Dino DC: Japan’s Dream NSX Workshop – Honda Heaven!

Japan's Dream NSX Workshop - Honda Heaven!

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Posted: 2023-06-25 11:25:33
Author: Dino DC
T3 TEC, tucked into the farms of Saitama, the the unsuspecting host of almost 15 NSX’s, from NA1 Type R’s, to highly modified NA2’s, the workshop specializes in all things Honda NSX. Over the years, T3 has grown their operation to hold almost every and any OEM NSX part, as well as developing a number of their own custom parts, including their new manual conversion kit and exhaust manifolds! In this episode we speak to the founder of T3 and have a look at what they have going on in their shop at the moment!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Thank you hey welcome to a new episode today I am in NSX Paradise I am over at T3 Tech which is probably the most well-known NSX shop just outside of Tokyo I’m here with a friend of mine and his NSX and the nsxr and if we take a little walk inside here

You’ll notice that this is pretty much NSX Paradise so uh basically a quick rundown about the shop this was set up about eight years ago so the owner who will be talking to later used to work for another very well-known NSX specialist and decided to set up his

Own business here outside of Tokyo and he’s allowing us to kind of roam free and have a bit of a look at what customer cars are in and I’m just overwhelmed at the amount of cars that they have here on you know any day kind of basis I think there’s like

Easily 10 cars in here of every assortment of colors and types and multiplications too it’s pretty interesting to see how a lot of people do really interesting different things with their cars like for example this orange one has had a custom headlight conversion done so they’ve even gone so far as to

Actually reshape the Bonnet to fit the projectors and here’s another super clean type S on BBS RS is manual car what makes T3 quite special is that with the whole issue with getting parts from Honda with customers requesting more and more kind of restoration type work they’ve

Had to actually work at developing their own versions of parts that are longer available or actually discontinued so stuff like window rails window motors pedal brackets stuff that you know is really hard to find from from Honda because it’s discontinued they’ve actually started recreating and thus have a lot of

Requests for uh work and parts people want to get an NSX but they don’t want to spend the premium but a manual transmission power would have so they’ve you know kind of developed their own kit here to convert the car from automatic to manual the parts are actually still

Available from Honda but they’ve you know put up the prices 10 fold so to maybe stop people doing that but that hasn’t stopped T3 Tech developing their own parts Thank you Foreign Look at some of the other cars this car is actually getting a headlight alignment probably going to shuck in so they got to get the headlights pointing the right way this is another interesting one this has a maroon interior a very strange kind of Audi R8 type pretty cool carbon

Front lip some canards and even the Honda emblem is a carbon look item I really like the Bonnet here with the extractor hopefully hot air coming from the radiator this red car here the white body one has a completely different Hood design and this black car here is getting some

Work done I’m kind of always Keen to see what people do to kind of restore these cars a lot of subframe work a lot of like aluminum bits and pieces from under the car one thing that a lot of people have been doing lately is uh radiator changes

Either going for the stock one one thing here that T3 does is the killer switch for the electric so you can uh completely kill the electrical system so if you kind of not drive your car often and you store it a lot you can disconnect the battery very easily so it doesn’t

Cure your charge another cool car is the owners own ride oh this by the way is the wide body Marga Hills that we saw from the front before it’s running some work emotions bigger rotors front and back floating mounts toyuzumisan is the owner of the shop and

This silver one underneath here is his own car which is meticulously kept it’s running t37s it’s got a lotus Brembo caliper at the front and the one curious thing is he’s had the the buckets the Recaro buckets re-trimmed in na2 the kind of mesh fabric that they did and he’s kept the

Centers Alcantara and this is actually a little bit better for I guess longevity because the fabric is actually a little bit tougher it doesn’t get ruined as easily big calipers at the back too with a split caliper the little caliper for the cycle okay so uh the thing with this demo car

Here is basically running all the parts that uh T3 makes so stuff like clutch kit upgraded flywheel is it a little bit lighter very nice so very light flywheel a little bit grabbier clutch disc and it just feels better basically and of course all the parts that they do if you

Go on their website you’ll see pretty much everything they do this yellow car that’s getting the headlight adjustment is actually another type S so it was basically not quite the type R but one grade over the regular version which is another one and the work that they do

Gets right down to engine work too so here’s a head that’s being pulled off and ready to be cleaned up and restored and refreshed and then put back on the engine which is going to get a complete rebuild it’s obviously being used for a considerable amount of time it

Needs some TLC my selection of gearboxes here is there a lightweight flywheel you can see it’s drilled out okay so uh let’s go around the shop here this is the nsxr that I’ve been driving for a month now we took it here because the owner wanted

To get like a quick once over from T3 because eventually uh you know it’s gonna get restored and like really meticulously redone and put together and right next to the main shop entrance here nana1 in red with lens and right behind it the fixed headlight in A2 so you can see the difference

And of course that came with the more modern Wheels and slightly more upgraded brake package one thing that people or other NSX owners really like to do is to upgrade their na ones with any two calipers and slightly bigger rotors it’s all you need for these cars because they’re so

Lightweight and they’re not that powerful and I just wanted to show you Heroes NSX this is a work in progress it’s just received this ragamaster wheels looking really nice it’s actually running KW coilovers with some air cups on top so he has that adjustment there he’s just

Fitted this exhaust system with a single exit exhaust Toyota tires Heaven So this is where gauges get restored by hand Like I was saying before it’s really curious seeing you know different people’s taste when it comes to tuning refining these cars I quite like the wide body look on an NSX it kind of has that Super GT jgtc Vive about it whether these cars you want to do this

Kind of you know extreme conversion to these days is it a question that I would like to you know have you guys answer would you do a wide body conversion to an NSX get rid of the aluminum body for FRP this runs the Advanced wide body front fenders fit

Slightly wider tires these are two three fives 17s this is quite cool seeing you know the car without an engine and how it’s all laid out at the back so you know a lot of sections of the subframe are actually aluminum or aluminum and you can see how it’s all laid out

With the suspension arms double wishbones front handbag the president will also telling us that you know if you really need to exchange the bushing for the lower arms you really have to get the whole assembly because Honda doesn’t advise anybody to push out the bushing with presses because

Being aluminum there’s a big chance of like warping So to avoid that you just prefer to have people buy the entire assembly okay thank you Toyo izumi-san for allowing us to film here today um I just wanted to ask you a brief introduction on your company

And do you do you notice the uh your customers are doing more and more Restorations now that the cars are getting a little bit older foreign and can you show us some of the parts that you are working on to kind of satisfy the demand um forever and how many automatic to manual

Conversions have you done um foreign does he make kits to sell to overseas Market to or is it only in Japan um I know your case and what’s his opinion of how the crisis has just gone crazy okay so this is basically the most popular type of work that they do here at T3 and that’s engine Refreshers overhauls and maybe a little bit of tuning on the side so this is one head

That’s been pulled off and being cleaned up and redone so what’s the usual uh what’s the usual type of work that is done with an engine refresh foreign thank you like what’s the main thing that breaks what goes wrong in this engine them home um

And also uh you know in the US it’s very popular to just put a supercharger on these engines I guess I haven’t really seen too many in Japan is is that something that uh you guys also do uh supercharger conversions or maybe dare I say it Turbo Conversions um Foreign And how about like do you do stroker kits to bring maybe 3.5 or some you know individual throttle conversions or any big kind of engine work do you guys do that here too foreign Thank you so very much a purist kind of shop right I mean keeping to the the real character of the NSX I know um There you have it if you want something that’s faster get something else because this is the NSX and this is how it is so don’t don’t play too much with the bass Thank you