camber if you guys know you know okay so we’ve got the air tank

Ready to okay lift the car okay I hate those up oh man that’s the way to do it so good too easy oh now we can check out the angle so as I was saying a lot of suspension mods I hate those up you can kind of see how much steering

This GT3 race car has look at that crazy are you gonna see this from the front that’s wild so yeah that’s how you drift a McLaren GT3 race car crazy oh wait there’s more to this kit look at the size of that impact done oh my gosh

So this is the easy way to do it too easy so that’s it all you need is an air tank and a massive impact gun and like I’ve been very difficulty trying to avoid but there’s another challenge car or other GT3 cop car next to it this is a 458 challenge

That one of his customers it’s kind of left here on display for the time being it doesn’t get much chance to use it but what makes this car very special is that it’s the last n a Ferrari challenge car so it’s actually quite a bit more expensive than most uh

Used kind of race cars and challenge cars you would find on the market I guess they’re waiting for a collector that kind of understands the value and the importance of this car to maybe pick it up naturally aspirated V8 foreign of course a dry carbon door so simple so smooth

That’s your uh latch to open it bolted in roll cage anybody that complains that Japan does roll cage is wrong Ferrari does Bolton or at least they used to and of course saw belt seats and belts another Ferrari logo and there’s that steering wheel with all the buttons and

Controls the LCD back there 458 challenge because the air tank for the shifter there’s a shift and these doors are like featherweight so light so yeah that’s the arios race car corner there’s an interesting collection of Ferrari engines so that is actually the original kind of build sheet from

Ferrari that’s the engine number it says Nuevo which means new in Italian so that’s the three four eight three two eight and the Testarossa the flat 12. so Suzuki son actually raced for uh let me see the actual mechanic suit here you understand what I’m talking about wolf

Racing so wolf racing was an old F1 team I believe it was from either all series of Switzerland and they actually did a complete version of the Lamborghini Countach back in the day and a collector here in Japan by the name of kudasan has actually purchased the rights to the

Wolf racing uh brand Team and he’s actually made his own wolf racing race team here in Japan the up until 2018 used to race in the Porsche Carrera cup and suzuki-san used to be The Driver and you can see him here with the wolf racing uh GT3 Cup car that was 2018. so

Since then the brand has kind of dropped off racing they are now a restoration Factory I think based out of Fukuoka maybe and they kind of cater to like restoration so really high-end Collectibles and this is uh Suzuki Sun’s racing history in one cabinet he’s done all sorts of racing including

Idlers super Ty Q Porsche Carrera cup Japan so many memories here and some sick models that’s another of his previous demo cars 2018 2018 wolf racing yeah in Refugee Speedway so the Porsche sports 2018 Almanac [Laughter] so if you’re into your Hot Wheels you’ll probably see some really rare stuff

I want just Stratos BMW M1 the Knight Rider package more creepy okay enough model cars let’s take a look at the real stuff laughs starting here we have a 599 a 355 which which are cool you know I’m not going to really stop and give too much info on that

So in Japan every time you see the hiragana uh what that means uh the car is for rent so as I showed you on the sign outside arios is also a rental company and that’s one of the rental cars as is this REM Emir Tokyo Auto Salon demo car

So the crazy thing about this sa-22 is that at 2020 toky Horizon it was actually on the Remia Booth I think it runs 13B twin rotor on carbs and of course it has a custom rme a wide body oh look he still has the Tokyo something so you can see it here

It was actually the winner of the tuning car category 2020. so right before covet started and we can take a look at the engine here so it’s 13B on carburetors so not the most powerful of rotaries but the sound must be absolutely insane I still can’t believe this is actually a

Rental car so that’s so crazy there’s a signature Dolphin Tale exhausted um likes to do on his cars so it has that really old school classic racer look but inside it still has a very simple modern stock Dash very sweet car very sweet rental car should I say

From the Ferraris we go into some Japanese stuff this is actually the G grmn version of the Yaris that was actually presented at last year’s Tokyo restaurant I actually tried to get one and I didn’t make it in Lottery but a lot of people did and Suzuki sound is one of them so

This is up for sale um I think this is gonna sell considerably more than what the car was on offer four from a grmn got a ton of carbon accessories spoiler roof and of course the hood very special car as is this 34 next to it uh NK Wheels R35 Brembo calipers front

And back painted in yellow so this is a v-spec so it’ll be like a 99 or 2000 model looks pretty stock stock C stock interior stock body there’s some Nismo skirts Nismo finishers at the back carbon fiber wingstays this is another really rare sighting you just do not see these cars

Anymore for some reason the SLS and of course for utmost theater nothing quite Beats the real gold wing the real deal look at that I think when Mercedes replaced the SLS with the GT I think they did themselves a disservice because it just does not match up to

This car this is something very very special that long bonnet and the wheels like right at the back short overhangs this is a classic and because of it these cars sell for a ton of money so very special I’m not a big AMG guy but this this is something else

And of course the original 63 engine look at that it’s it’s as far back as can be I mean the entire engine as you can see is behind the wheel so this is a front midship all that space up front is taken up by the air boxes and the intakes that

Feed the air boxes I’ve seen some you know aftermarket carbon conversions on it looks absolutely amazing and just look at the size of that hood they cut look at that thing that’s like three meters high that’s crazy okay so we’re gonna hear that V8 that’s the sound of an AMG These are real crackles there’s nothing manufactured about that sound and that’s why the SLS is even more special than any AMG GP oh yeah so good of course we have to kind of mention that there’s a nice rwb next to it so you can tell when the rwvs are a

Little bit older than the current cars because they’re slightly more conservative when it comes to width um you know back in the day this used to be absolute you know craziness when it came to like wide body conversions but now if you go for the full deal they

Pretty much come out to here so close to double it’s just a very balanced car very clean inside too it’s got the nujima special matte black like like Stellar tour so cool and the other 355 is actually you can’t really see let’s see if we can

Open it and it’s a gated six-speed so this is an insane collectible because 355s with the manual fetch pretty much 30 40 more than any e-gear whatever you called this one is another gated so two very special 355s here at arios same with Ferrari we kind of have to talk

About the Liberty Walk 458 Spider possibly the most dramatic car here look at this thing of course it’s dumped on air suspension massive fuja to Wheels this is definitely a Kato special and you don’t really realize just how massive that ducktail is until you get up close to it

And realize it’s like a good 15 centimeters left on there titanium exhaust if you want to stand out nothing is going to do anything more than this I found the most Italian thing here dotato this is demo security it’s like sounds stupid in Italian and English so even inside this 430 there’s a

Exposed gated manual transmission it kind of tells you what type of cars arios really Keepers to look at this place so right next to the shop right next to the main shop is this artificial grass area with a coffee shop made out of a container how cool is that

Oh there’s a cool little Honda beat here so wait it’s not even over yet so across the street there’s a third building but this is all the parking area for arios so it’s literally like three blocks of koriyama Suzuki you’re crazy so he actually rents this to a golf shop

But behind here is a workshop where all the work maintenance and stuff gets done to cars and of course Suzuki son can never keep away from drifting with his T and ekit that’s 14. get it oh there’s a few more drift cars here yeah JDM Factory yeah super cool S15 in yellow

So basically this is uh sold out this is just sold it’s a custom yellow conversion because you know arios is kind of synonymous with the color yellow his first two Democrats were yellow so uh but it sold like every s chassis out there it just gets sold before it even

Gets put up for sale and there’s another work in progress here 180. so there you have it one block two blocks three blocks four blocks it’s all arios I just want to say a big thank you to Suzuki Sam for inviting me to check out arya’s fine

I’ve been meaning to come here for so many years never had the chance but today we managed to do it so I really hope you enjoyed it I’m gonna put a link to suzuki-san’s own YouTube channel below so check him out he’s always got cool videos on really interesting

High-end cars so thanks for checking in today and let me know in the comments if you want to see more of these type of videos foreign Foreign ER and cars are advertised for sale Hot Wheels here that’s so cool so you get the vibe it’s all about cars right and their specialty is handmade sweets okay so we got the churros time to get fat