Dino DC: Japan’s Craziest Race Cars | Tsukuba Attack

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Posted: 2023-02-26 06:51:33
Author: Dino DC
Tsukuba Time Attack is Japan’s biggest and craziest circuit event – held every year, it hosts some of the most wild cars, in open classes with little to no rules. This year was a big one, as the 10 year anniversary of the event. Just a few months ago, Yoshiki ‘Fire’ Ando broke the 50-second barrier at Tsukuba in his Escort EVO, so stakes where high coming into this years Attack!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Hey welcome to the channel today is uh very cold very bright and early Saturday morning I’m just off to scuba circuit for attack which is a very famous and the most long-running time attack series here in Japan they’re celebrating 10 years anniversary today so we’re gonna

Jump in the car head down to the scuba and check out how many cars are going to be there and if any records are going to be broken so let’s jump in the car and head out Foreign So this over here is where you’ll find a lot of Manufacturers like HKS coming to bring their cars along with tanikuchi as a driver this is both time attack and development for them is a way for them to kind of test the products that they’ve been developing over the years

Taniguchi is also driving the g-force gr Yaris which was lapping in about 57 seconds last year so it’ll be nice to see what kind of speed they can get this year as we go further down we have the midnight 991 233 it’s crazy ass raw weld

Build that we saw last year and the year before I think I already did a spotlight on speed Hunters with this really nice to see the K car lined up in the interesting side of the bits and here we have the check shop this is the Cayman Motorsport ready to kind of race

Uh race package car and of course the car everybody’s talking about the escort Evo which manages a 49 seconds last time last time So the surprising thing about this year’s event is that it seems to be even bigger than last year when they had like just 100 cars entered for the event and in fact it’s so big that they’ve had to to spread out into like where usually uh

Is the parking area for people to come to watch events there’s a nice E46 here that’s been uh semi built by someday in Tokyo and it’s together with a bunch of other BMWs do another E46 white body and then this curious wide body creation here nice on the Z four

I’m not sure what to say about this one interesting looking though pretty cool FD over here Big single another FD over here a couple of evos These guys are still prepping cleaning up the rubber Cleaning up the gunk that kind of attaches itself to the inside of the tread getting it ready for the next outing pretty cool R34 here from reverse engineering nothing too crazy low Mount twins HKS turbos looks like the new GT yeah it’s a new gt3s um so it’s it’s all geared towards response

At these events obviously the only cause of real big Power are the ones that have the arrow to kind of match it another cool S15 so I was saying we’ll see how the the cars get crazier and crazy with the arrow kind of like this And this uh FD here from CF lab so I mean it’s pretty much race car all the way with this open class it’s called the Ariel sticker big big hello to Suzuki Sun up in Fukushima if you remember Suzuki is the guy that took Larry drifting with his McLaren X GT car as

Well as the 360 Ferrari so cool stuff let’s go back into the pits here and check out the rest of the action Whatever Come on take our class here started with the s660 intercooler sticking out the back foreign foreign [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] foreign Foreign tonight Oh we have more cake guys here look at this thing oh my God that’s so clean about attention to detail that’s phenomenal oops Off it’s like the k-car scene is exploding here today so we have a bit of peace and quiet because somebody dropped a lot of oil there so while that’s happening we have a good chance to kind of look at the back of the pits so the event this year

Stretches all the way out here so we’re basically next to the download corner here on the ground stands and there’s a few K cars like these acinos people fixing them up before the next session and I spy a little Supra here worth racing project TRD food pretty clean sick looking Mrs

Carbon white body looks like a GT GT car almost and an Alpine A110 that’s crazy you never really see these cars that um Scuba carbon roof carbon deck lid obviously been a modified Foreign GTRs coming up it’s a nice 32 here fully stripped so it’s a pro spec complete engine Prospect is a reseller from Osaka but they also have a shop in Northern Tokyo sick blue 35 got a steering wheel on this wow English monoblocks a couple of s chassis here

And the cake cars we were looking at earlier on they’re currently getting warmed up we finally got a little quiet time to take a look at the escort Evo in a bit more detail So here it is Billet block probably running close to three bars if not more and now the world record holder at scuba here with a 49 second lap which was recorded late last year of course the carbon fiber brakes interestingly enough there are four pieces four piece carbon rotors actually eight Arrow

Basically the the middle fin here connects up to the wing and the wing itself connects up to the diffuser and then the flooring substantial a ton of Billet pieces for the rear suspension While this event is pretty much nothing to do with drifting it’s always nice to see fresh new drift cars like the Kazama Auto new genis which is powered by a 3.6 liter 2J gigantic Turbo the Garrett GTX I’ll have to ask us Amazon but I think it’s in the region of 1200 horsepower

Six shape and it’s uh pretty much following on the rcfs that team Kazama had at community for uh for a few years now yeah fastest FF 55.1 and strangely enough Autobahn seemed to have dropped the sawer the carbon soarer uh with the 2J and who’s gone for this new r33 GTR fully built

And it’s sitting next to the app mix R32 another car that we’ve seen here for years evolving and growing year on year So it’s afternoon now and I’ve gotten most of my photography done but there was one specific thing I really wanted to talk about more and obviously show you guys um and it’s this little group of Suzuki chimneys on the far corner of the paddock I mean Jimny is a very popular

In Japan but what I’ve never seen is chimneys built for grip racing so every little chimney here it’s been slammed down on like proper race tires uh look at this one here on R32 GTR Wheels running and zero 52s slightly bigger uh top mounted turbos the cool thing

About these cars is just watching them on track they’re hilarious uh solid solid axles running back so basically when they come out of the corner the the inside wheel uh lifts up pictures of hilarious so all these cars are built by Rainbow Auto which is a Chimney Specialist out of Chiba and as

You can see even the latest generation one has been slammed on some rays and is running uh Yokohama new overs not much tuning on this one because again it’s brand new so hard piping kit see a Grady blow off valve there some recirculation stuff happening here this looks like the company’s demo car

And again looks pretty highly tuned it’s got aftermarket coils slightly bigger hot mounted turbocharger old school incredible Tire warmers of course you know this is basically older Generations are represented here nicely this one is going for a G wagon type look the grill and the intercooler hiding behind it

So I’ve been covering uh the car culture here in Japan for about 20 years and I really thought I had seen everything but you know totally what Japan does to you it kind of surprises you when you least expect it and I really did not expect to see

Suzuki chimneys built for the track it’s absolutely amazing and again one of the many ways that people have fun in Japan when it comes to cars so I really hope you enjoyed the coverage today I apologize for the sound I have to definitely get an external microphone

For these type of events it’s really loud but I think I’ll just end the coverage here I hope you enjoyed it and uh if you feel you have comments feedback just let me know Below in the comments until next time Foreign