Dino DC: Japans Best Toyota JZX’s Drifting at Nikko Circuit!

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-26 07:31:05
Author: Dino DC
Nikko Circuit is by far one of Japan’s most famous circuits known for drifting. Almost any day of the week you can find a drift event going down at Nikko, often open day’s for anyone to join. However, in some cases, big events such as this one – the ‘Tourer Meeting’ are one make only. In this video we checked out this years Tour Meeting and looked at the almost 100 strong line-up of Chasers, Cresta’s, Mark 2’s, Verossa’s and everything in between.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Oh My God hey welcome to a new episode we’re in Nico circus today for uh the Torah day this is going to be a really good one and it’s going to be really loud I apologize I still haven’t received the microphone it’s on its way so hopefully

This is like the last video I have to scream like crazy so you guys can hear me but we’re just gonna do a quick walkthrough of the paddock check out just how many jzx 100s we can find I think a lot so before we get in I

Think I’m gonna just check out these uh outside parking areas here at as we kind of lead into the main product there and starting off over here is a really sweet jzx 90 Mark II it’s obviously getting fixed off the tour day which means I guess any

Sedan uh you know in the Toyota group so we will be seeing a lot of the Roses Mark twos and uh Chasers and crestas at 110 here Mark II and one of my personal favorites is the Aristo as a cool example here unfortunately I think he’s

Just lost his front uh over Fender here so it looks like it has excessive poke but yeah very interesting Arrow it looks almost like a VIP take on See what else we can find Thank you even though it’s a primarily Toyota focused event it’s always nice to see cool rare cars like this this is a I think it was a special edition stagia with the Bayside blue I forget the name but it’s sitting on nice SSRS I’m not here for drifting obviously but it’s cool us

I love the V spec tuner it’s kind of overwhelming to to actually see so many jzx 100s in one place it kind of reminds me of the one Jamie that they do at Fuji Speedway like I think it’s the same time they are meeting so September so GTRs and 1j

Powered cars and Fuji pretty cool day but yeah I mean just look at this lineup Nice Brown you’re just about to enter the main pad up here so it’s gonna get really loud I’ll try and scream as much as I can so if you’ve ever been to Nico you will know that this is where you get your lunch they do stuff like fried chicken and

Yakisoba the usual race track food here in Japan and yeah it’s absolutely packed this is so sick So much to see so many different styles so many different wheels and body kits 434 Wheels you know I think about 10 15 years ago if you come to Nico and kind of a similar day where there’ll be a lot of jzxes all over the place the

Cars just wouldn’t be in this clean like people are really beginning to build a lot of money a lot of effort into cleaning up their cars super clean chaser automatic Hood closing mechanism so this is an SC300 soar 2J I mean power is obviously on the higher side the size of that blower

The Roses God I love these cars they’re fugly but they’re actually quite cool nice simple one J setup picking rare ones it’s a Mark II wagon but yeah awkward celco it looks like they’re just literally like grafted on the rear section on top of a regular Mark II Crown wagon love these

All right [Applause] again Thank you A few hardcore supported drift cars oh Z3 swords love these I think this could be one of the cars from uh install maybe I’ll have to check on T e37 SLS such a good look function all the way I think this is exactly the same car I spotlighted maybe two years ago when I last came here to Nico this uh uh is grafted on front end to this station wagon Mark II another one there’s so many wagons here today that’s crazy three in a row here Something obviously happened over here so unfortunately since I’ve actually been here last which it must have been like a couple of years now they’ve put up fences all the way around for safety which kind of makes it a little tough to shoot [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] check this out this is a 2J swapped Nissan president made by wink 21 it’s a t04z fully built motor it’s saying 700 horsepower here the metal fenders look at the side exhaust Oh man this is so on point so Nico is actually yeah kind of like inside this I guess they dog out like a hill you can still see the remains there and all these pine trees that you see that have kind of like a brownish tinge that’s the pollen they’re gonna admit

And I’m allergic to it so you can imagine what kind of day I’m having You almost took out the editor of 10. I think it just got pulled up these kind of events are great because you really get to see what people are building as drift cars and you know I think for Japan you really have to keep in mind that people are now at a very

High level of drifting capabilities are super high so that’s why you see a lot of people risking uh you know lowering the cars or doing more aggressive Aero or putting cool wheels on that you know back in the day you wouldn’t have done because your car was kind of like a

Practice thing and now now it’s changed it’s evolved people are better drifting is smoother Tire technology has improved too obviously which has kind of helped the whole sport evolve and I think I actually spotted what must be the newest car here cool looking thing it’s got BBs

Our IDs in the front and obviously Crappy wheels and burner tires on the back so he’s definitely drifting and as you can see a lot of people you know they just keep the engine stock they do the supporting mod maybe a slightly bigger turbo change the manifolds and uh fix the cooling oil cooler power steering cooler all the

Important things that will keep your car uh you know performing with some level of reliability you know it’s it’s really cool as I was saying to come to these events because you get a a real sense of what people are doing with their cars and if you’re just starting

Out in drifting you know this is what you do you come out you hang out you talk to people you see what they do with their cars and then you kind of emulate and you take inspiration for what people are there car culture in general is all about sharing ideas and you know

Moving on the knowledge to the younger generation and as you probably noticed uh you know while I was walking through the paddock there’s a lot of young guys that are still very much into drifting but it’s really cool to see it’s really cool to see that it’s still

Getting that you know interest from the younger generation it’s awesome to see the whole level just evolve so I’m literally just Parts hunting here this is a well this is my friend Johnny down in Yokohama he does really cool stuff and he does a lot of stuff with RC

Drifting so he’s got his own little brand going and uh he’s got some really cool 1j powered and 2J powered drift cars over the years for formula D and D1 so this shot mature is actually right down the road before you hit Nico when you’re driving up on the highway

I’m loving the meisters the next session preparing to get going here Alabama please Foreign I know so many good cars so uh I think that kind of wraps it up for today I didn’t want to do much here today except just how to hack out cars and at the same time take the opportunity to show you guys on the channel here Nico for the first time

I’m sure it’s going to be a place we’re going to come back to many times more in the future I hope you enjoyed it I really appreciate all the feedback I’ve been getting in the comments so keep that coming and let me know if you liked

It if you want to see more stuff from Nico or any other drifting events in Japan so until next time take it easy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] ah [Applause] um [Applause] thank you yeah thank you