Dino DC: Indonesia’s Insane Dream Garages!

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Posted: 2023-10-12 13:11:47
Author: Dino DC
Final installment of Jakarta car culture as I first vist Bitelblack who make awesome handmade car covers, check out an epic private garage filled with all sort of awesomeness before ending with a private meet at on of Jakarta’s newest car storage facilities. Massive thank to all the amazing car guys that came together to show me a great time and their equally amazing cars!!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

All right so it’s the start of a new day I’m just preparing here for what is actual day three here in Jakarta uh I thought i’ show you guys the awesome view I get from my hotel room here in the pick area of Jakarta so this is

Actually all uh reclaimed land kind of like OA in Tokyo so they’ve actually uh created some artificial islands and are uh building on them so not not so many tall buildings so it’s uh quite a bit of a change from the center of the city uh

I have a car downstairs now the guys from BTO black uh have come to pick me up uh they are uh the guys that actually did my custom car cover for the GTR and I’m going to go and check out their operation uh see what they do and see if

I can actually design another car cover for my car and possibly uh a few others okay Yip has arrived good morning sir morning let’s head to our Ride So here we go the car cover so the the the cool thing about uh you guys is that you actually print the car on the cover okay so this is exactly how the car cover is laid out and then by hand the design or pattern is placed on

The template of the car that they’re covering so this is a Jeep sherokee as an example so here’s the pattern for the R34 and and then that’s what the cover and ends up looking like in is it four pieces that get stitched together four pieces all right so we’re back uh in

Another car and on to the next location for today Private Collection some nice hyper cars maybe some other surprises we’ll see uh when we get there all right so let’s take a quick look at what’s outside this massive space that we’re at here before we go to the main building

So obviously the uh owner/ collector here does like his Japanese quirky cars starting with this Honda N1 if you recall I actually drove the spoon version of this and it’s so much fun and this car is particularly nice cuz it runs the Advan on the three

Spokes I think it looks pretty good next to it a Subaru laor on Advan GTS probably my favorite five spoke wheels around couple couple more little Japanese Vans another blue Honda N1 and then there’s this crazy mini GP with over fenders that are made out of forged

Carbon such a nice quality even the headlight surrounds I’ll Forge carbon the door handles the over fenders here at the back even the filler cap but the main thing we are here for is to actually take a look at this facility I’m going to step back

Because you have to see see it in its entirety this is car nerd Heaven this is the kind of building that we dream of and here it actually is reality and inside as you can probably start seeing through the tinted glass there some very special Stuff Okay so this is actually the project one version of the Black Series so um when they actually delayed the project one they made this uh version for customers that are paid up and waited so far from your average Black Series it’s got all the delivery with a Mercedes logo carbon fiber

Everywhere bumper roof spoiler all right but let’s start this collection from the right side here so starts with a nice cabinet lots of Collectibles we have two ital Jet Dragsters probably the world’s most complex scooters these have a floating single arm of the front you can see there’s nothing this

Side and these are actually limited edition you can see the chassis number there adjustable suspension and gold on black next to it the S2000 which will’ll call it a honeycomb carbon the whole entire car is carbon fiber hard top spoon mirrors all done by real

Carbon on top of it a pair of Civic typ RS underneath a rocket bunny kitted FD with NLS swap continue here we have Nismo 370Z sport classic 911 992 grmn yarus of course we saw a black one yesterday lots of carbon goodies on this one next with

A regular gr yarus with Speed Line Wheels and then a tar on massive HR very bronze Wheels love how these look but let’s actually take a look at the back this taret 4S is actually the Heritage model so another rare collectible but it sits next to an even more rare

Collectible part of the Heritage series The Sport classic in that nice Nardo like gray with a duct tail got really nice interior and right on this corner we have another selection of K cars I got the Honda N1 box with the four mugan kits so different bumpers Grill side

Skirts sck wheels and at the back it has a roof spoiler and a center exit exhaust next to it the Suzuki gear spacia s660 on top and a cin with over fenders Liberty Walk Liberty Walk yes so Liberty Walk mini GTR conversion you can see the bumper here it’s funny

Cuz we actually shot one in KL so it’s cool to see another one here but my God what a way to show off your collection beautiful building incredible flooring even the ceiling is just like a treated steel and then Center Stage the cars in the lift and of

Course the rare collectible for Mercedes and one thing I didn’t even know existed is this electric version of the Honda Cub the Honda Cub E I know nothing about this but it is very cool a few other electric bikes here dream 50 so an electric Zoom too so

Like historical names from Honda the bike history but converted to e models so take a look at this LS something tells me it’s not your regular LS and Y oh my Lord buet head covers buet intake was built by excess Automotive which uh if you remember we already visited where we met

Victor nice titanium intake what a beast so the cool thing about this um AMG Black Series project one has the same colors Petron has colors right and then the color is reflected on this traction control knob at the center since we’re here you might as well take a look at the

Engine it’s not every day you see project one version of a black series am ggt oh there it is not much to see there’s a carbon fiber cover here of course it’s a hot V so the turbo sit within the actual uh engine v behind copious amounts of heat

Shielding and again also on the hood with tiny little air guides throwing air down into those turbos I just noticed all the cars on the top are actually white I’m pretty sure that’s intenal I’m so jealous this is like the dream car space any car guy would love to have if I had

Something like this I don’t think I would need a house I would just kick it up Here just got to acknowledge the two land cruises here old school FJ with gigantic off-road tires and the lc300 already lifted up aftermarket bumper wow so we’re actually going to another garage that is not yet completed but shortly we probably have a look at something okay so we got to the

Other garage which is actually not yet finished but I don’t know you guys tell me I’m kind of lost for words at the moment actually very lost for words and it’s not just the cars I mean look at the collection of oh my God this Slimer from Ghostbusters

What my God look at all the Superman’s Batman Wonder Woman R2D2 man in black guy oh my gosh and then check out the Legos got Darth Vader and Luke my kids would enjoy this okay you guys really have no idea how actually massive this thing is I think this is about 2

M and it continues all the way up there look down into the garage which is actually going to be turned into uh the European side of the collection eventually when it’s completed but wow so the production company office the Ed and everything so as you heard these guys

Run a production company they do uh movies films TV and they certainly like their tequila what a beautiful space so even kitchenet bar area these guys are involved in all sorts of production here in Indonesia and it’s on a scale which is pretty impressive it kind of makes sense why

There’s so much from TV and movies here what a beautiful space so this is the very front of the building and like I mentioned it’s still very much uh uh in construction not finished yet there’s a lot more stuff they need to complete including like the

Actual shop front here so they even have a mediumsized studio to film some of the Productions that they do for TV advertising and they call this a mediumsized studio it’s awesome so this uh meatball guy came in from the street set up his little cart here and he’s going to start cooking

Away so we are off to another uh location we’re going to change cars and then we’re going to hit up a little private meet that uh a couple of friends here have arranged for me um so the carun is far from Finished And so we are back and we are taking the Honda NSX that rides on some sick hre 5 Spokes and what a beautiful color it is great spec carbon fiber Wing just to accentrate those uh pointy lines I mean look how pointy is in the center that sounds pretty

Good like I mentioned before I really have no experience with these cars uh they’re so rare I’ve only ever seen the Liberty Walk white body one that I shot years ago only have a road in one so this is a bit of a treat for Me so the valves do go so just listen how quiet this car is we’re actually in quiet mode now which is really crazy because uh the shift from like I mean this is an afterm market exhaust obviously so it sounds quite loud but when you shift it into

Quiet it’s like emphasized tenfold how you know running in EV mode is so different it’s actually quite Pleasant it must be getting old Here we are got Auto volt all that’s our ride and check out the crazy selection of cars we have here starting off with a 993 rwb a Pista a 911r oh my God even an F12 and here’s that familiar NS XR that came from the same parking is this one and here is

The spoon S2000 with the HKS compressor that we saw ATX show very cool so this is the famous Baka jeene 993 Heavenly goodness here look at the exhaust setup on this crazy and yep it’s as wide as they get 2.2 M wide Evo three and next to

It a Tommy minck Evo 6 or 6.5 all right so we can check out the cars that are kept here at the autov volt which is a car storage facility so much goodness some covered up cars here few more down Here I do spy the silhouette of a tester Roa what do you guys think I’m so grateful for these guys to have put this together and uh gotten so many cool cars together for me tonight uh this is actually my last night in Jakarta I fly to yog Jakarta tomorrow for custom Fest

So I’ll still be in Indonesia but a complete different change of scenery all right so in the meantime we had some dinner these guys provided an awesome catered dinner for everybody and I thought I’d show you uh what the outside looks like here so some cars have left already unfortunately but there’s still

Some goodness crazy white body purple hachiroku 32 GTR the 180sx that we saw at IMX that I actually signed here in the back over there we got Larry here 350Z Civic Type R and then 430 Ferrari convertible and a BMW M3 competition touring I’m just blown away by this like I’ve seen the

Most incredible car spaces here in Jakarta like I like I keep saying I’m jealous I shouldn’t be because you know in Japan we could never have such massive spaces everything is so expensive so just seeing what a car gu’s dream could actually look like in reality is kind of fills me with joy

Already so I’m very fortunate very happy that I get to kind of see these things and uh car guys enjoying their car culture with friends and their awesome cars in the best possible way I think again my last last day here in Jakarta has been one filled with Incredible

Experiences thank you Jakarta thank you Jakarta car culture and thank you to everybody that helped out to take me around and show me what uh what you guys really do best