Dino DC: Driving my R34 GTR For The First Time In 5 Years! | GTR Restoration Ep.2

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Posted: 2023-09-17 11:01:44
Author: Dino DC
Work on the R34 GT-R has started, first off had to get it some temporary “karinamba” slash plates so I can legally move it around and then fit the fresh set of 19-inch Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD09 tires over at Sun Beam. Next up was a trip to ADVANCE in Yokohama to assess the work that needs to be done over the next few months. Had to end things for this second episode with a quick wash so the soon to be removed wrap can at least look semi-shiny… Make sure you check back soon for another update on the road to getting it ready for its dyno session! Wonder how much power and torque we can get out of it?!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign find an ATM and grab some money to pay the third party insurance that I need to get the temporary plate for the GTR so this is the original Nissan Prince booklet I got when I got the car so in any shotgun Center you go to in Japan

You’ll see places like this opposite the actual Center here and these will be the shops that help you pass what most people fail that’s like usually high beam adjustment the tow in and slip angle shinagawa car registration and check-in Center and I forget I think I have to go into a

Secondary office to get the insurance done first okay so here we are the shotgun Center in samizulu Tokyo close to shinogawa I’m gonna head in and get my third party insurance which then will allow me to go to my local city hall and get the karinamba which is

The slash plates the the license plates with the red line that you see a lot of drifters use for obvious reasons and you know coming to sames is always cool because you get to see a bunch of cool cars on the day that are getting either their shotgun test

Or uh getting re-registered for the Tokyo region or this particular Ward I haven’t seen anything sporty so far there’s a bunch of jeeps I even spotted a Rubicon hybrid I think that just came out in Japan that’s the center there so you see the cars come out they’ve

Completed the the route which means they’re either eligible to get the shotgun if they’ve passed every single test if not they have to keep repeating until they pass so that comes at a later later date with the GTR because there’s a bunch of stuff I need to fix on it

Before it’s actually worthy of the inspection so they’ll come at another time oh yeah just to give you a look here at the shinugawa office so basically when you change your number plate you have to break through the aluminum seal that covers one of the bolt holes and they provide the

Screwdrivers and a couple of uh other tools here for you to do your own thing so much searching and wrong floors I’ve arrived to the right place at my local City Hall so hopefully this should be the right place to get the number plates plates

I can uh now go and put them on the GTR and start moving it around uh process one today will be to fit the Advan neovas that I got from Yokohama and get these tires off because they’re very aged and cracked and not safe and you need something modern so basically me

And Kyle here say hello we’re gonna head to Sunbeam in yoga Tokyo and we’re gonna fit the new tires on the ce28 so this will be my road setup which is a 19 inch by nine and a half two seven fives all around and that’s what I’ve been using for my kind

Of road setup for you know 15 years or so we’ll have a set of 18s coming uh that will be kind of like a sporty toga drive or the occasional track day setup thanks to the anti-gravity battery I have immediate ignition when I turn the car on MFD is working beautifully after I

Replaced it um little lines or anything by the way I had a guy ask on the comment section how many kilometers the car sorry that’s the ETC card so 63 800 is the odometer reading Scott not bad for 24 years thank you Okay so we’ve arrived at Sunbeam there readjusting the car

And just in case you’re wondering I haven’t cleaned it yet because I just want to emphasize the fact that it’s been sitting for so long and that it’s just filthy and that psychological will make me you know feel bad about it and then you know really

Get stuck in and cleaning it up and just getting that wrap off the way it should so uh got a couple of BMW M3s here brand new one here getting an alignment so we seem to have an issue with the brake lights staying on I think the pedal is stuck so

Caillou you’ve never seen a car being lifted well I guess you’ll see it now look at the amount of dust that’s creeped under the cover poor thing cool thing about this M3 is that it has that optional M exhaust or the back Center exit not really keen on that but anyway back

To the 34. and you can really see how bad these tires and I’m also going to try and see uh if they can figure out the issue I’m having with the brakes so there was so much rust on the discs the um after that came off

The pedal went kind of weird and it doesn’t really break as much as it used to so I think we need to flush the system and have a look at it and definitely go for some more higher friction pads like project me or something because I’m still on the stock

Brembo pads that came with the GT brake kit so the car runs six spots front s for the back I’m actually considering also doing a color change on the calipers back when I got them I wanted the silver I like silver kind of like the the zitu but it

Wasn’t available at the time so I had to get the calipers on for the tokyoto salon so we just went for red so these tires are actually dated back to 2008 so they’re 15 years old which is slightly boring of course I was running the the red tees that’s something that needs

To be addressed that’s the mount for the carbon diffuser that’s the reason I never fit the Nismo fins on this yeah some some more so definitely need to be done here so you can see this still a film of rust on the surface and one thing I’m really interested in

Doing is the Nismo chassis refresh which uh pretty much takes account of all the bushing and arms and freshens up pretty much every component and you can see the KW club sports here with the hydraulic lifter so I have four of them on each side so the entire car lifts by about

Four or five centimeters but unfortunately that’s currently not working so we’ll have to add that to the list of things to fix so these are the neova ad09s that I dropped off a couple of hours ago so these are ready to be if you get in there you can actually see the titanium

Uh Tommy exhaust okay so we’re having a few issues here with the actual raised center caps being oxidized onto the Hub part of the wheel there they are thank you thank you so just to kind of make you guys understand where we are at this is Sunbeam

It’s on kampachidori which is a big main road that kind of circles the lower section of Tokyo and uh I’ve been coming to Sunbeam for so many years they’re an amazing shop that’s very well known for suspension setups and braking setups and just getting cars dialed in when it

Comes to wheel choices and you know for people that maybe prepare cars for for track use these guys are the Specialists and have been for well over 50 years it was started many years ago by the grandson of the current owner and then his dad took over and now the two

Brothers are running it and I followed their Instagram because it’s always full of really cool cars in here lots of Exotics and time attack cars and they’re actually building a really cool E46 which we’re going to shoot in a couple of months but uh I think I’ll dedicate a

Separate video to somebody because there’s so much to see it’s a whole building and each floor each floor is very interesting so um that’s one to look out for uh maybe next time I need to come back here for other work on other cars okay so the wheels

Are being timely clean for me they look a little bit more presentable at least from this side so as uh the guys here at something were explaining to me this car actually does 151 at Fuji it’s got an insane brake setup endless monoblocks and it’s actually running shibata tires

Uh and he’s had like a special alignment done tons of negative camber that’s because he’s gonna take it to Fuji to do some drift practice Gymkhana type driving and have a bit of fun and I thought I should actually show you guys some of the wheels that they have on

Display here so they have a t-37 and a dark silver a ze40 in a candy red so sort of like the t-37 RTS I used to run on the 34 some BBs e88s uh more e88s here and the Race Engineering I forget what this model is called I think it’s the G25 area

Thank you foreign so that would be problem one taken care of Now we move on to the very long list that I’ve slowly begun building okay so we’re done with the tire change it’s off to the next place to address a few other issues and then we can safely

Drive the car on the road and get some impressions of me kind of you know getting back to my old car and enjoying the hell out of it so a massive thank you to Sunbeam they’re always awesome and supporting my crazy projects thank you foreign attempting to fix project GTR up we’re

Down here in Yokohama at Advance and Masa and his mechanics are going to take a look underneath the car we’re going to get the gr86 now so we can lift the 34 and basically it all comes from the fact that when I moved the car for the first

Time after that initial part that we did I noticed some little bits of brittle plastic that was left underneath the car and I’m pretty sure that was one of the CV boots of the front that cracked and potentially is leaking so we’ll take a look at that and then the other day at

Sunbeam I noticed that the diffuser metal stays are completely rusted out so we have to get that in from Nissan as well I already looked it up it’s about 250 300 dollars depending where you get it from so the numbers will start adding up but then

Again you know it’s better to do the stuff now than wait any longer so of course the 34 is now running the new Advan neova a09 that look phenomenal mounted on the 19-inch c28 ends and yeah one other thing the actual actuator for the brake switch on the brake pedal failed

So there’s no stop brakes there’s no stop lights coming on when you hit the brakes so that’s another part we’ll be ordering in the meantime I have Luca and gaio here as ever there’s always cool cars here at Advance it’s a kind of sex 35 GTR and they’re uh

Z34 customer car which is pretty much like a demo car for the shop super fast around Fuji I mean I gotta say even though the wrap is really wanting to come off this actually looks okay foreign foreign actually look like they’re still intact but there’s a lot of Grease underneath

I’m not sure if that’s from maybe an older one that I changed a while back and it was never clean it’s a little bit cleaner this side so yeah the diffuser stays are pretty much garbage but the guys here at Advance were saying that there’s somebody out there that does a stainless

Steel mount kit so it replaces even the center section one there so I might try and look for that a bit of a recap I think there’s been an issue with my master cylinder after the brakes the new brakes here were fitted for the Tokyo Salon years back they

Actually never really functioned that well and I noticed the pedals pretty much straight to the floor and there’s like maybe a third of the braking power the the stock system had so I assume this because I never bedded them in but uh it turns out it could be the master

Cylinder so we’re going to do an overhaul on that I’m going to hit up ignition projects to get rid of these Cayenne sourced coils and fit the R35 coils so that they’ll sit lower and I’ll be able to fit the stock cover here paint is flicking off here pretty much

So that needs to be repainted before the car actually goes to uh motek Japan for a mapping session it might be the perfect timing to actually fit a Nismo plenum you know if it’s actually available you never know when there’s no parts these days we’ll do that the CV

Boots are fine so that doesn’t need any additional work and then of course the diffuser Mount so very productive trip here to advance and we’re going to get busy ordering parts and hopefully they get here soon and we start fitting them and getting the car back to the state it

Deserves to be in do you like do you like the GTR you like the sound all right so uh here we go for another step in the whole GTR restoration so I thought you know while I’m pretty much driving the car back and forth between

You know home and shops I might as well clean the vinyl which is looking pretty pretty like semi-abandoned I just got sent some new cleaning products from my friend’s new brand that I just launched and I’m gonna test them out see if I can get some shine back into the vinyl wrap

And then I’ll feel a little bit prouder when I drive the car around in various shops okay so as I was saying my friend launched this new brand called Arigato they do a bunch of cleaning products for cars and I’m going to start off with the

Shampoo and so I’m gonna go spray the wheels down with this iron remover we should turn pink once you know it has activated against the iron so uh let’s get going thank you thank you foreign if you want to support the channel even more I have a patreon where you’ll be

Able to watch one additional video a month as well as a bunch of other benefits like high quality wallpapers to be able to download so every bit of support is greatly appreciated and it helps a lot in creating a lot more content every month