Dino DC: Indonesia’s Most Insane JDM Workshop

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Posted: 2023-10-08 11:09:49
Author: Dino DC
After hitting up a sick cars and coffee meet on then Sunday before IMX 2023, I head to XS Automotive to check out some of the wild modified rides Victor, the owner, is working on for his customers. Indonesia continues to blow me away! Some of the highlight cars included the insane FD RX7, K swapped ITB EG Civic, 34 GTR with fine spec engine and the countless EVOs!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Hey welcome to uh a new episode I’m still here in Jakarta I’m barely awake right now uh after about 4 hours sleep we got invited to participate at a monthly Cars and Coffee event that they do here in Jakarta and uh it’s just past 6:00 a.m.

We are at the first meeting point we’re just about to head to the venue there’s already a nice selection that has materialized here like I said it’s really early we’re just about to uh I think we’re waiting for a few more cars to arrive and then uh we will jump into the

Mercedes A45 so the good thing about waking up in the morning at this time in uh Indonesia is that it’s actually cool and there’s no Traffic Always nice to see Ferrari owned by people actually understand wheels and fitment instead of just uh instead of just is running the stock Ferrari Wheels which um I’m sorry to say guys in Marinello but you guys have no idea what offset is all about fitment so as I was

Right there at the top looking at Ferrari two more 35s pulled up this matte black one and also this uh 21 A2 Nismo in that special Nismo gray that they did I didn’t even hear this come in it’s like a little surprise at the very end black on black 34 meanest car out

There that’s sick sits on Nismo LM gt4s R35 brakes we’ll have to take a look at the engine it’s got a Nismo version one bumper zet Chun fenders and the Nismo skirt so half of a Nismo look or at least a zedu Okay so I jumped into the Nismo GTR here and we’re off in Convoy in the meantime even more cars joined as this uh Evo 9mr a black NSX that’s the Mercedes we were Runing in before wow what a Group All Those two guys are definitely tuned good boy Okay so we’ve uh found a premium spot for the Nismo all these guys are going upstairs what a group this is so cool and we’re actually here uh to have breakfast they actually have a ton of uh restaurants on this uh venue so it’s really cool but the reason

I’m walking so far is that I just spotted this sf90 as we were coming in and thought I should probably come here and take a look cuz these things look bloody amazing look at this Jakarta or Indonesia in general is just blowing my mind car culture here my God it’s something Else I’m just about to go in inside to exess uh Automotive uh they’re a pretty big tuning shop here in Jakarta they took away a couple of awards from the IMX show uh over the weekend and we’re just going to check out some uh of the cooler customer cars and insane projects

That uh they’re working on currently that should be done in the coming months and uh you know we’re already making appointments to come back eventually next year and kind of maybe take out some of the cars that they’re building today uh because there’s some really really special stuff so um without

Further Ado let’s try and cross the street here in uh Jakarta which is one of the hardest things to do honestly in Indonesia you just have to go and people will kind of flow around you all right so up here right on the side of the

Road we start off with like a nice selection of modified evos so here’s an evo5 with a wide body sitting right here in front in the main entrance r33 GTR couple more evos the 35 here this is running like full trust readyy setup and a race EVO 3 I believe but uh rather

Than me staying out here on the street and uh getting run over let uh step inside I mean there is so much JDM goodness here like even lining the entire side of the shop it’s just full of awesome cars so uh I don’t where to begin honestly Evo 10 here the varus

Arrow uh and we’ll be talking to Victor he’s probably going to be like the guy that can run us through most projects most builds here he’s the owner of the shop and The Man Behind all these crazy builds that he gets to do with his equally crazy customers this 4g63 is

Running a full race exhaust manifold massive turbo down there and and right here is a very nice R34 GTR this was also at the show runs uh Nismo Zune front end Nismo Rune Arrow Hood titanium piping on the intake Arc foam filters on this airbox and like I’ve seen on a lot of

RBS here in Malaysia a lot of people are running these uh carbon fiber SL Billet aluminum in manifolds at the center of it all is a Nismo fine speec rb26 so this is pretty highs speec Engine with uh some of the most premium expensive parts

From uh from Nismo right next to me here is possibly the favorite car of mine from the IMX show this is an S15 Sylvia complete custom fabricated front end so as you can see they’ve shoehorn an rb26 in here and to to kind of create enough

Space to get all the pulleys and the fan for the radiator in there and the radiator itself they they cut away the radiator support that comes from Factory and recreated something of their own here with some pipe frame gusseted to the wheel arches and suspension turrets

Uh this is one of hk’s more newer single turbos kind of looks like a t-51 but it’s actually a bit smaller good for about 6 700 horsepower again we find that Inlet manifold half carbon and half Billet I’ll have to talk to Victor and actually find out where it

Comes from but you know we have a nice setup electronic throttle massive piping that feeds into the intercooler here from HKS mismo LM gt4s and since we’re on the subject of Nissans let’s take a look at this R35 which it might as well be a HKS demo card I mean it’s got every

Single part from the catalog starting off with the stroker kit so 4.3 L VR uh HKS intake at the top there full turbo kit gt1000 kit and it even runs their Billet transmission so it replaces the cogs in the gr6 with thicker Billet gears and uh it is one serious thing

First thing that pops obviously are the Advan racing R sixs in 20 in and they’re housing gigantic endless monolock calipers M it to their I think it’s proba 400 mil 390 mil uh rotor and the exterior it’s all wide body virus and because it’s all official it gets the tuned by

HKS emblem on the outside there is just so much carbon fiber on this car trunk wing bumper finish sure I do plan to come back to Indonesia and get some rides in some of these cars because I feel like I’m just scratching the very surface of what Indonesian car culture

Has to offer I mean good Lord look at this these guys are so full with cars they don’t even have space to work I don’t know how they can move all this stuff around so I think I’m just going to start dissecting through each car and

Just take a look and uh maybe get Victor to kind of explain the bigger projects that he’s working on so right here here we have a very clean eg6 Civic on spoon wheels and brakes and if we have a look under the hood here we

Find a very nice case swap so this is not like crazy crazy stroked or anything this is a 2 L K series and some nice velocity stacks Hasbro engine mounts very well executed very well tuned street car inside spoon seats and a roll Cage right hiding here in the corner another Honda right behind the R8 simple nice clean and aect some Acura wheels or at least P1 racing and as we get into the more complex stuff like this EG we’ll have to get Victor out and kind of run us through the more important projects but

Let me at least give you a quick pass through here all the cars there a bunch of drift cars here and other Evo datson 510 four-door S2000 and this is what really caught my attention so so if we lift up this little cover we expose the heart of this project which

Is centered around a Honda K series swap with a very nice and modern G turbo mount on custom exhaust manifold they’ve created here they’ve fabricated in house and connected up to a six-speed quave sequential gearbox and as we’ll see later on actually you know what if we

Get in here you can see you can see how they’re actually going to get rid of the shifter and just do like paddle shifts really cool project it’s going to be a crazy um circuit car and coolest thing is these exhausts here over here on the lifts we have an older Mustang that’s

About to get restored and a Porsche 912 that’s completely stock and in for a refresh restoration get it looking tip toop this is one I’m currently waiting to hear FD with a four rotor na from PPR so unfortunately the car blew up it’s uh rear rent so they’re going to

Try and fix that and get it running but we should be able to hear it right here’s Victor hey Victor hi we going to hear the prop yes so beautiful project I mean so well executed candy red carbon goodies work in motion 19 in and uh hopefully if they

Change the battery we should be able to crank it here we have the back of the FD Fuel Cell It’s on air suspension so there’s an air tank so they’ve uh connected up the booster hopefully we can crank it and hear it inside can see it’s some serious setup

Got a hch um digital display in front of the main instrumentation and check out the shifter and hydro setup and surprise is actually seeing a all the N up here on the lift like we saw the toron at the IMX show so it makes sense that these

Cars being so close to uh Australia here are actually quite popular out here this is where the back of the shop is and Fabrication happens here and you got an exterior there’s another building here uh this is this is our our storage room angine storage room all the engine

That we built that we’re going to build yeah uh this is this is just got done right uh so this Center uh Hall is going to be for our chassis fabrication this is going to be inside yeah this is going to be our full build so still working on

It mhm and you said you’re actually moving to some parts or some cars to a new location right yeah we are having a second Outlet uh for the fast moving cars right right all those uh bolons and stuff yeah tons and tons of space but you’re running out it’s a good problem

To have it’s a good problem so uh we’re just waiting for the RX7 nice 300 ZX here I guess I missed a Startup Take Oh that’s an idol Jes oh my God He Cuz I noticed the wheels the brakes and the badge and the front and I thought I bet I bet it it continues on with an engine there you go so this is the R34 GTR for door the outtech never made okay so this is insane I never

Heard of anything remotely close to this being a thing but apparently there’s a a group of people that like to modify the Jeep uh sherokee this generation I guess uh early ’90s to late ’90s and they get thousands of horsepower out of them apparently so compound turbo yeah no

This is running a 2J oh this is a 2J Swap this is a 2J swap of course good Lord so this is an off-road vehicle used specifically for what like off ination Offroad Racing so like pretty fast stuff obviously if you need a 2J for it yeah

Uh kind like our the what in the US r car oh okay full Circ track yeah 8 km long wow look how the frame is being reinforced yeah jeez oh my Lord this is some serious thing here and the radiator back here yes this is running

The this is a VR 38 V 38 what oh my gear box oh wow so you were telling me like Indonesians are pretty much into their rallying and off-road stuff oh my God look at this and that’s how you stuff a GTR engine into what is this like a this CJ yeah a

CJ Wrangler you can see the little tur yeah ladder frame the intercoolers mounted up here this is crazy and insane suspension travel MCA single yeah look at the reservoir tank on this thing it’s like as big and thick as my arm yeah this is arming a people R

Springs yeah so oh King shocks yes cuz this gu is a little bit heavy yeah running by uh Springs yeah and it doesn’t end behind here another Jeep with another Japanese engine yes so we we started with the 2J then we went vr38 and now on this 4g63 longitudinally mounted yes that is

Sick I have to go to the other side to check out it turo king sharks again again reinforce extended roll cage I guess I mean it kind of Pops in from the cabin a doson with an rb26 NA or Turbo Turbo oh yeah that’s a lot of shoe horning going on Here S In You So I think you know it’s a Pity that I’m only devoting like you know probably like a minute to each car here but uh like I said it’s first Contact uh I definitely want to come back to Indonesia start doing features in each car that I feel deserves you know the

Space and hopefully we even get to sit in them for a ride or even drive them so um I’m just really glad that I stopped by here today uh massive thank you to Victor for having me uh we’ll definitely be back thank Youk you please come back absolutely we will thank you Again