Dino DC: Japan’s Craziest Hidden Car Meet!

Posted: 2023-06-14 10:54:21
Author: Dino DC
The monthly Okutama Sunday cars and coffee, is by far one of the countries most underrated and best regular gatherings! Everything from Bosozoku, classic Porsches, GTR’s, Hakosuka’s, Silvia’s, AE86’s and more!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign These early mornings are killers but today for this episode we are actually going to be checking out a really cool kyusha Gathering just up the road in ome still driving the nsxr so I can’t complain we just had a really nice drive up here on the on the Hills basically

This event is a monthly kind of gathering sort of a Cars and Coffee starts materializing at 6am it’s just past seven now so it should be in full bloom as we get there it’ll basically be a nice collection of older Japanese cars there’s always a great variety so you

Really never know what you’re gonna see you can easily be surprised at Gatherings like this so uh I’m just gonna get a quick breakfast before we head out and then we jump back in the nsxr and drive to the venue thank you foreign And here we are arrived at the car park and it’s absolutely insane I can’t even describe the turnout today it’s not even only old cars it’s a mix of everything like I just parked next to this Datsun Fair Lady with a red top and check out this uh 1806 Impreza or Excel I mean honestly I was gonna say before or at least I did say before it’s gonna be a bunch of variety but I never expected anything like this today look even a sub just came inside now sick 86 from one of the bases

All right I think we’re just gonna start walking it and just uh Take It All In foreign Foreign It’s almost like being in a time machine I mean check these two Sylvia’s out oh my God this is like the homologation special or ex rally car by the looks of it um Nissan 240rs this definitely has been used in Riley before it’s got the all the computer the onboard analog

Computers the map thing and there’s a regular Sylvia here and then the very first Sylvia which I can’t even imagine what this car must be worth now they didn’t make too many of these I mean I’ve only ever seen these at like you know museums I’m rarely at like moonrise events

So this is the csp311 Sylvia beautiful beautiful car old Skyline Ton of bikes every type look at this guy with this two-stroke Suzuki Amazing So if you recall we actually saw this group of guys that the moon eyes event last weekend this is a nice possible Celica it’s so good eh saitama works and the selection here just keeps impressing I mean guys please take a look at this stunning hakoska four-door right behind it I can marry

And look at the venue right let’s keep walking little Honda beat another bossesoku Celica the paints on this this is where over fenders came from guys and slightly more sedate one slightly more uh tucked in fenders and there’s a few cars like spilling out into the road here we’ll go take a look

Super sick got some truck um Yoshi racing wheels beautiful restoration nice color too and then oh what So right in front of this uh Renault twingo is my favorite cake car of all times Mazda AZ one of course this is the one with the ball Wing doors my dream is to get one of these and do like a 13B swap something that REM and

Me already did back in the day check out the sick pairing of z31z with a first generation x Siege on the background beautiful Mazda rx3 on brand new button on the wheels and this is quite a cool coincidence this is Alec here he’s a guy that does

B-roll and edits all the videos you guys see he’s just launched his latest Photography book and on the cover is really cool 86 which today happens to be at the meet Wow what a setup what a restoration this is oh I got a point out this louvered cover on the back let’s talk and of course this is a US import it’s a Dustin 240 not a fair lady Z and there’s another one across here with the engine on display we are carburetors

And it has the l-series Turbo cam cover for some reason something different an eclipse the interior Recaro seats super clean Dash as people kind of conserve these cars they actually tend to get way better and better as you know people Fork out money and and keep adding cooler and newer parts

To the cars and they turn out better than when they rolled off the production what am I looking at here this is a Nissan Stasia that’s been given a hakaska front end swap this is ridiculously weird and different I mean you know you’ve seen our 34 swaps

Our 35 swaps uh you know for the face on stages but hakoska front and rear how about a konic special look at this guys on Vintage BBS wheels even got the old school Pirelli Pizzeria symmetrico big fender flares and that crazy trunk spoiler and of course put a Testarossa in there

And if you look inside can you make that out it’s got Louis Vuitton quad interior too cool all right we’re gonna find the owner of this car and actually do a proper story on it this is too amazing nice pairing here nice lotus uh at least 220 and next

To it a Jensen Healy and it’s this uh s660 pulls in you may have noticed there’s another Nissan EXO like two x’s of the same need it’s on three spoke bulk Wheels and of course that bizarre rent so uh Nissan Pulsar NX is what this is called

I guess it’s possibly a later generation one on the EXA so Nissan Pyle a takayoka single seater old school Skyline I don’t know this meat is turning into more of a museum it’s like somebody emptied out a car museum and just brought everything here I kind of mixed it up some Infiniti q45s

And so many bikes speaking of bikes just to kind of highlight how much people spend on their vehicles here in Japan you know two wheels or four wheels look at this little thing here it’s got literally every possible accessory on there a little all cooler down there show a Forks brakes

Sears dampers coilovers is a monkey on crack Thank you All right we love Mark twos this proves that you don’t need to do anything to these cars just drop them down slightly on a nice choice of old-school Wheels like this Focus racing Adventures little tiny steering wheel you could have your shift knob and a Dash cover

And you’re good to go and behind it check out the store simple oh what an interior look at that this car park has a a really nice shower feel to the little shops they have lined up here old fridges with an assortment of ice creams only 170 yen they even have Wasabi gelato

For 350 yen so it’s basically like a really cool place to even bring your family obviously I didn’t bring my kids this morning because we had to leave it like you know before six it’s a nice little Lotus Europa here in watanabase these wheels are Perfection for this car [Applause]

It’s a nice Carina here with a highly tuned foray and look at this beautiful 2.7 911. stripped out interior roll cage so this is a car that’s built for driving obviously nice little sightings this 147 Alfa Romeo Ducati course is special this is a limited edition collab they did back in the day

Sort of faded it’s a really bizarre shade of red it’s 32 GTR coming in is The curb oh go check this one out it has the the fender blades that run along the the trunk and also back here 80s aerodynamic package in full effect it’s even got a transparent spoiler and you thought the Corvette zero one did it first nope Nissan did it with the skyline this is a real akoska that is the unmistakable sound of the s20 so next to the fair lady 2000 is this beautiful aw11

Mark II so this is the supercharger version and this is kind of materialized inside left this corner of the car park how many skylines how many huckles have showed up look at this check this out on Sparkle Wheels next to another t-37 t27 or other Riley Speck with the CBA projectors

Variety variety variety there’s even an Isuzu here this is an Isuzu ballet very very rare car this is a sport was an Italian design sports coupe that was made in the late 60s to kind of compete against the you know emerging sports car market that was

Happening here in Japan and to even kind of fight off the Imports that were coming into Japan at the time spotted this MV Augusta F4 and it’s actually sitting next to a Stone it’s really funny because uh in Japan they pronounce motoguti as motoguchi which sounds really weird in Japanese

There’s another Lotus Europa leaving the meat so uh yeah this meeting pretty much happens between six and ten so I think we have a little bit more time before everybody starts making their way out even a charger showed up Big Boy charger oh man took a good timing Shelby Cobra GT350

Shelby GT350 in Japan guys this is insane it’s the real deal Cobra heads okay so the owner of the four-door hako has kindly opened the engine here l28 and this other four door far more extreme even has a side exhaust look how low that sits to the ground lots of lip trunk spoiler

Train handles of course so this pairing looks like it’s ready to hit the truck look at this this is color coordination Galore so L series on Mikuni carbs pretty nicely cleaned up engine bay nipped and tucked so if you’re wanting to see what’s inside one of these bossesoku cars Hydro racer bucket seat

Gotta have the velor on the dash this reminds me of a shelf that’s something out of a cemetery isn’t it a t27 rally cars ready to take off how did I not see this Datsun 1600 oh my God this is so clean so I just noticed another slightly rare car

This is a dualis it’s the station wagon version of the uh Mark II but there’s one thing um I sort of kept for last because it’s comical and so Japanese The little K truck over here so this one here this is the uh hachiroku coffee truck from nanzo coffee he’s dropped a a86 to the top of the Subaru okay truck and out the back he usually sells coffee obviously the shop is closed today oh my gosh check out this Integra on

Oz for tourists old school ones not bad but check this out this is a Fiat x19 designed by Bertone I used to love this car as a kid it was literally one of the few sports cars that you would see a lot of in Italy as

I was growing up a beautiful car still is today very compact has that kind of Bertone feel about it very angular and of course pop-out lights and they even had an Alberto version of this car with the with the snorkel that would feed the mid-mounted four-cylinder

I think it was a 1.3 I forget now sitting next to a v-spec 2 R32 GTR sitting on g7s period correct all the way well the GTR coming through so we’re actually quite close to one of the military bases so there’s a lot of uh coming in and out This is an E63 Carina with a 4AGE that’s been dropped down so low like if you look the subframe is literally like three centimeters from the from the ground really clean car has all the lace on the seats there’s a bride is that a one bucket

Old school all the way you can see we were looking up before with a crazy exhaust it’s actually a 432 so it has the s20 from a Skyline GTR and it really looks like this was a race car at some point painted over fenders stripped out interior

It’s really strange because I’m used to seeing all the 432s the Anderson restores and they’re always super clean but to see one in this kind of race ready condition obviously used and abused it’s actually quite quite nice to see okay I just spotted something really cool again something you usually only

See in museums um so this is actually a Skyline but it’s still when Nissan uh wasn’t fully merged with Prince so it was the prince Skyline not quite sure where there’s a Nissan logo there but here’s that Skyline logo and the interior and this is how you

Keep cool when you have no aircons so the prince Skyline so if you uh compare the green one to the white one in front you’ll notice that the white one is actually being slightly roof chopped I noticed because it it kind of it kind of had a really weird wide

Stance and I couldn’t really put my finger on it until I compared it to the one behind it’s really crazy Foreign