Dino DC: Japan’s Insane Abandoned Cars

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Posted: 2023-10-01 09:40:19
Author: Dino DC
A few months in the making, this first episode on the abandoned cars of Japan is something I’ve been wanting to do in a video format forever. Over the years I’ve come across so many abandoned or neglected cars, documenting and posting stories about them on Speedhunters, starting all the way back with the Ford RS200 Cosworth that I re-visit in this episode, and that is still in the same place 14 years on!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

One thing about covering cars in Japan that I’ve come to discover is that I somehow come across a lot of abandoned cars not just in the city like we are here in Tokyo today but even on on the countryside and I thought it would be a

Really cool thing if you know every car that I come across has been abandoned I would film and put a a little reel together of you know the crazy things that we see here in Japan that are abandoned and to start it off I think

This MR2 is the best car to go for because I’ve actually done a story on it years back speed Hunters which resonated pretty well with the audience and uh you know fast forward God must be like 6 7even years after and it’s still here so it’s pretty incredible that this happens

In Japan I actually got to speak to the owner originally and uh he said that you know it broke and he never had the chance to fix it but he didn’t want to part with it because it was such a special car to him back in the day and

Uh I guess it’s it’s still very much the case it’s beyond weathered there’s still the same Castro GTX oil cans sitting under it you know it’s it’s weathered to crap and you can barely see inside but it’s a bit of a storage facility at the

Moment it’s it’s a bit of an iord to see so it’s it’s surprising that in Tokyo where everything needs to be clean and you kind of have to respect your neighbors and you know not leave too much chaos outside your house and be kind of like conscious of what you do uh

With your own property even that this passes but um pretty crazy and I just wanted to add it to this uh to this little compilation of abandoned cars because it’s one of those cars that everybody’s seen on speed hunters and the fact that it’s still here it’s pretty amazing Okay so for the continuation of this abandoned cars in Japan we’ve found a nice gem to add to the list today we’re in uh Central Tokyo I’m not really going to give away the area obviously for for kind of obvious reasons but this is one that’s kind of near and dear to me

Obviously uh this is a vpec 2 uh R34 GTR that has probably been sitting here for a considerable amount of time at least it’s covered it could do with a car cover it’s got like seriously caked on dirt and just random emissions from from Tokyo’s traffic and it looks pretty

Stock it’s got definitely aftermarket suspension because it sits much lower it’s on LM gt4s ISO Wheels it’s got the Nissan Prince badge on the fender there uh Nissan Prince is a big Nissan dealership in shinagawa that is basically been looking after GTR owners for you know whenever the the hakos came

Out in 1969 onwards and uh they have another sticker back here I spot a leather rrim on the seats with a GTR logo probably uh done by robt and leather of course the carbon fiber bunnet uh like on all vpec 2s slightly flat tires at the back very

Cracked this thing has not been used in years and years and years you know it’s pretty sad to see cars end up like this uh like I keep mentioning we don’t really know what the background story uh may be but uh it’s definitely one of the

Cool cars that we kind of wanted to add to this compilation of abandoned cars so I hope you liked it and uh on to the next I don’t know what to say I was just driving the new fair lady out here in in Chiba nothing much to see and uh I was

Driving by this road over here and then I take a look to my right and I hit the brakes because I spotted this F D completely abandoned in the middle of this hedge here that’s being kind of trimmed around so it’s actually quite modified I can’t really make out what bumper this would

Be it could even be like a Veilside one honestly it’s sitting on the vog racing g7s and it’s just rotting away so and I’m obviously not the first guy to see it cuz in Japan when you leave cars sitting for a while you start start getting these cardss put under

Your wipers which is basically uh services that uh come and pick up old cars and dispose of them for a price obviously uh in this case they could potentially sell it it had the fixed uh headlight conversion from U ipf so this is probably an rmia part because rmia uses ipf

Projectors it’s got some gauges Blitz gauges on the center console there some uh gry ones up here on the a pillar but yeah it’s a sad fact you never really know what’s uh behind cars like these you know don’t you can’t make assumptions on stories how it ended up

Here maybe people got tired of them the car broke uh it took too much money to to fix up and uh this was probably the cheapest and easiest way to dispose of them or then people pass away you never know you never know it’s just very very

Sad to see let take another quick look so sad And we have another very special one and probably one of the saddest abandoned cars that I’ve come across a Nissan Skyline Ken Mar 2000 GTX bit of a sad sight to be seeing I mean this car has been sitting here a very long time it’s thoroughly rusted

Out and and um it’s a Pity because uh you can tell that you know the previous owner or even the current owner who knows obviously put some money and passion into you know modifying it dropping it on some nice vintage Wheels getting the oil cooler look kind of like the race hosa’s on

Point and then abounding in it like this and again we see these yellow notices of companies willing to come and pick up these cars and it’s parked very closely to what looks like could be owned by the same person or family a GMC uh I guess what is it a Yukon I

Don’t know guys you have to tell me I’m not really too familiar with uh ’90s American trucks twodo SUV from GMC and pretty much the similar kind of state clear coat peeling off this guys got paint peeling off completely rusted out underneath got the train handle there one of the back here

Too still got the bent number plate Skyline 2000 GTX and it’s a Pity because you know the K Mary is definitely my favorite version of the older uh vintage skylines proper mid 70s look it kind of looks like a Fastback Mustang it was probably the widest and biggest skyline

Of the lot sad indeed but yeah another great addition to this video on to the next One A good friend of mine that’s been living here in Tokyo for a while has always told me about this NSX that was obviously abandoned I mean it was parked uh outside of a building but stood there for for years and years and years to the point that the paint started scoring and

Eventually flaking off and it always has like a film of dust on it so I had him actually pin drop me the location so thanks Alexandro and here it is and he was not too far from the truth when it said that the paint was actually flicking off this is a

Early uh ’90s NSX automatic first thing I did was have a look inside it’s an auto been sitting here for a while no car cover no nothing still has this registration or at least the number plate is there yeah I mean it just it is a bit of

A Pity seeing cars like not like this not being driven but at the same time you know like I keep mentioning on the series you never really know what’s going on but yeah I thought it would be another great addition addition to this abandoned car Series right so next on the agenda is something a little bit more German again these are cars that you know you see and you see over and over again and you just cannot help but feel sorry for them E30 M3 it’s probably been parked here for decades upon decades it’s all

Tilted to one side either the TIR has gone completely flat or looks like somebody had a look in there there to figure out what’s going on it’s been sitting so much that the actual tire has just collapsed hence why it’s tilting there’s absolutely no structure left in these old pellis and

It looks absolutely stunning but yeah let’s just take a moment pretty sad when you just love to come here and rescue it that would be one fun car to restore so there you have it another example of how many abandoned or neglected cars you can come across in Tokyo and here’s another one that I just just spotted coming up here on the road on the left and um yeah I mean you really do come across a lot of variety even in abandoned cars of course here we have a Toyota alza Lexus IS it’s actually sitting on the Yokohama AVS model

5es it’s been sitting for so long I mean it’s got like mold growing out the paint work and still has a registration there’s a tan sticker here so it’s probably sitting on tan suspension looks pretty clean inside what a Pity this could be a nice project car rotors are completely rusted out

Running on some uh let’s see if you can actually find the date of the tire there it is so so it’s the 11th week of 2000 so it’s been sitting for probably close to a decade or Two so there is one uh or actually two particular cars that I wanted to include in this video and that’s because uh they were both uh cars that I kind of featured as the first neglected cars in Japan uh back in the day on speed Hunters uh we’re talking like over 10

Years ago believe it or not they’re still here fast forward I think it was so it was 2009 I believe I posted it so we’ been like you know 13 14 years ago and uh I’m talking about the Ford RS200 cworth and the M5 brother so the M5 is

Still pretty much exactly in the same condition as when I first to it all those years ago still sitting there flat tires and next to it the RS200 you can see the rally style headlights on the bottom there this one has been covered so I don’t know if it was my video that

Did it but basically the owner uh ended up actually covering it and yes I did ring the bell here on the apartment building where the car is parked and I tried to see if the owner had died or why the car was left in this condition

And all I found out from the guy managing the place is that the owner actually does park the cars here he pays his monthly uh rent on the two spots and uh he doesn’t even live in Tokyo but obviously he cares for the cars because you know at least he keeps them covered

Um and I guess it’s just a way for him to store them uh safely behind some open shutters but it’s incredible that the RS200 is still here as well as the E34 M5 so there you go I hope you enjoyed you know this last addition to I

Guess the two cars I’ve kind of began this whole abandoned car hunting thing I’ve been doing uh I definitely promise there will be more of these videos in uh you know coming months because there are so many cars like this scattered across Japan that I really want to try and

Document as many as I can so hope you enjoyed it and check back soon for More