Dino DC: Indonesia’s Crazy Car Culture!

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Posted: 2023-10-04 12:50:51
Author: Dino DC
In this episode I head to Jakarta, Indonesia, for IMX 2023, one of the countries biggest annual car events. We take a look around the event and at some of the unreal cars that not many people know Indonesia produces! Some of the show highlights include a AWD EG Civic, Liberty Walk FD, and more! There’s heaps more amazing content to come from Indonesia so stay tuned!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Off we go to Indonesia hey so you join me here as I walk as fast as possible um at Hana airport I’m on my way to Jakarta Indonesia I’m going to check out the IMX show basically uh kind of really excited to go back to Jakarta I haven’t been uh to

Indonesia for a good year now and just kind of check out car culture there see what people have been doing uh with their cars and hopefully get to see some really cool Collections and uh tucked away Treasures that we always like to uncover so um really excited to get

Going out of breath here because I’ve been running I thought I was going to miss the flight um had a bit of issue checking in we got the ticket com in very late last night so it was all super short notice and it was a bit of an

Issue uh for the return flight so sorted that out and now on my way to gate 141 for my Flight Right arrival in Jakarta now I got to find somebody that’s picking me up all right so made it through immigration quite smoothly thanks to great help and now I just got to wait actually got here so quick there’s no suitcases out yet so um have to grab my bag and

Then we’re off to the hotel all right so one of the cool things is that um if you guys remember from uh our Malaysia trip uh we had Yip from Singapore helping us you know taking us around and uh he organized a bunch of shop tours for us

And pretty much made the entire trip a hell of a lot more productive and fun and uh I told him I be going to Jakarta uh literally yesterday and he’s like oh I’ll come and see you and uh actually he’s waiting outside so we’re going to

Meet up with Yip and uh he’ll be joining me at the show IMX here’s Yip sorry to keep you waiting dude hello what’s up man every time I come to Asia I get driven around in Vel fires and alads and uh the IMX has even got like stickered

Up courtesy van here it’s so cool thank you sorry sorry sorry all right here we Go hey so we’re out here here uh waiting for a ride to the show and this just showed up tiny little Chinese electric car I mean it is from the show I hope this is not our uh our actual ride wooling that’s pretty thick and that’s the show

Here all right finally we made it to the venue which is uh nicely air conditioned so we don’t need to sweat 34° in Jakarta today nice selection of VIP slam benzes GTR so what I think I’m going to do is find out if there’s like a media room

Set up get my camera gear out and start filming and Shooting Okay so I’m all set up it’s about time we official start this IMX 2023 coverage I’m just going to start walking around and literally just stop at anything interesting that I run across uh so we’re basically on the far side of the show venue uh a couple of cool uh wide

Body cars Liberty Walk R35 in black and then for some reason there’s a Tesla making noise full uh carbon fiber Evo from MCI carbon I think I may have found the Fast and Furious corner there’s a z33 up there super right here and then of course one inspired by the movie it’s

Crazy like even how in Japan everything seems to be going back to the movie everybody’s like going back and doing like Fortune kits to the FD and uh and what no there’s even an R34 here with the same kind of Livery as the one in the movie 36 240 datson rally car

Here uh if you remember we actually came across this car or at least the amation street version of it at the uh okama meet a couple of months back so um nice to see in lined up next to a R34 70 series Supra always nice to see one this is uh wearing actual

TRD five spoke rise of the front and BBs M at the rear Rolls-Royce didn’t expect to see old school rolls-royces in Indonesia um I had an image of like being very JDM Centric but there seems to be a good mix of everything including a lot of shops doing

Restorations uh here’s an old school SL Mercedes super clean interior like really well done leather trim carpeting very refreshed and rebuil engine right here is an official Toyota Booth so I guess um this show actually attracts manufacturers uh here in Southeast Asia to kind of do these cool show cars or concepts

Um very interesting to see Toyota get involved and they created this uh very large truck concept it kind of has that boxy design that we’ve seen on the new uh Land Cruiser that was recently Rel releas in the states that will be making it to Japan as the pra here’s another

Take on the same truck so basically this is a a mobile Cafe so you aspiring Baristas out there can take your business mobile but um as cool as these concepts are I think we want to check out some more JDM stuff and I know Liberties around here with

Their white body FD that was presented yesterday so I missed the first day of the show yesterday when this uh really stunning FD was unveiled so again this is the wide body kit that we’ve seen on so many cars in Japan in so many liveries uh W Fest or

Weak Fest there was the Coca-Cola one from uh mioshi garage and I think this is a very well executed take on the Liberty Walk FD kit I think this has to be one of my favorite uh are kits or conversions really that Liberty Walk have created it just

Enhances the FD lines so much and with this rear hatch conversion here actually gives it a bit of a Boku feel as well so this is definitely a car I’m going to be trying to shoot outside of the show Once we’re done so I guess this is from the Indonesia drift

Series Danny for dito’s car 180sx I just love seeing how you know uh series that we’re kind of familiar with like the drift scene in Japan has progressed so much us us has its own kind of different take on things and I love to see how Emerging Markets have their own kind of

Drift scene and how the cars are slowly progressing I’ve actually been coming to uh Indonesia for a good decade now uh I used to cover the formula D Asia series back in the day uh I followed rsr around uh for a couple of rounds here and did

Come to Jakarta and uh got to see the the very beginning of the drift the drift movement here and uh it’s really nice to see that it’s progressed and it’s kind of gotten uh into a really you know advanced level now so where drivers can actually start competing at series

Around the world so we are pretty much done with this hole so we’ll go over to this side I’ve already spotted some really sweet EG Civics around here but this this is something crazy check out the Turbo setup here so it’s got a full race manifold feeding a Borg Warner turbo Turbo smart actuator for the built-in waste gate and of course it’s got a recirculating blow valve something I really like on these Borg Warner Turbos beautiful setup with the intake amazing build this is going to be one hell of a car to drive spoon wheels and right behind there AP Racing ERS yeah and a really really nice interior we’ll have to see if we can have a look inside but uh it’s those uh

Raros that I’ve actually seen in Malaysia before they were fitted to an Audi R8 at one of the shops that we visited so really nice to see that kind of modern seat being used on legendary old school JDM Cars like this I was just talking to the mechanic who actually

Built the car and you’re saying it’s four-wheel drive yes oh oh yeah so you guys have actually done a four-wheel drive conversion what’s the rear the rear end what are you using for uh we have CRV CRV from CRV okay okay so we have the key now we can have a look at

This insane four-wheel drive Civic EG and I was mentioning before here those seats those buckets and sequential gearbox and a sequential gearbox which which sequential five so I this this like the dream EG setup I mean I think you pures were probably cringe but uh I just love

Things that are done so well like look at how the shifter is integrated spoon steering wheel a nice little Digital dash super clean nothing crazy really well trimmed really well trimmed rear here and a sort of integrated roll cage and then of course so wait how much

Power does this generate I mean that Borg Warner is pretty big 500 on Wheel 500 at the wheels wow and is the engine stroked is it 2 L or 24 2.4 liter okay so it’s a 2.4 500 of the wheels all4 wheels now we got to try and drive

This we definitely have to try and drive drive this amazing really cool setup this is literally the first car I take a look at in detail and it’s already blowing my Mind Hey Love turbocharging stuff out here nice uh S15 r33 combo here big 19 in there Mo Wheels wide body and next to it a very simple r33 build take a look at this 997 from fat bro garage pretty wild wide body conversion front and back disc

It’s a kind of a reminder of what rwb are doing with their 997s but done in a slightly different flavor very well proportion have to say it flows extremely Well So i’ literally been waiting for the lady behind on the booth to stop screaming through the PA so I could uh talk you guys through this really sweet white body 180sx it’s got uh very well executed fenders front and back sits with a little bit of uh

Negative camber for that kind of slammed look complet kind of Street build so lots of AIO in the back very well refined cabin seems to be like suede pretty much everywhere uh Hydro uh Nismo shifter lots of uh Dey gauges are on there I think they are and a very clean setup

Unfortunately not too much space around it so I’m struggling to get the whole car in the picture but um so this is pretty much what I would categorize as the Impreza SDI dream in that um even back in the day when I was kind of shooting for magazines more I did a a

Shop in Japan called Lou sport they used to have a WRC inspired white body kit and uh it was pretty much uh recreating what the GDB rally car looked like and uh they did a great job but I think this really Nails it so well it’s uh very

High quality I have to say it fits amazingly well it seems to be carbon fiber you can actually see the carbon fiber under the paint so the widening kind of begins right at the beginning of the rear door goes right across the rear fenders WRC style uh dryc carbon mirrors those

Uh unmistakable fenders and just extremely well done like very very well executed this is the absolute dream for an Impreza STI guy that just wants to have a legit WRC look for the street it even has the little camera setup next to the roof scoop and of course that fin rear

Wing and if we look at it from the back sits so well and it seems to be built on an SDI spec C so pretty much the homologation special that was built for WRC regulations so spot on all the way from me here this is really cool Celica

GT4 on Oz wheels up here I came across this custom built Cobra replica and strangely enough a 76 toron so this is not the first time we seen see Aussie cars in Southeast Asia I remember seeing a couple at custom Fest uh last year and also at UT of speed but

Uh this really upset uh the level of uh work that’s gone into this car is pretty impressive inside and out customade massive engine setup and a side exit double exhaust and if we take a look from the back certainly has a busy setup a SL cclass Wagon on bras trip

Spokes Center Stage here when we saw it come in it wasn’t this busy but it really is getting the most attention here at the show together with the Liberty Walk FD that would be the S15 silhouette formula S15 which they unveiled yesterday so this is actually a built uh a build that

Was done here in Indonesia it’s not the Japanese car that’s been shipped here or anything and it joins a host of other cool JDM Cars that are being built for the show specifically hell even uh electric cars get attention here this is a Hyundai ionic 5 electric hatch with a wide body

Conversion tons of carbon fiber it’s a really nice a really nice take on the kind of original design they’ve really kept the design language uh kind of similar very angular and they’ve created what looks like a race car for the Street I have to say I’m quite impressed how many of these wooling air EV City cars there are a lot of them are actually modified so this would be the stock version and here is one sitting on tiny little BBS rims pretty interesting full EV from China and very popular here in

Malaysia right behind here nice er34 wearing what looks like a Urus arrow and again we find this uh MCI carbon brand on pretty much any car here in Jakarta and of course here I find Yip drooling over a black limited pretty sick It’s part of this uh really sick M4 wide body wearing this uh Forge carbon fiber or at least I don’t know I can’t even tell if it’s a wrap or the real actually no it’s the real thing Forge carbon fiber Bonnet lip spoiler canards side skirts rear spoiler rear

Diffuser rear bumper finishers here on the wide body panels and even an antenna the Indonesian car culture does include very much a lot of European and American cars as well here’s another of those air EVS from woing these things seem to be like the most popular promotional Vehicles here

In Indonesia and right behind here I spoted a couple of old school mercedes-benzes one on stock ride height one slightly lowered what really caught my intention is this uh e86 hachiroku on equip on 40s limited edition model as well so collector item nice dark blue beautiful build on some

Uh Toyo procu trip8 R8s go to the back color match over fenders tons of lit on these 40s carbon fiber trim under the skirts and apparently it’s a 2 L turbo we definitely need to take a look at the engine bay on this all right so um they

Actually opened up the Bonnet and as I thought there is an rb26 swapped into this uh wide body S15 we were looking at before very very clean clean setup completely like wir tucked and uh cleaned up engine bay bit of gusting around the extra supports that have been added

In if you look at it it’s all redesigned nice brushed or machined uh cam covers carbon fiber intake little electronic throttle massive HKS t51 really really beautiful work down here and the r33 next to it similar setup loving the machined aluminum covers Here So literally after drooling on the eg6 with a turbo conversion and the four-wheel drive we have something a little bit more conventional here anach K swwa EG lots of K tun goodies on it mugan rims mugan brakes mugan seats stripped out rear end nice little roof

Spoiler a very nice take with a more kind of conventional Street Tuned K swapped EG right here’s this super sick spoon wide body kitted S2000 so the stock F20 is running an HKS GT2 supercharger Arc airbox lots of like hand welded piping super clean setup and so right next to the spoon inspired white body uh AP1 is this eg6 Coupe which of course

Like all cbsa was actually made in America even though it’s right hand drive pretty sweet uh B series setup and these meticulously welded lobster tail headers uh 4 into two into one I guess no 4 into one 4 into one exhaust yeah nice uh nice Coupe BG setup on some work CR Oh So I came to check out the engine plus Booth so these are the guys that built the uh four-wheel drive EG uh Civic they have a GT3 GTR here it’s crazy so this is uh what nissam will sell you or at least used to that’s the GT3 race car ready to race

I think it comes with are like a spare engine and all the necessary tools to at least get these uh cental locks off so a lot of private teams in Japan buy these GT3 cars uh as kind of like an entry level into gt300 series Super GT and uh it’s pretty crazy it’s

Exactly the perfect way to get into like gentleman racing on a very high budget because this would be seriously expensive but uh these guys do a lot of work uh we’re actually going to try and go and visit edent Plus at their shop here in Jakarta in the the next couple of days

They do build some really crazy cars there’s another EG over here K swap not turbo but uh dry sumped so interesting setup some serious jrz dampers with remote Reservoir there Advan racing wheels just really nicely set up and modified cars the kind of stuff that we really want to

See we get to this EVO 4 drag car so this is one of their race cars that they built it’s so far managed a 9-second pass so it’s 1,000 horsepower to the wheels Turbo’s mounted in front of the engine pretty crazy cooled intake manifold so you can see how the massive uh gt45

Spews out its exhaust gases and the wastegate screamer right here on the side of the fender massive pwr cooler that through dry ice and coolant actually cools the uh intake charge so no intercooling it’s actually charge cooled and the tank where the dry ice is kept is there and once it uh

Accelerates off the line the excess fumes and sometimes liquids kind of spew out of there radiator setup in the back with the tiny little fuel cell just what’s enough for one single pass uh so as I was saying this car has done a 9-second pass uh first set the record

Then the record was broken and then they redid a pass to kind of get uh the record back so it’s currently sits at 9.0 on an unprepped surface so uh once uh some some kind of develops a prepped uh drag strip here in Indonesia they’ll be able to get like the maximum

Potential out of this car okay so apparently this is a new thing speakers under Teslas please discuss in Comments All right so I’m going to close the coverage to the IMX 2023 show I have to say I really always enjoy coming to Indonesia or any Southeast Asian country and just seeing how car culture keeps kind of like pushing evolving and uh how you know Japan is the reference point

For so much it’s the style and Trend Setter that everybody tries to uh I wouldn’t say replicate but at least kind of get inspiration from so that they can execute Styles or builds in similar fashion to what uh people do in Japan it’s uh it’s been amazing uh jakarta’s

Awesome Indonesia is awesome everybody’s so friendly the food is great had a ton of like awesome times here and I even got to catch up with guys like Katan I mean I just look forward to coming back to next year’s show and just seeing how it all kind of progresses and evolves so

Uh thanks for checking in and uh there’ll be more coming from Indonesia so stay tuned for More