Dino DC: Initial-D Fujiwara Tofu Shop In REAL LIFE!

Initial-D Fujiwara Tofu Shop In REAL LIFE!

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Posted: 2023-08-23 13:28:02
Author: Dino DC
In this packed episode we start with a stop at Malaysia’s Fujiwara Tofu shop, an amazing hang out spot and fully operational restaurant that has perfectly replicated the Initial D store front. We also have the chance to check our Hayashi86’s beautifully restored Trueno and Mat’s amazing 1/100 Black Limited. We then head to an amazing parts distributor and collector, and finally off to HupShun Tyres, where Ivant shows us his holy trinity GTR collection and lets us drive his R33 GTR!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Welcome to a new episode and today I am inside a manga or at least I think I am because I am at the fujiwara tofuten shop in KL which is a kind of replica of the tofu shop that was an initial D the manga and the cartoons and and obviously

The the film The feature film that was made and it’s uh basically a really cool spot for Car Guys in kl to come and chill with their cars have a bit of food learn about Initial D talk to the owners that are really really crazy otaku when it comes to the e86 and

Everything about it so we’re gonna go inside take a look at these amazing 86 examples here this black limited one of two in Malaysia and of course one of 100 ever made and this zenky restoration the we picked at artist speed as the speed Hunters pick

For best car of the show so we’re gonna go inside meet the owners or two of them because one unfortunately is six so it can be with us we will be checking out all the details the memorabilia everything on display including some arcade games so let’s go inside

And have a look okay so right next to the arcade machines are the stairs the lead to the mezzanine which is actually the bigger area for tables they’re seating for a lot of people here and they’ve actually held um you know kind of events uh celebration type deals with such a big

Space it makes sense to kind of have a nice Initial D themed party or dinner and the whole wall here on the side is decorated with prints from the actual manga the theme is just so well carried through right down to these little kind of fine sugar style

Curtains even the window kind of has a show style feel about it unfortunately it’s the raining super hardcore right now we can’t really go outside and film so the artist shigeno sensei that was behind the whole Initial D among the series this is hachiroku that got shot in Japan currently owned

By somebody else I guess a friend of his I mean there’s so much here to kind of keep you interested but more importantly really inform you about what Initial D is all about the storyline when it started when it began what it meant for for car people and especially owners of ae86s

So super cool place and this made me laugh so much so they even found an ennio’s uniform on Yahoo Japan so they have a mannequin here sporting the the initial D Style gas station livery so as we saw downstairs the collection of model cars and memorabilia is vast and these are

Actually for sale so the shop was actually opened the first of April last year so just over a year ago and they actually did a very Japanese style kind of debut leaflet here all in Japanese with the same kind of maps that you’ll find in Japan

On places where they always tell you oh it’s like past the gas station next to the company and with the Pachinko on the right which kind of describes most of Japan I always found that pretty hilarious so the actual a real shop in Guma that was torn down

Some years back the actual shop front was saved and is now in on display at the ikaw toy doll and car museum and check out the view from the top we have the FC there on display again few tables with the arcade chairs and they actually managed to find these old arcade

Consoles from back I think 2002 they were saying and parts are getting pretty hard to find so they’re having a bit of issues keeping them going but two of them are working so we might have a go later on I think we should start looking at the crazy collection

Starting with the initial D itavolanti so every bit of Volante here that you see is actually has actually been featured initially so you can see it here on the side so here’s a zinke steering wheel right next to volume 18 HyperRev of course to any

JDM guy Hyper Rev it’s kind of like a Bible and for most cars they’ve come up with multiple volumes as uh you know things progress Parts get redone repriced or rebranded lots of signatures the fog lights some tail lights a lot of like original Collectibles nice Tomica JDM collection

A few more RC cars FC just like this one a proper collection here of the manga and hear more more things from the movie I guess Thank you Yeah tell me about these basically just a decorated it’s about power 16 bars then we have the blacktop we are still missing out the okay1 is there an actual engine to grow is there an actual engine to go with the 20 valve or is it just a decoration okay by

The way we need to take out take a look at this car because uh we picked it as a speed Hunters pick at Auto speed for a very specific reason we’ll get to that soon when the rain stops so this uh little cabinet with the display

I guess each of the car in the manga actually come from a dido cans of coffee right yes so they’re a tiny bit smaller than atomicos as you can see up there all right guys thank you for having us it’s a pleasure I mean I’ve been

Following the build of this shop and all your kind of like personal restoration stuff and thank you um I’m finally super excited to actually come here and check out your uh your shop and uh extremely cool car space uh can you guys intro yourselves we’ll uh start talking about

Cars after that I hire one my name is Lim way home I’m from high city six I actually do a social media of ih86 of 86 stuff in in my page and this shop here that you see here is actually a fujibouti shop Malaysia which a few few

Of the 86 owners actually uh build all this space they are fuel ea6 owners build up this place to pay tribute to initially and also the shop in the actual initially shop in Japan that that where the actual initially live action movie took place hi my name is Aza Mustafa so I’m the

Proud owner of one out of 400 black Limited in Malaysia so we just finished the restoration recently cool so uh can you just give us a little bit of background on the whole idea of creating a space like this I mean you guys are obviously uh extreme extremely

Passionate about 86s how did that lead from you know just having owning cars and restoring these cars to actually creating a space like this everything started with a dream I guess the question that’s what everyone would say I’m a huge fan of initially since I was

A kid you know I love 86 since I was dead and I now I fall in love with the color so basically you know when I ages ago when I bought my first A6 I never thought that you know I can actually fully restore it into a initially look alike

86 the same key spec and also to you know to be part of the co-found co-founder for this tofu shop Malaysia so how does it get to it is it’s not like a straight path where you just go into it it’s like it’s true connection

You know to to friends who who share the same mindset and we just one day decided to since we have the car we have the passion we have all of the memorabilia and stuff why not let’s start an initially yeah yeah this this idea was

Uh started by CK Chang okay so CK was super sweet and you couldn’t be here today all right get well soon yeah he’s one of the he’s one of the main uh founder so so so we had this idea and we started this place to not only commemorate initially of course to get

Car Guys local car guys to come and chill come and enjoy food come and talk about cars basically a place a center hub for car guys to come yeah it’s not just 86. yeah I saw the pictures in the entrance like every possible car yeah you’re welcome

Everybody to kind of find out learn about Initial D and possibly the cars like in the game like what CK mentioned it’s not about castism or you know the car races or you know we open up you open it up to all car owners of different race you know different gender

Or you know different religion everyone can just come in and enjoy it and podcast this is what we want to achieve through our main objective not just you know you need people who love initially yeah car guys and one thing we haven’t touched on you actually have a restaurant here you you make

Yes authentic Japanese food yes yes there’s more than one reason that you want to come here right yes correct of course in a in a car place you need you know people who will come come inside here and chill they need food right food and drinks right so this is a small

House a FMB shop that we we try to do uh with the Japanese Team food rice stones that we that we that we create together with local tofu dessert a little bit tofu Delicacies it’s up to the customer nice you basically have like an ongoing kind of display here that you said you

Change every once in a while yes so you you have an opening at the back and you get the cars in and out correct so yeah this shop’s main highlight of course uh is the is the car display here initially actual initially uh car display when we

First start the shop we had a actual initially a86 here which actually came in from the uh from the back right yeah that is a roller shutter and you know the car just parked inside it’s for display of course uh it’s a road legal car I love a lot of customers our

Customers ask is this a really good car this is no just for display yes it’s a road little Regal car with uh Road tax and can be you know you can start the engine and get it get it clean and your car specifically I mean let’s talk about

That a little bit because art of speed ended two days ago yes and you won multiple Awards uh just two yes just two yeah um appreciate it so you know we ended up picking his car as a speedunters choice because I’ve been following your journey uh you know from you know the passion

The the actual restoration of the car into the finished product which kind of span maybe what a decade yes from beginning to end yeah the restoration taking about like three four years four years four years you’re done now yeah it must be it must feel unreal to have such an incredible

Like restoration Journey yeah we did yes not not only just the restoration Journey just the start of high shitty six which I started 10 years ago just just to have a dream to own an 86 yeah so an amazing only in 2015 and you know driving for a while meeting you uh for

The first time in 2015 as well yeah this bill because I was there and I remember you telling me one thing um I remember I I asked you one question is it okay for you to feature my car in speed hunters or something like that so

I remember you told me like uh if your car worth you know you build a car that is worth showing to people then it’s worked to be featured it makes me sound really strict for like it’s not I mean yeah maybe I didn’t put it the right way

But I know I was yeah but I understand the point yeah yeah basically it has to stand out for something yes correct yes please stand up yeah so yeah that fast forward eight years of course yeah here I am and it stood out to me for being like the cleanest restoration I’ve ever

Seen yeah okay here’s the the completely freshly restored a86 that um if you’ve seen the art of speed footage you know we’ve already kind of uh gone through the car and uh talked about the details but just to recap basically it’s an oem restoration very Factory perfect

It’s a cookie to zenky kind of move so he’s taking the details basically to Perfection right down to the smallest things like you know the color of the plastic the dashboards and um the seats steering wheel is correct the only thing that’s not really stock of course is the

Ride height and the Watanabe Wheels but we all know that a nicely lowered hachiroku on Watanabe is looks spot on so totally understandable and of course if you haven’t really picked up on it the actual outside of the shop is something very special everyone in front is the black Limited

Only two in Malaysia both of the owners of the shop so there’s three owners and two of them own a black limited so pretty crazy if you think about it beautiful car running watanabes and I love the little Carlo coordination here to kind of match the gold of the factory emblems and pinstriping

So there’s a Recreation tofu blocks in here and if you look at the box it says Ted’s kuri no tin so handmade not tofu but it’s like a shop that does handmade stuff There You Go Japanese language logic yeah and the details just continue there’s even like an animals pump here

So we got the the uniform upstairs the pump outside and then kind of like the original shop there’s some like Ivy looking growth coming down from the roof to kind of give that similar look to what uh the shop in the manga was like and then when you go inside

You’re welcomed into this very Japanese themed entrance with the kind of like Railway track wood Mr fujiwara with this Yani and all the cars that have visited over the last year since they opened well you’re in a bit again it’s it’s a great meeting spot for Car Guys and people

In The General Car culture here in Malaysia to you know come and chill and eat some good Japanese food as well of course there’s a little kitchen back here this is a counter area here’s the menu so they do all sorts of stuff it’s quite a diverse menu of

Course there’s the the tofu up there at the top on the right they do a yakudon they do udon they do teriyaki chicken done and if you get to the rear side of the shop again a few more display items Wheels actually for sale some old school Advent try spokes

A few more here and speaking of theme of course this is all themed after tofu so they’ve recreated the old traditional you know marble grinder for creating the tofu out of the soybeans so such a cool execution created by a group of passionate hachiroku owners that have turned their

Love for a specific type of car and of course a very famous Japanese manga into a beautiful space for people to come and chill and enjoy cars I wish I could spend more time here but unfortunately our schedule is pretty tight Thank you so here we go these are the keys to the recently restored wow look at this whoa my God look at this that’s pristine you see what I mean with the colors let’s go straight out yeah look you even have the wrapping on the sun visors it’s nice and tired man

Feels great yeah you know what I think it’s the quietest hachiroko I’ve ever driven it’s so civil my mom says it’s very really we just drove this immaculate freshly restored e86 train or Sprinter big thank you to the owner for letting me drive you’re the man dude

What a crazy experience this will be car number four that I’ve driven here in Malaysia so three Toyotas aw11 gr Corolla and the hachiroku and then also the 992 GT3 and uh I think there might be more so our quick drive took us here to JDM Auto Link

Which is a importer reseller Japanese JDM parts and there’s a lot of cool stuff around here especially Nissan related stuff you can see the rb20 head covers that’s one mod I mean kind of contemplating doing to my rb26 this is like the Malaysian uh up garage is this an MCR bumper

This is a super Thai Q bumper oh wow yeah so you sell the the gold mine pretty much yeah people are always looking for look at this R34 respect two seats so they are harder to find yeah I keep them so you import everything in Japan or do

You also see from Japan yeah nice AOC air boxes the collectible ones the brake kit Corner R35 front six volts gigantic Billet calipers Old School AP races even a tarox temple man I remember those it’s funny how I travel a lot but I always end up finding myself in JDM paradises and there’s

Another cool room here oh look at this like Larry’s Wheels the mags forged magnesium these are quite rare not many were made and they have an issue of course anything that is magnesium alloy will tend to degrade over time and get brittle and always cracks develop and unfortunately it’s

Not really fixable I mean you can patch them up but you’re going to lose you know the actual uh rigidity this is a shop visit number three for the day we are at hoopshum tires on a road that here in KL is called horsepower street so the cool

Thing about this industrial estate here in KL is that it’s basically all about cars and I don’t know if you noticed but even just this Main Street here it’s just car shop after car shop after car shop and the cool thing about pushing tires is that they were the very first

Back in 96 to set up shop right here there was maybe uh they were mentioning like another exhaust shop up in the corner but then after they set up their location slowly all the little car you know Centric shops that sell pretty much anything from you know exhaust to you

Know body body pieces body shops that do like paint and you know fixing damage and stuff like that I have all kind of taken up uh space here including tuning shops Parts importers exporters you name it you find it on this particular area here in KL the cool thing about this

Place is that owner of the shop is as car crazy as you know we all are in particular he likes GTRs and believe it or not he has the Holy Trinity at least to my eyes or on Old School Nismo Wheels we’re going to take a closer look now so

He’s got this super clean 1999 R34 19-inch Nismo GTS and the 33 and the 32 that came out last night for our drive and next to it another 32 on t37vs just to complete a nice shop front kind of selection here I call this the Holy Trinity because to me

What else would you want to have good Inside we’ll take a look so there’s this nice GT3 RS 997 option tires are a good year official dealers and they’re also the official importers of work Wheels as well as Vossen so you’re going to see some selection of wheels that they stuck here it’s a gigantic shop and they have

All sorts of other brands of course with work raise and a bunch of other brands including BBs and over on this side a separate room is kept for the Vossen stuff so this is a complete Vossen lineup plenty of models to choose from so if you followed me on speedometer you would

Know that back in the day we actually had a partnership with Boston wheels and I actually got to do a bunch of shoots for them in Japan it was always fun to work with those guys they’re really like pushing the design game I reckon and they’ve done some great collaborations with work Wheels

Awesome designs you know specifically for kind of higher end cars bigger cars like SUVs and big sedans of jerus sedan but there’s a few other cars I wanted to show you starting with this Mercedes-Benz 190 2.5 16. so this is owned by the father of the owner the original founder of the shop

So of course this being the 2.5 16. it comes with a manual transmission so I’m not sure if you can see everything every car in Malaysia has extremely heavy tint because of the strong Sun but it’s actually sitting on Seeker Wheels a sub brand of work well

Not sub something makes it sound cheaper it’s just like a a product lineup of you know different designs specific for German car fitment they look really nice on this beautiful beautiful kind of gold tone exterior so what we have here is a 1985 944 Series 2 Turbo that was imported from the UK

And again it it’s a kind of goldish color much like the 190 outside here but the cool thing about this car is that it has an original 6 000 kilometers on the clock okay so we’re here with the owner who’s gonna quickly run us through uh well

First of all your GTR collection because that’s that’s pretty epic thank you we’re going to talk about that and you know what you guys do day to day the brands that you carry and the work that you do so I guess you know since we’re both R34

Owners tell me more about your 34. uh basically hi my name is Ivan and we are doing a tire business policy and uh abuse business in Malaysia and of course a those Skyline 32 33 34 is my childhood dream yeah yeah finally uh you have the whole

Set yeah most people you know have the small cars right we have the big ones I I had a big one yeah and uh you were telling me you are the official work dealer Malaysia and also you bring in Boston wheels so the like a nice lineup

You have there and uh you have really cool uh German cars too right so you get a nice 190 yeah and uh the 944 in the back 944 and uh apparently the 996 is not here it’s at home okay there’s a 9962 that’s what I did nice collection

Well you know thank you so much for showing me your shop today it’s been fun to check out your cars and indulge in some JDM and some you know German stuff okay so the crazy thing continues so every time we go to a shop people are

Throwing me the keys to their cars and the owner here was like would you like to drive any of my GTR I was like um why not and we settled for the 33 because well I have a 34 and this one stopped so the 32 is very nice I had a

Nice look at it yesterday really love the stance and everything but this car is actually running a trust 2.7 bottom end and a single so I love driving rb26s with single turbos and here in the external wastegate sound so you’re gonna take that one for a quick drive to our

Next location which is dinner more food so I’m gonna strap on my little GoPro oh and by the way this Sora just showed up so this is the same owner that was driving an M2 yesterday last night and he shows up with this beauty so we’re gonna take the Alphard for a

Quick ride just uh just to get an idea of how big this Sunway neighborhood I guess is and just how many car shops there are I mean they’re kind of closed now but you get the idea you get the idea of just how many car related shops there are

So yeah the basically the the closest I can kind of compare it to is uh Suzuki and kookuku in Yokohama where Oreos shop is for example and it’s basically full of little car shops tuning shops body shops and wheel shops so quite interesting how it’s all laid out similarly to Japan but

In a very Malaysian kind of way Thank you This is what a drag car or something right oh my god listen to this thing So the cool thing is the despite having close to 700 horsepower it’s very stock looking inside and out I love that he’s just giving the attention to the things that count okay so here we are in what I thought was a pretty simple tune GTR let’s listen to this 280 degree cams

And a single Oh the vacuum cleaner those three thousand all right feisty So we need at least four grand Foreign We’ve arrived at our venue and we found another GTR half of it Liberty Walk hop in GTR conversion on work and one hours what a nice selection of cars and by the way that 33 was brutal I got to like floor it a little bit in second gear

Hopefully we can take it out for a slightly longer drive or more empty roads later but yeah my God what a venue look at this this is uh this is the day that keeps giving I mean I can’t even put this into words it’s like Vegas it’s like we’re in Vegas Sunway Resort

Special parking as well uh we’re going to take out the GTRs again back to the shop and return all the generations to the owner okay so it’s time to wrap this video up we’re gonna take the GTRs back to the shop I’m gonna get back into 33 and hopefully uh

Have a bit of space so I can floor it and get to hear that single turbo in action this kind of wraps up today’s video there’s much more to come from Malaysia make sure you check back soon for more I don’t even know what we’re up

To tomorrow our last day but I’m sure it’ll be very exciting Thank you