Dino DC: Japan’s Craziest RX7 Meeting – 7’s Day

Japan's Craziest RX7 Meeting - 7's Day

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Posted: 2023-07-09 12:40:30
Author: Dino DC
The annual 7’s day in Japan is always a meeting I make sure not to miss. All things RX7 and most things close. This time around the meeting started at Daikoku PA and made its way to Umihatoru PA. Joined by @LarryChenPhoto!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Thank you and welcome to another episode today is a very special day one I’ve been waiting for four months to get on YouTube finally I’ve been shooting this event for so many years for Speed hunters and magazines and of course I’m talking about seventh day it’s the 7th of July

It’s just past 6 p.m and we’re in daikoku Futo or other daikoku PA and the parking area is beginning to fill up there’s still a lot of empty spaces of course it’s a Friday night so most people are still working it’ll start getting busy in the next hour or so but

It gives us time to kind of walk around and check out what’s showed up already have a lot of space you know between the cars so we can kind of get some details walk around the cars I guess I’ll just start things off and proceed to kind of

Show you as many cars as many generations of the RX7 that I can starting off with an sa-22 so this is where it all began I think these cars came out in 1978 and this is a beautiful example sitting on SSR rims I love the turbo 70s Stripes

Along the side definitely not the cleanest of cars but then that’s good because it means a guy actually you know the owner drives it and uses it here’s another one that we see pretty much every year I remember shooting this one on planet Sports and there’s an RC replica here again a

Well-used car modified with an aftermarket Turbo some piping and that will be two of many essays I’ve seen a couple of more down towards the end of the car park that we’ll take a look at next to it beautiful FD wide body with TCP magic front fenders definitely my favorite front fenders for

Any FD and sitting on t-37s absolutely beautiful and you know the thing that makes the RX7 in particular the FD is so special is the you can basically you know customize the car to your liking you can mix and match so many parts from so many manufacturers like RM and Mia

Scoot TCP magic you name it there’s so many aesthetic options for your exterior that you can really customize your car and transform it into something completely different so many conversions that you know keep coming I mean if you remember from earlier this year Liberty Walk unveiled that kind of 935 Porsche

Inspired race car look as they do get valuable you see a lot more people kind of returning to the stock look is a perfect example of a black FD on some BBs rs’s simple to the point it’s my son gaio hello are you enjoying all the arx-7s yeah well we’ll find out

Which one is your favorite later okay and uh another cool one is the spirit r is of course is a last hooray for the FD in 2002 when the car went out of production alongside cars like the R34 GTR and this particular car is actually sitting

On nks that kind of webbed design the nt03 double r’s some of my favorite Wheels because these were the wheels or at least the previous version of these wheels were used at the Nurburgring Nissan used to run them on the R34 prototype car in like 90s late 97 early

98 the first spy shots of the 34 that came out the car was running though so a bit of a Nostalgia kind of point for you guys and of course Styles change you know a lot of people have different image of what an RX7 an FD can or should look like a

Lot of people like to go for like a sporty setup that’s you know usable for the mountains some people like to go for style and you know this is a one that’s been slammed it’s got a little bit of onikan the devil camber well actually it’s not really double it’s just a

Little bit of camber really thick something different and it’s parked next to this immaculate stage at 260 RS so this is the ultec version of the Stasia and as the wheels kind of give it away it runs the rb26 these of course are not the stock wheels

Obviously the owner wanted to kind of emphasize the GTR running gear by running our 34 original BBS rims and up here on the corner which I saw arrive earlier on when I was beginning to shoot some some pictures for my up and coming speed hunter story

An FC Cabriolet on some old AVS Wheels I have a soft spot for the FC I’ve always loved these I always kind of appreciated how it was basically the Japanese interpretation of the Porsche 924 944 and I particularly like the the convertibles because they’re so rare you just don’t see them

You know around that much and you know cars keep coming so always cool to see convertibles let’s take a look inside that’s where the roof stores definitely modern seats but beautifully kept immaculate RX7 Cabriolet parking only very specific as the meeting kind of materializes you get all these subgroups

Parking together people bring their camping chairs and you know make a a nice evening slash night out of it because after we’re done here at daikoku parking area we’re all moving to umiotaru which is in the middle of the aqua line in the middle of Tokyo bay my

Good friend Larry Chen who’s over here with his family for a holiday is going to be dropping by so we’ll definitely say hello to him and check out his 34 but before we’ll just keep walking and this guys is what I would consider the perfect example of an FC simple

To the point no Arrow tiny 16 inch wheels and chunky rubber again proof that simple is always best but then again that is my preference of course the Day brings out a variety of cars there’s some crazy stuff from Liberty walk here z33 wide body let me just emphasize one

Thing I mean seventh day you know by by the name kind of emphasizes the fact that it’s a celebration of all things RX7 but that kind of means it brings in all the Mazda family and you’ll see a lot of roadsters a lot of units Roasters including some other

Very different and very special cars and one that I’ve shot previously at another seventh day a couple years back is this Mazda luche this is again something extremely rare it’s a four-door sedan it’s from 1990 and there’s a little hint that this is indeed powered by a rotary

So it runs a 13B it runs the same engine as the f c uh the zenki Edition and what the owner has done with this particular car aside from adding very period correct SSR mesh Wheels is he’s done a manual swap so he’s grabbed a five-speed manual from an FC dropped

It into the car and he’s got himself one of the rarest Mazdas around and I was saying it’s not only rx7s it’s also RX-8 and what a rare thing to be seeing a completely stock RX-8 with stock rims I have vivid memories of shooting the original Fortune bellside FD back in the day

Before Fast and Furious three was even being filmed I actually did the catalog shoot for this car along with a few other wide body Creations that yokomaku put together back in the day and there’s another one coming and it’s one that my friend recently picked up so we’ll definitely have to oh

The right sounds so yeah as I was saying a friend of mine recently just picked up an exact same color the outside Fortune RX7 so we’ll we’ll talk to him when he gets here Very confident in the attack here clear All right Foreign so you really do get a lot of people bringing their cars out for this event from all over Japan and at the same time today there was a bunch of celebrations uh at both scuba and a bunch of other trucks Mimi mobara as well unfortunately

I couldn’t make it out due to work but uh when you have this at your doorstep you can’t complain Okay we just spotted this this is the most ingenious air conditioning system I’ve seen literally some flexible piping from the hardware store some Vice clips and just blows air right into your face I need that in my Porsche can’t possibly walk past a dc2 without giving it a few seconds

Look at this white body FC wow talk about period correct Wheels there FD on Amy’s there’s a lonely red FD here can’t quite make out the bumper it’s going to really clean lower section some canards work emotions and a GT wing and again a bumper I’m hoping you guys can

Identify more people arriving car shop blow our magic cars and the flow ffds just gets better and better there’s another sa-22 I wanted to look at beautiful red example look at this thing wow on some panosport g7s with the blue centers slightly open hood for that look beautiful paint stunning car

Kind of period current early 90s FD over there yeah I gotta love the Oz one FD that is so 1991 it hurts love it and look at that background if this doesn’t shut out Japan daikoku parking area I don’t know what does like I was mentioning before people like to

Bring their camping chairs and sit out the back of the cars the other Fortune RX7 all right it’s getting slightly darker and this is when my phone is going to struggle but I’ll try and run you through most of the cars that are here before we head to

Umiotaru for part two of seventh day bye bye to the 260 RS a couple of hachirokos here Evo 10. Watanabe is on an FC What do you guys think absolute perfection again got the Aero mirrors I think these are pan speeds clean clean clean and my favorite ever logo the infinity on the back there another FD on t37s oh so much good this guy always comes out every year and he always displays

Rotor housing with a rotor inside right in the front kind of emphasizes what these cars are all about and what they’re famous for and how massively simple the engine is great thing I really do hope Mazda finds a way to bring these engines these Wankel engines back into you know production somehow

I know there was a prototype running around testing with a bigger capacity uh version of the 13B but emissions and fuel consumption just are not going to cut it in today’s market so we shall see Thank you I think there’s some makeshift mechanic stuff happening here this really nice FD c28 ends nice daytime running lights so this is Marco this is the guy I was telling you about what’s your handle on Instagram uh well if you want it for the new company it’s Tokyo Xtreme drive and your

Personal life okay so he picked up so that’s that’s not that one yeah oh is it a meat yeah but Nagoya on the back though probably yeah so this is this is it and the question is when are we driving it whatever you’re free that’s what I said I’m free tonight

Any day dude oh you got nitrous in there it’s not real but I got it it came with it oh there’s some serious Fast and Furious Vibes here you got the button as well yeah and then when you close the switch gets back yeah we’ll definitely need to

Take a ride in this car but not just for the you know fun of riding in a car like this or driving it but because he’s working with something special which we’ll talk about then but for the time being let’s take a look at the engine nothing too special it’s just a general

Piping kit spice up response a bit ready intercooler ant nice I guess we’ll be taking a closer look at this car it’s coming up yeah coming up soon separate we’ll dedicate an episode to it obviously you know today we’re just enjoying the look okay I was really

Really waiting for this this was at the Tokyo underground meeting this is literally the meanest FD there is out in Tokyo right now it’s like so well built like so many details and you can’t really tell because the paint is black so the cool thing about this car like I

Was saying are the details very well built beautiful interior and the cool thing is it’s actually running Hydro so it’s a hydraulic suspension system which you really don’t see on cars of you know sports cars basically and we’ll take a look you can see in the back here all the hydro

And the black on black on black theme really works especially with that tan interior and for a contrast look at that interior all suede all reupholstered and you got the hydro system right there in the back night time has descended and the atmosphere is totally different

The parking air is really filled out now cars keep uh you know arriving and leaving so there’s a nice exchange of cars happening and it’s not only just rotaries there’s a bunch of stuff dropping by and this is one of my favorite fds this is takumis wide body pan speed FD

It’s already been featured on speed Hunters and I definitely have to do a video with him because it’s such a crazy build it’s so well executed it’s pretty much like a pan speed time attack car but for the street and it’s just fitted this gigantic Super GT wing which is just

Unbelievably massive sort of illegal because you’re not supposed to extend the wing outside the car’s Dimension so hopefully he doesn’t get any problems with the police I just spotted Larry just pulled in with his 34. he’s managed to find dude you’re fine just leave it here nobody’s gonna say anything yeah

You got the pika pika Ferrari challenge it’s got speed Hunters speed Hunters tire wall and lose good man we have a speed Hunters fan at daikoku why does it sit so high and of course the roof falls on the back seat oh look at this it’s 30.

So uh Larry just got here so we’re gonna try and do a quick loop around before everybody leaves so you get to see the good stuff okay it turns out guyo my son has gotten a driving seat here I think we finally found it’s a crazy black FD

Look at the hydraulics in the back yeah it’s crazy Gaia do you like it yeah you want to get it get working dude And as you guys can see it’s time to leave because the police have made the announcement and yeah but that’s fine we have another spot to go to the fun will resume so the main complaint is that people are parking on the Ogata spots for the trucks the big spots so they’re not

Liking that so they’re getting people to to move my friend Aki has just placed his uh 33 right there in the middle so you’ll have to make a quick move Okay so fast forward about 20 minutes and we’re at Umi hotaru parking area in the middle of the alkaline

The meeting has re-materialized at this awesome place and thank God we have lights uh it’s Larry’s car next to the a-spec bumper look at this bumper dude they shut it down already no they didn’t what do you mean Oh you mean daikoku they shut this did they yeah

Yeah and everybody’s going to arrival apparently no I didn’t hear I just got here now well but but the whole Gathering outside is that why there’s a police car out there what are you gonna do I’m just drooling over this Mazda speed a spec bumper it’s really rare yeah it’s super rare

This was an uh Initial D yeah God this is so clean okay so apparently as Larry just said uh this might be actually getting closed down so I’ll do a very fast face slop here yeah it’s turned into quite the meeting tonight it’s a bit of everything so this is a stingray

That we just saw daikoku And the flat nose 9 30. next to this beautiful essay 22 and what the knob is oh wow look at this fd2 on ce28 stunning s30 and if I’m not mistaken I’ve just seen a KTM here oh it’s a crossbow man I haven’t seen a KTM crossbow since I actually got to

Drive one with the Tokyo Supercar Rental Guys years back look how clean this FC is don’t work vs beautiful paint just sits so nice our 30 Skyline on new Watanabe Wheels Michelin tires everybody’s going for Michelin these days right let’s go see the rest of the stuff downstairs before everybody leaves

Cool Starlet or Mirage or other it’s not a Bayside blue but a euro skitted er34 nice Evo 6 on c28s look at the condition on this 180 it’s crazy so clean period correct 90s Wheels tail lights have been changed with one of those overly transparent modern ones ER 34. 33

Suzuki Swift man we got everything here even a gallant Mitsubishi VR4 there you go Larry a bit of Z action for you left hand drive so supposedly the the outside portion of the event has been closed down but there’s still cars coming in pretty constantly yeah I’m not really sure

What happened it was supposed to be like it was this big pre-organized Gathering together with the sevens days meeting that was supposed to happen out here and it’s been planned for months and then as soon as they got here they got kicked out so obviously they didn’t arrange it so there’s no

There’s no cars left only three FC’s very nice FCS of course Super cool one I guess the last few rx7s are leaving now It’s been a amazing day amazing night so many cool cars yeah there’s three cars left what do we do I know it’s crazy I wrap this episode up right here while we have three FCS left

A lot of cars have been uh you know kicked out so a lot of people ended up moving to a daiba I don’t think we’re gonna follow all the way there you know I really hope you enjoyed the Seventh Day celebration it’s been amazing as ever and you know really good to see

Such a big turnout after the covid years obviously people really wanted to get out and have a bit of fun and bring all these crazy rotaries together and and more I mean there are so many cars today tonight uh other than Mazda so yeah an amazing Gathering to kind of you know

Emphasize just on how incredibly cool Japanese car culture is so uh check back soon for more and bye bye Larry Hello Bro