Dino DC: Friday Night in Japan With Street Drifters

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Posted: 2023-10-18 10:59:02
Author: Dino DC
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Dino DC Video Transcript

He Hey so uh tonight we actually decided to come out for a little drive and a cruise around because we heard that some uh cars are meeting up down by the warf um in the nondescript area of Tokyo so we’re going to check out what’s happening and hopefully show you a nice

Bit of Japanese nighttime car culture we’re actually following uh a chaser built for drifting so you can kind of gauge what we might be seeing Tonight okay this is actually way busier than I even imagined um we got tons of cars behind us and we’re heading into this car park which unfortunately seems to be full so we might have to park outside on the street here all right so this place is actually so

Packed we actually um just left the car back there and we’re walking to see what the lineup looks like so people are stopped outside and this is hey guys what’s up we’re going to check out what’s in the car park here before everybody goes out and you

Know does their thing it’s really dark so I’ve actually shifted to the brightest lens I have here on the phone sweet Mark I 110 nice lineup of hundreds cool Sora S15 man what a selection of cars glad I came out tonight oh man look at this one t37s even a bleet 110

Wagon er33 S15 and nice er34 four-door GTR look really sweet cars nice Lup House So apparently the next step is to maybe hit Umi hotaru parking area I hear some people taking off it’s just too full it filled up I guess uh too many people ended up coming so we’ll see where we end up so as you can see people are literally putting

U-turns in this tiny little narrow s Street so yeah I guess slowly people are flowing out that’s that six Sora we saw da coku Recently Oh that’s a close One Ouch it’s like grid lck coming in and grid lck going back out but wow what a group of cars this is really really sweet so um I think once we see these cars all lined up in umaru I think it would make sense just uh what a selection of cars

We have tons more cars out here lining up I guess they don’t really know what to do cuz you get stuck here and and unless somebody does a U-turn you kind of have to line Up all right I think it’s probably better if I go and find my car and do a U-turn and try and get out of here before it gets even more crowded all right we’re going to get out of here and check out what other cars

Have lined up before we go to in the next location have to stop and take a closer look at this 180 absolutely sick look at the camber on the front ready for some action I guess a lot of people had the same idea I hadn’t kind of got out of

The grid lock and waiting to see what happens next yeah this is way more fun than any da coku static meat as as two of those nights are it’s always good to kind of have the potential for some action and checking out a group of cars this Sick All right so we’re going to follow these guys to humu okay so you might actually notice that I’m chasing this uh 34 in something a little bit different from the norm so uh we’ll talk about this car soon on an upcoming video all right we’re jumping on the one

Gun and heading to the aqualine and those are the prices that continuously keep going up we’re right next to this sick jzx 110 Mark I on our way to um I think this is actually going to be an awesome uh meet once we get all the

Cars once we get all the cars under the light all right turn off for the aqualine somehow I’m actually the guy leading the group now all right so here’s the entrance to the aqualine the m long tunnel that goes under the Tokyo bay and there’s that four-door 34 I was

Looking at in the car park so Sick Okay so we’ve arrived at umu and uh we’re just going to park up and try and get all the cars that arrive from the other me oh we have a undercover police car having a little nose around wondering why there’s so many foreigners here okay so we’ve arrived and I’ve

Parked next to possibly what might be an after for this base car I don’t know we’ll think about that there’s already a nice selection of cars here we’ll do a quick uh walk around a couple of GTRs super clean stock looking 180 we got that rocket bunny R35 the

Flat nose that’s always at these meats actually let me check the engine on this look at this setup trust into cooler it’s crazy what you can actually pack in the back of a Porsche and over here we have a sick track prepped and a roadster

Look at the splitter on this thing oh my God so this is a local car I guess from sodar over in Chiba that is pretty mindblowing swan neck Wing stays for the big GT wing of the back actually I wonder if I actually probably saw this in uh scuba Tac at

Some point super clean white FD nice S2000 here FD is out Euro R Accord 90 and a couple Evo 10s so not bad for uh you know what 30 seconds after I pulled in this is the car we were riding with so this is one shop we definitely

Need to go visit so nend style is out in uh to chigi or GMA actually and uh I definitely plan to go do a video because uh actually me and Larry went to nsty uh years back and we did like a bunch of feature for Speed hunters in one day we

Probably knocked out like eight cars and the shop so uh super sick valide FD and it’s a Pity it’s dark because umihotaru is actually a parking area right in the middle of Tokyo bay so we arrive here with a tunnel and then over here it becomes a bridge and it goes all

The way to the Chiba Peninsula which is all the way over there it looks like some people are parking on the ground level we’ll have to keep an eye out down there if it actually ends up materializing down there and then we have to go down should probably show

This really clean black 32 on uh those slight bluish Z4s from Ray vlk racing endless brakes sweet setup looks like has some uh top secret goodies splitter um the rear fend finisher and the vortex generator I always love when rwb’s are actually smooth fendered like this

964 it just I don’t know it just looks so much cleaner and look at the wing setup on this it’s got like a duct tail that kind of also houses the massive Wing stays to hold up the front row GT Wing Center exit exhausts some color coordination in there super Sick Here we go sleepy Luca here you’ve been sleeping for like 2 hours in the back of the car you okay all right let’s go get some ice cream cuz uh that’s what you do at humio taru at midnight that’s that’s the best part of Japan you always have companies at your

Disposal look at this freshly Stacked Sandwiches and onigiri with the chicken of the sea we’re actually here for the ice creams H look at this selection it’s crazy I think I just spotted my friend Sudan with this insane garage source 32 this thing is sick I actually shot this back in like maybe 2009 and he’s kept progressing the car it’s a typical garage Source build so either 2.7 2.8 I forget now big single sequential roll cage looks sick and yeah all carbon all right so uh we’re actually

Going to jump back in the car and head to uto see if something is happening there and if not we’ll just call it a night you know we got two awesome meets so um I definitely call this a really successful outing but if more can be

Seen why the hell not so let’s uh let’s head Out Sounds like everybody’s ready to go That it’s the same spot as ever so police is here but I think they’re going for another Run okay so the police is actually being persistent everybody’s taking Off so I think I’ll actually do the same I think it’s about time here we go not a bad night though hope you enjoyed this One All