Dino DC: Japan’s Classic Race Car Heaven

Japan's Classic Race Car Heaven

Posted: 2023-03-29 08:00:45
Author: Dino DC
Tsukuba Circuit never disappoints, even when you show up as the day wraps up. In this video we stopped by Tsukuba Circuit as the Nissan Heritage Matsuri packed up, giving us a good chance to take a closer look at some of the most amazing Fairlady Z’s, RX7’s, R31’s, Silvia’s and more!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign So here we are at scuba circuit I was just driving by and I knew there was a Nissan event happening today and it’s kind of late it’s past 4 pm so the event is obviously over but I thought I’d just pull in and check out some of the cars that are still left

Here because you never know what you get at scuba it could be a gold mine and I think today is that they so we have a lot of modern cars here let’s let’s see Sylvia’s some skylines up there and then the old stuff on this side so uh basically this the Nissan Matsuri

Is a big celebration of all things Nissan it must have been like a pretty big day judging by the amount of cars that are still here at 4pm but uh yeah let’s take a quick look through the pattern before everybody leaves just to see what’s here

And if we can find anything very special oh yeah here we go special car number one HKS R32 group a always cool to see this car last time I saw it was at Tokyo restaurant a couple of months back I never get tired of seeing cars like

This and this was driven by Mr hagiwara who is actually the head designer for Yokohama wheel so he’s the guy responsible for most Yokohama wheel designs of the last 20 years or so total Legend here I see a lot of kyusha still hanging around what on Earth is this Taco with

Wide body conversion what that is insane I’m not even sure what I’m looking at here when when old classic car meets modern design I suppose wow it’s all stripped out so this is just a race car oh my God we have an intruder what’s this Mazda rx3 doing here nns a

And a few more actually about here oh man this must have been a crazy day today oh sorry I’m going I think I’m gonna lose it here oh my God this is insane crap it looks like uh you know what’s on brought a couple of his cars we were

There a couple of weeks ago and we’ll have to find out if he actually managed to get the important one minute lap he was waiting to do with his demo car here garage 349 s30 on te37vs Weber carbs so so cool man more t37vs just suit these cars so well

More Star Road stuff here off God that’s so clean absolutely beautiful We’re on a Ken Mary over here oh wow again on glow Stars I think all these cars must be anyways customers Don’t see Canary race cars absolutely Wild Let’s take a look at the rest of the cars here I sort of lost the track when I started seeing all these cool rotary race cars my God look at this thing I swear it’s scuba when the Sun is setting is just like literally one of

The coolest places to film and shoot up a cool sunny this is the one that I didn’t get to drive last time on Star Road this is the carb version of the other red one I got to drive so maybe next time [Applause] In case you always wondered where the whole over Fender thing started it wasn’t rocket bunny it wasn’t anybody else it was actually manufacturers that when they had to convert these cars like the rx3 or you know the RX7 or even the GTR they had to fit larger and wider tires

And you know what’s the quickest and easiest solution is to cut and apply an extension so that you can run a wider track and race rubber with lighter offset so that’s sort of where it came from and it’s being evolved in so many flavors over the years and of course the hako

Came from Factory with only rear over fenders which looked a bit funny a lot of owners just added the front ones to kind of finish it up but wow I’m actually very very glad that I stopped by you just don’t get to see cars like this often absolutely unbelievable look at that And check this uh little lonely Skyline GTX so this is actually a very very rare factory color and I remember tamura-san from Nissan telling me that this was his very first car it was exactly the same GTX in the same kind of you know light blue metallic

And that’s where the passion came from seeing these cars race at Fuji and then eventually owning one car and you know fast forward a few years and you become the product development chief for the GTR brand definitely needs a bit of attention but yeah it’s crazy to see these cars and original

Paint and condition I think this has got like pulled out of a barn or something I still quite can’t believe this wide body Haku oh so it runs an Sr so there’s mystery let’s go this way a supercharger a super charge SR20 oh wow it’s got an HK supercharger back there

Wow so check this out the CR these are bike carbs so they’re slide type carburetors and he’s got a fuel rail ready to go and add the injectors so that’s a really interesting setup one I’ve never seen on any s chassis and let alone ahako um

Wow so he’s the owner and he actually built this car by himself crafting the body and the engine pretty crazy oh let’s not forget a Nissan classic the Rasheen this is a bizarre take on an SUV that Nissan created in the 90s that’s a that’s carrying your hawkwind style

Right there Cayenne GTS so the machine is a bizarre car that comes from the Golden Era of you know Japanese manufacturers Taking Chances of doing crazy stuff and uh one version of this machine was actually offered with the SR20 ve so the variable valve timing control and they get butchered up because you

Know as chassis owners want that engine bizarre looking car you still see quite a lot around in Japan most of the SR models are kind of butchered up I guess let’s take another look at the GT car so as Inuit told me before Akira got to drive this on track today

And apparently he was not hanging about yeah we gotta take a moment here to enjoyed this L’Oreal stunning again so clean this is another Star Road car so you can see their air conditioner kit nice bright seats glow star wheels and some funky stuff happening right here in the glass what is that

Interesting yeah I mean this generation Laurel is rare you see the smaller version which is called the sunny but not too much of those all right let’s uh head further down there and see if we can find some other cars it’s another s30 here being put on the loader [Applause] absolutely crazy oh it looks like there’s two more left here there we go a couple of skylines here in r31 and in our 30 Dr 30. right I’m staying here until I hear this [Laughter] oh that sounds like a real s20 that is the real deal that’s a real GTR and a very rare red I was just admiring the Simplicity of this interior got the Datsun sport steering wheel and seats black on black simple to the point an exterior

You tell me that is actual Z Perfection right there it was worth waiting I was almost contemplating I’m actually going but I these cars have to go anyway so I might as well wait Well I think that’s a good time to end this video it was a quick visit to scuba but so worth it it just shows you what you can expect to find at any given time in Japan even at the end of events when the actual main action is over so hope

You enjoyed it let me know Below in the comments if you want to see more of this stuff especially older rotaries or Nissans and uh check back soon for the next episode