Dino DC: Ebisu Circuit’s Grip Matsuri – Not Just Drifting!

Ebisu Circuit's Grip Matsuri - Not Just Drifting!

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Posted: 2023-07-02 21:43:40
Author: Dino DC
When you think about Ebisu Circuit, drifting is usually what comes to mind. But what many people don’t realise, Ebisu also hosts an equal amount of circuit and time attack days. In this episode we check out the Ebisu Grip Matsuri – 48 hours of day and night time attack style racing.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] hey welcome to a new episode it’s going to be a pretty crazy two days we just arrived up here in Ibiza circuit we’re chilling with the guys from power vehicles Andy and Emily and we’re going to be shooting a bunch of cars I’m bringing back the nsxr the one month and

A half that I’ve had with it is over picking up a new car so yeah just stick around and see what we got coming so part of the idea of me coming here to ibisu this weekend is to kind of take out some of Andy’s uh really cool cars

That he’s got either in stock or for customers there’s always a special stuff that he has by surprise however we came to find out that it’s actually the grit Matsuri here in higashi this is not as big as it used to be but it’s still

Quite a cool event that we are going to take a quick look at because it’s kind of like an old take on what Ibiza was always kind of about there’s always the drift Matsuri and then always a great 30 and it just makes sense to take a look at

The cars that people bring out to these grip events and uh so let’s have a quick look through the pits what’s out there I always liked this event because it kind of brings out the smaller cars the kind of real amateur stuff that people like

To kind of tune up and get ready for track work and just enjoy you know I mean you don’t have to spend a ton of money to prepare a car for a bit of track action so yeah lots of Hondas some key cards start down at the bottom here and see

What we can find Speaking of K cars going hard Eunice Roadster here getting some Break maintenance done looks like the pads need a bit of change next to the Roadster is the friend racing wide body Impreza bit of a surprising something this High spec at grit Matsuri usually it’s kind of smaller kind of more affordable cars but this is obviously a

Bit of a test for this car possibly so it’s pretty sick Arrow kit with like a spoiler literally sprouting up from underneath here mounted to a bar welded to the chassis it’s actually very functional pretty girthy wide body that kind of continues on to the rear doors in the front end carbon splitter

And an intake right there on the corner vent be cool to see this out in action and maybe also get a look at the engine here see what it’s running under there another Super impressive STI this time very stock looking and next to it here this re racing Suzuki Alto works I love

These cars and I always love seeing them at events like super battle and attack in Cuba so coming across one here at idisu East always cool looks like they pulled some seats it’s completely stripped out now that would be fun around anything actually don’t need to hit brakes much with the

Cars that live with and here’s a Mitsubishi oh God what is this I’m not even sure yeah I mean the recipe is pretty much the same you get a bolt-in roll cage completely stripped out rear bucket seats steering wheel decent suspension Wheels grippy tires and you have yourself

The perfect kind of weekend time attack car further up here that’s part of the dc-5 on t-37s looks like it’s a well used example carbon bonnet sort of peeling looks like it’s been sitting in the sun for ages very cool the unmissable Suzuki Swift any grip event in Japan You’ll Always

Find some of these These are really fun cars uh you can buy them with a manual transmission the Swift sport is one you need to get and uh cheap and easy way to get into some fun rip racing at tracks like um a couple more Roasters here and uh over

There we’ll go and check out that side of things in a bit and uh not sure what this V60 Volvo is all about I’ve got some Sears brakes so it’s a Volvo vst.com this is the hot version of Volvo’s vst60 I don’t think I’ve seen many of these

Pulstar ovals here in Japan always cool to see a bit of variety this Volvo Pulsar V60 is definitely something you don’t come across often you might see these like maybe the red speed Super Battle there’s a Volvo VST so obviously that’s probably like a tuning company that deals in Volvos here in

Japan uh next to the Volvo here it’s E36 again perfect example of what you need to go grip racing here in Japan it’s cool to see an import being turned into like a proper time attack car again bucket seats roll cage just the minimum needed of course it’s

Got the P lap three and yeah it’s a 318is really cool chassis to kind of Base a nice build out of nankang tires on BBS rims stock brakes obviously upgraded pads and I hope brake fluid there’s a little Toyota Vitz check this out that’s a little intake follow it around

You can see it plumps right into the air box For sure what that’s about but yeah it’s kind of like a cheaper version of a gr Yaris it’s got the Super GT ballast sticker yeah pretty cool and another one next to it this is the RS from work rims it’s actually on it’s so quiet

Looks like it’s ready to go out and next to it here we have another a third Super Impreza but I wanted to check out what’s out here in the Paddock area always cool to see nice Mrs looks like he’s ready to go out looks at one point my car used to run a

Spoiler [Applause] Little Trio of eunos roadsters here these are definitely cars for purists I love how they always never exaggerate on tire sizes and wheel sizes so they always keep the chunky 45 55 profile sidewalk so it’s running ad09 the overs on NK rims and this one here on Advent racing wheels on zero 52s

So yeah this is running some serious taking Rubber and over here another Yaris a little stock 1nz Fe and over here there’s another E36 next to a Cayman cayman’s running some insane brake setup stop text floor pots at the back and huge six foot front this is some serious serious grip setup

It’s called the pro modded sticker so it’s obviously tuned by Kumai fan promote it one of the favorites for Porsche tuning in Japan based out in Chiba definitely a shop I need to visit for the channel with those guys work on and again the last car here another E36 Recaro buckets

I’m almost steering wheel Adventures of old school E36 BBs oh this is pretty cool I saw this out on track before CRX Del Sol always nice to see where Hondas I used to remember that these cars actually came out when I originally moved to Japan in early mid 90s and I

Used to love there was like a kind of like a teal green color offer for these cars they’re always so cool I always love them it’s a hachiroku another Swift Sport and the little n a we were seeing on track I didn’t even see this fit RS 11 there’s a t-37s at the front So one of the sketchiest things about ebisu higashi is the actual entrance from underneath the tunnel here you kind of cross under the main straight from the other side of the track and it’s so narrow it’s so narrow so if you have some people actually try with Transporters

But you kind of have to wait until they open the gate all the way over there to get in CRZ so the little Daihatsu Paso I think it’s called that we were seeing on track has just pulled in check out the cutouts on the rear bumper parts turned let me play

A mountain bike type silencer and Lady driven such a cool little car it just proves that you don’t need to go crazy on you know grip driving you’re gonna have so much fun with little cake cars and this is definitely my favorite I love the alto works so this is always a really

Cool viewpoint at Ibiza you can see the inside the infield hairpin so basically you come down all the way from there make your way through the corner section and you loop around and come back here one of the best places to look out potentially shoot if you have a long

Enough lens so when I shoot from ibizu higashi I tend to go on the outside of this corner if we have access we can usually actually get right up to where those sponge barriers are or you kind of walk along the wall and you get the cars

Coming up from that little control point you can actually get the cars kind of zooming past you really good place for like high-speed plants so the cool thing about this event is that you know we’ve noticed how most people don’t really exaggerate when it comes to like uh you

Know big Power or crazy builds unless you’re like friends racing testing like one of the demo cars and uh it’s it’s a really good opportunity for you to go out on track and just set up a nice kind of like setup for your car and just practice

Lines you know you just gotta learn how to not only understand the track and all the lines through the corners but make full use of what you have at your disposal with grip and power and try to perfect that time as you kind of bring

As much speed into a corner and kind of use all the space as you exit out hitting every possible Apex and maximizing lap times and that’s pretty much what attracts people to these kind of amateur dribble ends Running Hancock tires there goes the wagonr all right School course cars that they have here there’s so many cars that are just sitting on GTV here 180 judging from how clean this is it’s probably one of the latest school cars possibly so much stuff and even more up here here’s a more modern Ibiza school car

So yeah don’t forget if you visit Japan and you’ll be soon you can also get some courses from guys like suiunaga teach you how to drive grip or drift and have a ton of fun here in Japan so there’s another really interesting aspect to this circuit

It’s a toilet don’t worry I’m not gonna take you with me will I go for a slash but rest into the toilet and if you open up here there’s a throne but guys look at this View how about a view like this when you um

Sit down in your office it’s ready to go for night sessions with these two projectors Thank you Okay so the grip mat 3 is actually held over two different courses one is higashi which is we just took a look of and now we are here down in Nishi recently repaired Nishi course which of course had a big Landslide a few years ago so it’s been

Slightly reworked up on that section over there and uh again the selection of cars is as diverse as it was at higashi so we’ll definitely have to take a look through the pits see what we come across I just spotted this uh CRZ here you don’t really see these cars being too heavily

Modified with this uh probably like a fuels demo car or a field customer car that’s been built to pretty high spec it’s got a compressor from HKS so basically it’s it’s got the Honda type of hybrid motor assist plus the compressor really cool looking project

NK Wheels it’s got a bit of a wide body thing happening here at the back with some fender flares riveted in there a nice Wing yeah it’s pretty cool to see a CRZ you know done up as it should is the Mrs we were looking at in higashi another

Hurry racing another re racing Subaru K car evolution another CRZ nice evil wagon a mark x grmn these are actually really potent cars I remember driving one of these at a press event years back it’s got some serious Ur calipers race Force t-37s pretty cool so many roadsters Miatas it’s like

The grip driver’s favorite ride it’s like purity in every form and it really makes you a better driver the more you focus on you know perfecting your skills fits RS again stock it’s a good selection of tires nice rims coilovers bucket seat from fit RS to vit service

It’s got like a pretty complete roll cage here one with steering wheel bright seat nk’s in the back hachiroku oh God this is so clean GTV and t-37s IPS projectors at the front carbon hood it’s beautiful and a motec sticker on the side hmm interesting that’s 2000 another RX8

We saw the other uh the silver RX8 higashi and then he was over fenders another Mrs and this cool altezza here wow damn it’s pretty built it’s a serious looking through this wrapped headers aftermarket coils upgraded fuel rail not sure about that intake because it’s a stock one that’s been

Given the addition of the air box though amazing endless brakes okay so I had a chat to uh kagutanis on here who actually built the car for the lady driver so this is a female Owned Car and she’s been out here Nishi all Saturday perfecting her setup so

Basically the 3s is running a 2.2 Stroker and it’s got aftermarket electrical throttle and uh yeah it’s just a really clean setup big brakes endless brakes at the front Advent Wheels and some tires as well and they’re actually they’re actually packing up today because the days the session today

Has come to an end most of these cars are actually back tomorrow it’s a it’s a two-day event tomorrow’s only the morning it finishes at 12 so you might be able to come in have another kind of second look at what people are doing tomorrow we’re shooting

A lot of cars with Andy so I’m not sure if we’re gonna have that much time but uh it was fun seeing you know great Matsuri again and checking out the cool cars and how people kind of you know spend a bit of time enjoying a bit of

Driving setting up their cars and just getting the nailing that setup with their pride and joy so hope you enjoyed it and check back for more family thank you Start filming the tournament