Dino DC: Japan’s Cleanest Cars – WEKFEST JAPAN 2023

Japan's Cleanest Cars - WEKFEST JAPAN 2023

Posted: 2023-05-03 17:18:42
Author: Dino DC
Wekfest, held every year, brings all of Japan’s cleanest cars all to the one hall, for one day only. This year the show was held at the new Nagoya Port Messe Exhibition center, with over 500 cars from across the country. Everything from built Porches, Civics, to AE86’s and Silvia’s, variety is never short at Wekfest.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] so today is actually May 3rd and it is the official beginning of golden week people get three days off here Wednesday Thursday Friday they usually add you know May 1st and 2nd is just complete the whole week so it’s the main reason I decided to go with the shinkansen because

The highways are so blocked up with traffic I really don’t want to get involved in any of that and the shinkansen is always the most efficient way to travel in Japan how about expensive but it’ll get us in and out quick [Applause] [Applause] There we go let’s hope we can make it in Thank you well here’s a nice uh nice view of Nagoya station again nagoy is a massive City and one I plan to visit in the coming months we’ve got to do a couple of shop tours here and there’s so much stuff here starting Liberty Walk and um

Daddy model works and a bunch of other shops that we’re going to be seeing cars of the show today so Funny enough tuna is actually called the chicken of the sea What about breakfast Italian coffee the chicken of the sea and the chicken of the grass I don’t know [Applause] thank you foreign So I got here at the venue and it’s the brand new Exhibition Center that they built next to the old spherical one that we’ve been doing events at for so many years it’s a bit sad that they close that building up but this new one looks gigantic and hopefully it’s super cool

Inside too let’s check it out Thank you Foreign I have no idea where to start because everywhere you point your camera is just perfection everything you look at is just sick new fresh like this z33 with the rz34 rear lights and front lights grafted in place there’s a cool Volkswagen line up here with a couple of bugs at the beginning

And then hey we made it in it’s Kaizo tallest guy here Celica GT4 with fun rally spec lights oh my God look at this S14 here what looks like a custom wide body that is beautiful and Hachi Magic engineered to slide sticker Nigel will be happy to see that Sweet Lemon

And here we have the daddy Motor Works Grier is powered 11 that we shot and featured a few episodes back all right trying to do this in some form of order starting from the very top corner of the show where I work Wheels have their booth and right next to SS active

So it’s cool to see that these guys are collaborating on these wide body complete cars the selection is as very mixed as possible I remember seeing this wide body GT last year one thing I really like at breakfast is that you know people keep pushing to get these engine Bays like so perfect

Like the the shaving and the tucking goes Um pretty hardcore here and it’s been getting better and better every year and I just love seeing that people are taking more and more care Avengers it’s always something I struggled with in Japan uh you know shooting shooting cars for magazines back in the day like you know 20 years ago now

And having to deal with you know people opening their hoods and just reviewing this mess of oily dust and crap so to see stuff like this really really makes it even more special for me nice exhaust system on this 33. some rotaries here looking oh my God I haven’t seen a

Looking car in ages I wonder if this is their old red demo car 13B and miyoshi always have the coolest rotaries at workfest and this year they’re not joking around either more rotaries here again collaborations with Liberty Walk and miyoshi on this wide body FD I actually shot this car earlier this

Year after Tokyo restaurant if it was the same cardiac I’m actually have made another one CRX Civic more rotary awesomeness how the hell did I walk past this this is the Coca-Cola themed one and it’s not just looks it’s got engine to to back it up so uh

Miyoshi is definitely a Sharpay I want to visit and spend some time at for the channel because they are not only like old school rotary Masters but they’ve also embraced the whole aesthetic thing of you know creating sort of race car replicas with with tuner cars a lot of the old

School shops really kind of not follow that Trend so much they kind of resent it because it’s kind of going against the old school way I suppose but these guys are just embracing it and killing it absolutely killing it every year they have cool cars and they just create amazing collaborations

I was saying the variety is as mixed as it gets and I’m not joking for the old school mugans the paint matched covers there is Madeline they’ve got two cars a 360. and this 964 Carrera 2. we’ll have to take a look at the engine because it’s pretty phenomenal Okay so we’ve asked

To see the engine and it’s a bit of a work of art if I buy stock Inlet manifold and six velocity snacks to kind of clean it up of course the car sits on their suspension to get that stance and there’s the controller inside an interesting take on white bodies

So much stuff already out for this new generation of hachirokuda it’s always interesting to see something fresh and this is definitely quite interesting very angular it fits in the t-37 piece perfectly tactical art always have some of the coolest eks and always great to see that They removed the bonnets

For us to enjoy the engine base but this this is really something special I had a comment from somebody when we posted the Civic meeting from daikoku saying there was no Del Sol well here’s an amazing example of one look at the headers on this thing on work rs’s

It’s probably a few Germans back here this is 993 on t-37s and Sport Tech brakes is got nothing to do with stance this is functional as it comes obviously a well-used track car as is this Advanced E46 that we actually saw daikoku the other night and this E46 is absolutely thick on t-37s

Endless Mona blocks okay so we’re moving on to another the other half of the show pretty much and let’s start with the NSX here there’ll be a lot of NSX content this month on the channel especially because I’m actually driving an na1 and nsxr for the rest of this month and you’ll be

Seeing a lot of that it’s T-top is quite cool too I mean we’ve been seeing an insane amount of sick BMWs here and let me just get a quick look at this E30 it’s a super silica and yellow with Ferrari logos on the center cups really stunning and it’s got the rear

Hatch conversion a little hint to a little hint of bossesoku style and of course this other E30 oh this uh this guy’s got a S2000 engine and oh your girlfriend [Laughter] and moon Tech always brings the heat when it comes to like slamming sports cars and even supercars this year 11 McLaren

And the sick and two running the CSF charge cooler kit and titanium piping look at that it’s pretty amazing it’s really cool to see the old and new flat nose conversion on more and more cars every year somebody makes one but this has to be one of the best executions I’ve seen

So Moon Tech actually built that really crazy E36 with the ls swap which is not here this year I think but this car kind of follows that theme with the deep green exterior and the orange interior super clean E30 next to the 488 that was at Tokyo earlier this year and

Check this 34 out so of course this is a E34 gtt base transformed by Moon Tech again they love their green Exteriors I have to say that works quite well p-46 and to finish it up an r33 GTR oh konnichiwa daddy Motor Works [Laughter] and again tan interior

Yeah I think moontech really stands out for creating these kind of like slightly more high-end luxurious looking cars um they really take the interior stuff very seriously and they do it so well and they complete a very unique type of look it’s a sweet sweet beet on little BBS rims actually remember

Seeing this last year God I love these little K cars proper effort put it on the interior and check out that Gathers gathers head unit gathers is I believe was JVC collaboration that Honda did so as part of the dealer options in Japan through the Honda Clio dealerships

And also the Verno you could get the gathers JVC head unit I remember because when we first moved to Japan my dad had a Honda Accord with the gatherers CD player which was an insane thing to get back back in the day and speaking of little cool Honda beats this is one that

I actually shot for haltech last year um it actually runs a haltek elite 550 and I love delivery it’s like based after the golf coloring sits on t-37s and he’s exposed the engine which has been rebuilt this is BMW station wagon Perfection and it’s part of the re the railwell Republic proof rwr

Based out in hachioji Tokyo w126 500L Mercedes again from rwb Republic and you could have got to ask yourself why isn’t Mercedes doing a station wagon version of the new s-classes this is so sick it’s massive this is true like a van black Limited not only is it a rare car but

Modify the right way Hydro look at the headers on this thing this is one of my favorite golfs the R32 I have fond memories of driving this in University a friend of mine had it engine sounds like no other six cylinder it’s not it’s not a straight six or it’s

Not a V6 something in between right so it has a really offset kind of beat to it this generation of Cedric especially sitting on Seeker work secret Wheels it just looks so good with the perilous doors even in the back just creates this massive gaping opening

You see the plush velor interior I have to say these cars just hit so hard they just Nissan whatever you’re doing is not working this is what you’ve got to go back and and start doing so cool to see a bit of a VIP action here with this cells here check out the

Listed fenders front and back of course all done in metal starts off on the door beautifully integrated and black on black what a Toyota combo here Mark II Grande from mid mid 80s to uh super Celica on these super sick work Wheels it’s not every day that you come to a

Stanced tuning show and you see a four hundred thousand dollar Bentley slammed oh massive wheels and it’s the W12 version too so it’s the top of the line probably half a million dollars worth of car here foreign Foreign of every flavor but this pandem heated one from yanagimoto really stopped me on my tracks sitting on work Wheels Meister CRS tons and tons of dish would love to see what’s under the hood and here I was thinking that this e92 was just a regular e92 with some nice interior touches but

Coming up front the 4 liter V8 has been given a nice set of velocity Stacks can you imagine what this engine might sound like at Full Throttle who’s E4 and everything but I’m not really sure about this little stool if if you’re wondering what that is that’s the Japanese stool for washing

Your undercarriage in the shower so he’s actually paint matched that to the car hilarious six uh sw20 on the Rays G7 period threats tough is the best let’s do a quick walk around it really deserves it and you know it’s just so cool to see these older cars

You know given this much attention and just you know it’s basically conserving history because you’re looking after something that is you know an important part of a manufacturer’s history and you know there’s people that do it the simple way there’s people that are doing a slightly more complex way

You know it’s it’s there for every type of taste and for every type of car guy and the best thing is is that people are taking the time and the effort and the investment to keep these amazing cars on the street in their own very unique styles

And God there is so much variety of styles here today I’m literally like pointing the camera around without any order or logic because everything is just so so good okay I’m gonna start this cool lineup I just found starting with this MX-5 based Stingray conversion which was offered by mitsuoka here in Japan

Across to this s13 with a t-37 and this amazing Pulsar Sunny gtir with a custom wide body significantly wider and it really emphasizes the short wheelbase of the car and I remember shooting this last year I remember those outward facing exhaust tips and you can always expect Inazuma work to bring the

Heat when it comes to hachiroku’s at workfest and this year he showed up with this beautiful Toreno on the old school VR Volk racing wheels he’s got the kahin slide carburetors is a motorcycle carburetors beautifully built car inside and out as ever this is actually a really rare car

Because it’s not from Japan and I remember this car participating in the speed Hunters live and then I organized back in 2018 I believe so it’s an E46 so the rocket bunny kit straight from Korea with the Korean number plate next to a sick lineup of civics EK and EG ashi’s

Sick ER 34 Skyline one of the cleanest cr-34 builds looks like a GTR but it’s built for fun Street use with the occasional drift outing and it’s sitting right next to this black Limited okay a big stand up for me this here has to be this Mark to Grande I mean execution wise

It stands out because of this shaved engine bay the velocity stacks really getting a lot of one end the power of these cars in the mid 80s and stance wise on point if you look inside here you can see this rear suspension the cantilever on bags so here’s another six car RX8

On Watanabe is the engine bay is being pushed right back into the firewall it’s got Fender mirrors it’s like a mishmash of new versus old old meets new kind of thing really cool to see people push the envelope of you know what they’re creating with these cars

And speaking of Mark two Grandes I just showed you the one with the with the velocity stack this is another amazing example of one I think exterior wise I probably prefer this one because it’s got that two-tone look these cars just oh man they’re so good love the look of this Spirit r

On work meister’s it just it just goes to show that you really don’t need to go crazy when it comes to exterior like a nice drop a nice set of wheels with the right fitment and you got yourself a really sick car throwing a scoop on it

Okay I think I’ve decided to pretty much end uh the coverage here today this is just too much to to go through all I mean I tried to be as selective as possible and you know hopefully what I’ve picked is something that resonates with you know most of you guys out there

As ever please let me know in the comments what you’d like to see uh what you want to see more of less of um you know check back soon and channel for more because we got a lot of stuff coming during the month of May so hope

You enjoyed it and until next time thanks for checking in Thank you let’s go Thank you