Dino DC: Japans Insane All Euro Track Day – Iding Power at Fuji Speedway

Japans Insane All Euro Track Day - Iding Power at Fuji Speedway

Posted: 2023-04-12 07:34:22
Author: Dino DC
For now, Iding Power is little known outside of Japan for their work on everything from E30 M3’s to Ferrari F40’s. In this episode we got to check out one of their customer car track days at Fuji Speedway where they brought out some of their most insane built E30 M3’s, E36’s, F430’s and more!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Speedway today I’ve been invited by Edison from Iving power to come and check out a customer track that they’re doing here today it was supposed to be that the kind of like Shakedown test for their Enzo complete car but unfortunately they weren’t able to finish the engine in time so it’s good

And bad because we actually get to shoot the Enzo on the street possibly next week that will be kind of cool to see rather than seeing it just on the track the good thing about these kind of days is that you really get to see what people

Drive what people kind of choose to customize in Japan and hiding power is a very special shop because first of all they’ve been around since 1974 and they’ve always had I think about making complete cars so think about you know going for the last remaining 20 25 of performance that you

Know manufacturers always kind of skip out on when they develop cars and Edison from idling power has always liked to kind of refine the cars prep them refine suspension and braking just get a little bit more power and sponsored the engines and his platform of choice has always been the E30 M3

Moving then on to the E36 doing various kind of packages of complete cars and they’re very recognizable because they always have these really gigantic 90s type spoilers you know like super spoiler at the back he hasn’t really done too many 90s or e92s rather there’s this one here

It’s the only one of the group they just put all the cars together today To get a group picture [Applause] thank you I can’t believe I’ve just been given the keys to an M1 a modified M1 with 400 horsepower you’re gonna go get to shoot it and I get to drive it too which is awesome Mid Engine with a straight six [Applause] not every day you get to drive a BMW M1

And one that’s being tuned this has 400 horsepower it’s been quite the experience the qualities for the very tight angle but this is a very tight cabin it can barely fit inside but we’re at Fuji Speedway so we can actually bring this car back now because

I need to exchange it for an E30 but there’s a bit of a tunnel here let’s see if we can get some nice sounds in second gear sounds glorious Thank you E30 number one of two that we’re going to be driving today [Applause] Foreign so this is another car that hiding power has been not really tuning just kind of Maintenance working on it the owner was pretty unhappy with the condition that he found the car when he bought it I mean it only has 4 000 kilometers probably didn’t move so much

Needed some TLC and once he gave it to Edison he was very happy with how he came back so he’s been sending all his cars there these are again complete cars this is based on a F430 Scuderia stroke to 4.6 liters so about 50 60 horsepower bump in power

Again front and rear bumpers our original functional venting this is actually a pretty curious one this is a 550 it’s actually completely stuck right now but it’s about to get a stroker kit that will bump the engine capacity to six liters so the owners already purchased the right number plate for it

This is the 358 based on the 328 this is uh the First Complete Car based on a Ferrari that he built so you can tell it’s kind of old school it’s got really really old AP Racing brake calipers but again stroked motor refined here and there uh modern suspension better brakes some

Custom Arrow touches Full exhaust and the biggest surprise for me today getting the chance to drive this talk about bucket list stuff so they literally just throw me the keys to the M1 when I asked to shoot this and I was like okay jumped in it’s a tiny tiny cabin

And of course you know offset pedals so you’re all kind of like slanted to the right dog leg transmission so dog leg first so it’s kind of like hitting your leg as you put it in first gear but this has been modified by Edison to 400 horsepower he was saying

So here’s the flag and then we kind of move on to the BMW side of things with the E30 we uh just shot this this is a track car that he’s uh built and refined over the years completely stripped out but in a very good way I mean it’s not

Like the rough kind of cars you see sometimes in Japan where you know it’s got Bolt and roll cage and it’s a bit of a mess it’s very well made Upholstery and like for dials there cold Tire spins first second and a little bit of third once they warm up it

Is an impressive car the drive I didn’t really take it on track it was more the access road around Fuji but beautifully balanced car you can just feel it’s so light here’s a nice example of an E36 this is probably the most popular package or rather complete car that he’s

Ever built he’s sold so many of these and they come in four stages uh and when I took Larry there the other month we took out the stage four version we took it down to daikoku and it was a again surprising to drive just pulls pulls pulls like a train

Power all the way from idle great torque curve and soon we’re gonna take this out this is an E30 M3 but it runs the straight six from the E36 so totally different character and not really stripped out still a street car but again you know you have the forged magnesium hiding Power Wheels

Every car the iding power makes is fitted with their standards with their uh original Wheels which were made here in Japan forged magnesium usually let’s see if we can find the Ferrari ones so attention to detail is seriously out of control like he takes everything so seriously

The Branding the way he does this thing it’s basically his way and if you like it you like it if you don’t you go somewhere else So after the group picture they’re kind of bringing the cars inside again this has to be my favorite E36 here I just think the yellow suits it so well very unique nice uh R500 so this is Mr Eda here he’s the boss looks like he’s gonna take this for a ride

So as I said hiding power has been around since 1974 so it is actually 72 years old now I think the most incredible thing is just his energy and passion he keeps uh kind of talking about his future plans what he’s going to do with the next batch of cards that

He wants to work on and it’s just amazing to see because a lot of tuners here in Japan are all very negative lately because of how the the tuning world has kind of shifted towards you know aesthetic tuning and a lot of people don’t really do much to their engines anymore but Edison

Has a nice client base that always wants you know complete tuning so engine suspension everything to kind of boost the car’s performance in every way so it’s great to see the you know he’s been around so long possibly will be around for quite a bit more making great cars like these and this

Video will actually go into a second part we will be moving to Yokohama to go and see the shop and take out the Enzo on the street and get some great shots so stay tuned for that foreign