Dino DC: Japan’s Best Honda Tuning Workshop!

Japan's Best Honda Tuning Workshop!

Posted: 2023-04-02 07:30:02
Author: Dino DC
If you know anything about Honda’s, chances are you’ve at least heard of Spoon. In this episode, we headed out to Spoon Type One HQ and checked out their insane collection of demo cars, race cars, customer cars and of course their brand new Honda Civic FL5 Type R! We also checked out the unique engine building room they showcase at the front of the workshop, and chat to Jomoto-san about Spoons work.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Thank you Okay welcome to a new episode today you joined me at probably what most enthusiasts would call Honda Paradise we’re at type one right along kampachidori which is one of the busiest roads in Tokyo and we’re here to see the new Type R so basically spoon has been

Working on their new demo car for a while now and they’ve just completed the last part for I guess stage one of what they’re doing with it and that car is upstairs right now but before we do that I thought I’d do a little quick walk

Around of the type 1 Workshop so spoon is actually divided up into two main buildings one is the main spoon headquarters where the offices and warehouses are and also the main engine build room this is type one it’s basically their workshop where they receive customer cars do work on them

And also build on their cars and obviously with the whole collector thing happening even with the older Civics and integral type Parts Restorations are something they do more and more of which we’ll see upstairs but one really super cool thing about this place is that they’ve actually made a window that

Looks into the main street where the the guys here build the engine so as you’re walking past here casually like you know this person’s cycling by you can actually look at Honda engines being built or spoon engines be built rather which is really cool I could actually stay here

Hours just looking at these guys do their thing Since I came here last they’ve added some really cool like Parts cleaning machines here so they can sandblast or whatever they do here to clean up parts before being assembled one of the coolest things about this place is the lift that they’ve actually integrated into the shop so

Being on two floors they somehow had to bring cars up efficiently quickly so they left this space out for this platform that kind of lowers down loads up cars brings them up and that keeps business running throughout the day again like a lot of shops in uh in Tokyo

A spoon is neighboring with like housing Estates 993 so it’s a interesting place to be putting a shop but then again if it’s Japan it isn’t this is a Type R which I’ve just finished shooting but first few more cool cars that they’re working on a pair of dc2s

Again as I was saying Restorations are becoming one of the main things that they’ve kind of been asked to do by customers they’re just general maintenance to keep cars running so this dc2 has just gotten fresh rotors and it looks like the seats are probably being reupholstered because

If you know your Hondas you will know that that red will fade out pretty quickly this one could be a nice donor car for a built by Legend project speaking of that this is the Prototype tight exhaust manifold that they developed together with the built by Legends guys

And we’ll definitely be doing a video on that car so um if you checked out the story or rather the video that Larry and I did on on the BBL Civic the car is almost close to production now or close to being stripped down and colored so once that

All comes together we’ll definitely take a closer look at it and of course take it out for a spin so as you can imagine like a lot of famous tuning shops in Japan spoon gets a ton of visitors like even today you know just a random day in

March I think three or four people just came to visit a couple of guys from Singapore and people can leave their picture they can sign just leave a message they’ve kind of expanded it because they started over there now there’s a second wall here but yeah

Super Thai qs2000 as you can see it participated in the st4 class and of course that famous spoon hard top which kind of extends all the way to the back to kind of create this ducktail possibly one of the coolest Parts you can add to an S2000 in my opinion so spoons

Development started with this um fl1 over here so this is I guess the entry level before you get all the way to the fl5 which is a Type R they’ve been working on this car for over a year they’ve kept it simple it’s basically their philosophy not to upset too much

Of that exterior balance so you know you get their wheels the legendary five spokes like a matte black finish they don’t really do much with the rear even on the type R you’ll notice that they’ve kept the slide type characters and there’s two possibly even three Extra

Spaces being held up by this platform here this elevator section actually goes up to kind of line up here so that these cars can be moved and this extra space fully used so it’s it’s a really well designed Workshop so this is actually my first time taking closer look at this

Car I actually tried to go to the Honda headquarters in aoyama when it was first launched and they didn’t have the car it’s crazy I went back a few months after that they still didn’t have the car so I’ve seen a few on the road but

I’ve never actually had a chance to go you know up close and kind of take in all the details and I have to say I’m quite impressed with the way this car is built I think for the money it’s an impressive package and basically what spoon have done here is taken that

Package and just refined it a little bit so as you can see it sits quite a lot lower probably a good inch lower on the KW two-way suspension again we find the five Spokes and behind we have the factory Brembo six pots and what spoon have done is basically added their straight

Slotted rotors so two two piece rotors got a floating Mount there on the Belt and they’ve added slightly higher friction brake pads and braided hoses so basically just upgraded the braking package so that it can actually go on track first thing that really impressed me when I opened

The door here was how very simple and kind of minimalistic the Interior is nothing fussy about it has a very simple Dash design and what spoon have done is for the refined that by adding the steering wheel the kit holds up all the buttons we have a spoon shifter

And a nice spoon bucket seat with sparkle belts and then for the passenger side this is a soon to be released reclinable so we have one of the two exterior touches is basically this carbon fiber spoiler which is held up by the swan neck stay but since this is a

Spoon car the spoon logo is a crane this angle here I just cannot can’t digest I don’t know maybe it’ll grow on me I really like the front I really like everything about this car it’s just this this rear end doesn’t really do it for me quite yet definitely looks better

Than the stock car it’s based on give it a bit of aggression and pump those fenders it just it just changes the whole car Another cool thing is the collection of bumpers here from older old race cars that’s the super Thai qs2000 I’ll have to be educated here but of course that’s the NSX preview FK previous generation Type R and this one is fd2 okay I thought I should definitely be giving or

At least sticking these speed Hunter stickers and my own logo on the wall there okay so we got it done I got the dino DC one here and speed Hunters so yeah let’s talk about this this is another of spoons demo cars this is the N1 but the RS version so the high

Performance version again a tiny little K car super practical four doors five-seater so this runs an aftermarket turbo you can actually see it through the grill and a carbon fiber fiber add that air duct yeah with the gold shielding for temperature you can see the the yellow cam covers and of course

The Billet oil cap so power 100 100 wow that’s gonna be fast because I think I think these came with maybe 60 64 of course yeah so I mean percentage-wise that’s a significant like what 35 percent more horsepower but uh one thing I really wanted to show

You guys is where the engines get built so take a look what they’re doing but I guess we should look at this last let’s start where you guys begin so from gearboxes to engines and heads it’s all down here perfectly clean this is okay series okay series and then

Pistons and Conrads are basically a weight match so they line up as many as they can and they select the set that kind of match all the weight so basically they’re using um the most balanced setup possible and you can see them lined up here so these are

All weight balanced already right so this is what a spoon blue printed engine assembly looks like you guys still make you still build the engines at the spoon building no everything is here okay we same temperature for your whole year whole year which is what 20 yeah 20 20

Degrees 20 20 to 25. so 31 humidity and around 20 degrees all year round uh platform is a pistol weight in the 332.07 yeah 2016.20.56 the distance is a difference but the bottom one is the assembly weight those are some tight tolerances amazing so there you have it that’s why spoon

Engines are always such smooth revving and very responsive difference is okay two grams yeah okay but uh uh one Glam one thousand one for one gram is a 0.01 0.1 gram yeah 0.1 percent and this is what it looks like when it’s finished yeah so this is the finished blueprinted

Spoon motor and uh how much is this package like complete if somebody was to come here and have their engine reassembled about 1 million years yeah so this is where you know you have washing machines and dishwashers at home this is what spoon uses to clean parts oh my gosh

It’s like we’re in the kitchen yeah ah the old pants so this is prior to being uh repainted recoated Cream inside yeah yeah so we we make a we add this break for the uh buffer buffer place but it’s a welding so we have so many attacks yeah yeah so you have to clean it much clean sure I just want to say a big thank you to the

Guys here at spoon because you know they’re always so friendly and they open up the shop and you know allowed to see you all the crazy work that they do for their very demanding customers I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the fl5 and let me know below if you want to

See more of these kind of you know tuning shop tours or any comment you may have feedback is great so thank you again Thank you