Dino DC: Honda NSX-R vs SPOON FL5 Type R – Japan Touge

Honda NSX-R vs SPOON FL5 Type R - Japan Touge

Posted: 2023-05-14 12:42:19
Author: Dino DC
The first and the last Type-R from Honda, head to head on some of Japan’s best driving roads. The NA1 NSX-R and the Spoon Civic FL5 Type-R are such cars from completely different eras, but they both share the same Honda philosophy’s of road going enthusiast driving cars. We got the chance to take both of these cars out to Hakone, home to some of Japan’s best roads, driving one after the other, leaving no other variables other than the car itself.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Okay welcome to a new episode and we are once again down at the yokona turnpike this is a very special shoot that I’ve been planning for a few weeks now and I have to thank the owner of the nsxr Ben for Lending me the car and again spoon

For uh you know bringing out their fl5 civic Type R so basically the whole idea of me wanting to do this is because it was basically because the nsxr was the very first r or type R model that Honda came up with and with the fl5 being the

Very last there’s definitely you know the synergies there so I want to kind of feel what the type R used to be like 30 years ago and what the type R means today in today’s kind of model range even though they’re completely different cars I think you’re going to have a fun

Day driving some amazing Hondos today we won’t be spending much time on on the turnpike it’s a bit too fast I don’t want to risk you know doing anything silly with other people’s cars so we’re gonna take it down towards yugabara Onsen there’s a much tighter Toge pass

There so I think we’ll have a bit more fun through the twisties I guess we’ll just jump in the cars and get going foreign Okay so we’ve just had the chance to do a first preliminary Drive in on some nice toga roads it’s my very first time to drive an na1 nsxr on such tight mountain passes and I’m literally blown away at how the car feels I can probably compare it to what maybe a grown-up

Go-kart would feel like the steering is so direct and so hard of course there’s no power steering and absolutely no sign of understeer the only problem we had was with the braking giving up for a moment there we were coming down that’s that’s the main reason why but jomoto-san was chasing me

In the fl5 spoon Type R and this is his first time driving the car so can I have some impression of what you thought I mean you guys developed it now you get the chance to try it the first time so uh we already tested some so many types

Of the road of course uh race track and a highway and toga road yeah but my first time driving in uh aggressive Target today yeah but uh it’s driving is so easy into chasing the NSX Type R because uh this car has a our downspring Progressive stream yeah stock one is too

Much hard yeah I think I have the same issue in the NSX yeah the suspension the damping is so hard too hard yeah so what the uh we don’t want to make more hard feelings so we developed our Springs yeah more uh feeding is more soft but

This spring relate is higher than stock one yeah but very uh smooth uh suspension stroke so together is the best and also you have the ability to adjust the damping now that you’ve gone back so from the first time that we did the video on this car when they first uh

Did the scuba attack that time was running on KW suspension They removed that so they can fine tune and get the development done on the on the spring roll lowering kit so I think for for most customers this would be the the more viable option uh

Where you have you know the Best of Both Worlds and the car looks good because it sits so low does it have any issues with rubbing the front end maybe on slopes or uh not so much it’s a little bit lower but uh this spring is uh almost uh a

Shotgun spec almost seconds yeah okay that’s good in Japan because you can drive it legally and also since we last saw this car you guys did the ECU mapping yeah so you got a little bit more boost that of course gave you a little bit more power so do you know how

Much power was measured or currently we use a stock map for the uh base map so power is a 20 horsepower increase okay so uh 300 and 330 330. yeah so yeah uh dino has a Dyno check is a degrees a cutter of the specs oh yeah but it’s currently uh uh scaling

Power with uh 3 30 3 30. and that’s the Hub power or Hub power yeah so to the wheels a little bit higher I think so yeah and the torque is uh more yeah I noticed how quickly you came up to me instantly so yeah stock stock one yeah

Like a M8 engine yeah power power and torque is a linearity for the subtle petals yeah but we already tuned the high Booth so talk is more increase about 3000 RPM yeah and yeah the three thousand RPM uh increase the torque so it must feel amazing yes and it’s easy

To drive so uh no need to the downside yeah yeah just floor it and it goes yeah well I mean I think we’re here for me to try this too so um I’ll be jumping in we can exchange cars of course and I can let you know what I thought about this

But for the time being we’re going to take a quick look at the engine and just another once over the car because uh you guys need to see how it sits now with the lowering springs and uh the mirrors are back yeah and it looks on point so let’s take a closer look Okay so a quick glance at the engine so we’ve already seen this before but just to remind people it’s completely stuck yes nothing has been changed yet you just have a spoon filter spoon filter and a throttle body and the throttle body and the uh the yellow yellow cover some

Caps yeah and then you’ve done this heat shielding yes yeah uh this car uh still have a heating each year oh really yeah so we put on the so many all right material yeah and I’ve noticed you’ve also refined the way the air small modified so from from here where is spoon gonna

Go with this engine are you gonna do aftermarket turbos or yeah of course we already start on fitting and the checking okay uh upgrade the top yeah so maybe uh we will sell so right yeah very quick efficient and uh clutch flywheel have you done anything with that uh uh maybe

Soon because if you go up on power obviously yeah you need to look at that as well great and differential it’s already have that’s good enough you think for even more power yes and uh we need a more testing in the restaurant so right now we use a 1.5 way okay but uh

Some race track uh better uh which one better so one way or 1.5 yeah what you need to figure out which suits better so we need more testing great Okay just uh to compare obviously the cars and the engines this is a completely stock engine again much like the Civic we’ve just done a radiator fluid change and uh kind of had a check and Alignment done at spoon yesterday just to make sure the car was on top

Condition for today’s drive it feels amazing I can’t fault it in any way for a stock engine it really actually sounds good once you get on on you know some decent revs 4000 RPM and up it sounds really nice and I think I’m going to enjoy driving it through the Target

Today you know speaking of the engine I think we definitely have to talk to zomato-san because he was the chief mechanic of the spoon NSX Macau race car right yeah so you’re the guy that helped build it coordinate the build uh handle all the testing and then of course

You’re the guy that had to fix after the crash in Macau good memory for me yeah I bet yeah yeah the other races the uh my first chicken mechanic project yeah and yeah it’s a very very impressive for me I bet yeah yeah and the Macau race is a very

Difficult setup so Macau Grand Prix has a long straight and the mountain section is so a different type of the city and NSX is a very good car for the Macau Grand Prix yeah so that car’s engine is a 3.5 na engine and a very wide truck

Van in the no need to the uh so much so this car is a very good racing car in the Macau and it had a sub phrase yeah that lace so after you guys fixed it yeah so you stayed up what the whole night basically yeah oh my God because I

Actually remember shooting that car in maybe 2008 a twin ring motegi really I didn’t really remember that yeah you were there too so yeah I mean I just young mechanic I was a young photographer time flies but yeah it’s crazy that we’re over another special NSX today and enjoying it out today but

Yeah let’s take a Let’s Take a Ride in the cars and see what we think Foreign Okay so for me the the really impressive thing about this car is just the analog nature it has it feels amazing in your hands the steering is very hard there’s a lot of Kickback through the steering but it just communicates so much every corner you’re getting a very accurate

Sensation of what the bridge stones are putting up with and it gives you an insane feedback through the seat of your pants this bucket seat is awesome for that and uh I think the only issue you would probably have in today’s world where you know Tire Technologies

Advance so much to the point that you know I’m now running Bridgestone re71 rs’s which are basically track compound street tires but the level of grip that they generate is so phenomenal that you know you end up cornering faster and braking harder and therefore you put more pressure on the brakes and the

Suspension so you know thinking of upgrades only that would really be something to think about uh then you know engine wise you know people say oh it only has like 280 declared horsepower but on roads like this it’s just perfect it doesn’t feel like it’s you know lacking power or

Torque in any way or form the five speed has got really perfectly spaced ratios and uh I really never find myself out of you know a little squirt of power like this and uh Foreign I may have complained I may have complained that you know the exhaust was a bit quiet but that’s around town um you know on roads like this once you get over 4000 RPM it just starts singing that c38 is an amazing engine and once it gets on cam it sounds

Sublime so I really have no complaints uh chassis wise the car is just so light it really dances through the corners you can really focus on nailing the apexes and just you know making full use of that road when you come out um I mean really Honda did create an

Amazing car for the generation and you know I’m pretty sure they scared the hell out of Ferrari and Porsche back in those days with a car like this so if you’re wondering why I’m bouncing like this is how hard the suspension are uh so on Japanese roads they put High grip uh tarmac

In little strips to help people not lose control in Slippery conditions and uh yeah they make you bounce but they’re really grippy and if you don’t mind I have to open the window now because I’m dying uh one thing that’s broken on this car is the air conditioner so

I’m really suffering right now but you know while while we’re here kind of driving a little slower I can’t emphasize enough how beautifully simple the cabin is like I honestly don’t think it’s aged that much I mean the layout is spot on short you know the equipment is dated as a tape deck

Um analog gauges but it just proves again that you once you really don’t over complicate things you end up with cars that just last so much more Through Time and this NSX is a perfect example I mean obviously it doesn’t need to be an nsxr it can be any any type of NSX

Um you know one thing I really enjoy about this car is the Momo steering wheel it’s uh just as you would want it perfectly like shaped around your you know perfect hand position it is one of the best drivers cars the you know Honda and Japan in general has

Ever created I mean without a doubt this is the real deal and you know a lot of people say well you know dna2 Was A step above but uh I still feel this original generation with the pop-up headlights it just has so much more than 90. so so

Much more of that old flavor of of the cars that you know we all love and you know while the fixed headlights was a nice kind of upgrade to be doing it doesn’t change the fact that underneath it Remains the Same car it’s the same chassis the same body it’s just being

You know nipped and tucked here and there all right foreign foreign foreign Foreign Okay so I’m in the fl5 spoon Type R and I’ve just spent about 10 minutes getting comfortable with the car because you know to jump from a 30 year old NSX mid-engine car without any sort of control into something brand new 2022 model um it’s a big difference and you know

Starting from the handling they’re back on the stock damper so you have the selection on the drive mode that really changes the character um I think on these roads probably Comfort is the best setting but I’m actually driving in plus r just so I can get the sharpest feel from

The chassis and my Lord is it sharp it’s like the paint Sharps turn in anytime you you know go through a corner or just tap the steering it’s completely different from the NSX Which is far more Progressive they’re actually running the same tires uh the bridgestones re71 rs’s

But the type R you know it’s it’s a modern car you you really feel that Evolution that has happened through you know three three decades basically and uh they have created a car that is exceptionally easy to drive fast I have to say it really makes you look

Like a bit of a driving God there’s so much torque on demand even though the power delivery is quite linear I mean I think they definitely try to to tune it in a way that it feels uh n a trying to kind of align with the character that Honda’s have always been

Known for um there’s a an amazing amount of braking power of course spoon have changed the front calipers have gone for a bigger Brembo setup with their special discs and pads and fluids and Brake hoses so it’s it’s track ready like you know if you need to break

You break you just shave speed off in a split second so on Corners like this where you don’t want to kind of Trail break into you know the middle of the corner you get 90 of your braking done before the corner like this and then you

You throw the car in obviously a bit more uh a bit smoother than that but just to emphasize you know what a pin sharp chassis fl5 really is oh God and you know the engine of course I don’t have the opportunity to stretch its leg where its legs rather on you know these

Very tight corners but I’ve floored second and third a couple of times and there’s so much torque it just packs on the speed so fast you get to Illegal speeds very quickly and again it makes it a more relaxed Driving Experience because literally you just need to keep it in third gear and

It just uh it responds with Wallops of torque every time and torque is indeed where they found more most of the benefits of you know using the The Flash ROM from ondata the mid-range has really become explosive not that the stock car wasn’t But it just it just helps you know spice up the whole package a little bit more especially when you have handling and braking on this sort of level um you know having the extra power is definitely um something that you really need no chassis I’ve talked about it already

It’s it’s a very brand new car it’s a 2023 model so as you can imagine production uh abilities of uh being quite evolved since when the type R NSX was originally made so structural rigidity is phenomenal it’s like basically running a roll cage on like an older chassis that’s what comes through

The the steering in the seat um with that you feel more comfortable because the car just corners and gets into a nice radius pretty easily and even Hills and toes for you I mean it’s like the fair ladies either we just drove it has automatic rev match so

It’s there to facilitate the drive some people may like that I prefer to do that stuff myself I found it very satisfying in the NSX to kind of Rev reval second shift up to Third and then back to second with a nice heel and toe

And rev match it you don’t nail it every time but when you do it’s extra special right I have to say I really love these mirrors that spoon have developed they don’t only look good from the outside kind of give a sharper feel to the to the whole exterior but

They’re actually phenomenal when you’re you know using them looking through them they have a nice kind of wide angle to them I think they’ve been concaved out and uh they have this coating on them to kind of reduce reflections so that’s a nice nice little detail I noticed so far But yeah the steering in this car is so sharp it’s beautifully weighted for an electrically assisted rack and it just builds your confidence so much Actually I have to say that torque really comes in strong sort of like an old-school turbo engine there it is so they’re both Type R models but I mean they couldn’t be more different cars not only is the age Gap separating them but the whole the whole ethos of each car is

Completely different one is a mid-engine lightweight rear rear wheel drive sports car from the 90s one is a a tuned uh sedan from you know the early 2020s it’s uh it’s a whole different ball game but they really get that performance uh out there in very unique forms and in

The process uh are very special cars that you can enjoy individually for their own uh you know positive character foreign What a day it’s been I this is what dreams are made of having the opportunity to drive you know the very first Type R and the very last and one that’s been modified and perfected by spoon you know it’s it’s really made evident how the evolution of a car or

You know the type R badge in particular has kind of come a long way and I have to say this is the perfect analog representation of what type R means this is the digital representation the new world representation what the type R stands for and you know most people will

Probably ask which one would you take you can’t you can’t make a decision like that you need them both and I think it’s a perfect way to end this video I really hope you enjoyed it if you want to see more of these kind of videos let me know

Below in the comments and thank you for checking in Foreign