Dino DC: Detailing a Neglected $300,000 Honda NSX-R

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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Posted: 2023-06-21 14:06:06
Author: Dino DC
After a comfortable few years in the sun, this NSX-R had it’s fair share of UV damage and paint fade. In this episode we attempted to revive it to it’s former glory, or close to – with our limited detailing knowledge.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Hey welcome to a new episode uh today it’s more to do with the nsxr we’re actually gonna spend some time and try to correct the paint it’s actually pretty good condition considering it’s you know 30 year old car and it’s been sitting outside for a while and I’m here

With my good friend Aki who owns one of the nicest 33 GTRs in the world we’ll do a separate feature on that eventually but he’s the OCD Master when it comes to like washing and you know preparing cars to you know make them look the best so

I’ve uh I’ve got his assistance for a few hours today and we’re at his place his uh really cool man cave and we’re just about to watch the nsxr but before we do that we’re gonna actually measure the thickness of the paint right we’ve got a so I do have this

Paint gauge paint gauge which I think uh might be useful but if the paint hasn’t been if this cross hasn’t been in an accident I would expect it to be OEM spec yeah I mean honestly it doesn’t look too bad obviously you can you know see the swirls it’s got some swirled but

This is I mean for uh how old is this car well 30 plus years old yeah I mean you can get some really good shape for 30 years old honestly I think the only uh part that we might struggle with is the actual black roof yeah this section

Like you were saying we should probably do this by hand right very gently too gently I mean although I do see the scratches there and then this is gone you’re gonna have yeah this is probably gonna get replaced I’ll let Ben handle that this too either has to be resprayed

Clear coat is faded is that actually peeling off yeah um we’ll see what we can do with the wheels there I think these eventually will need to get resprayed but um we’ll start with a with a quick look at the panel uh each panel right the the

Thickness of the paint on each panel and then we’ll take it on from there with a wash clay bar and uh start cleaning the interior as well so uh it’s going to be an interesting day 196. that’s got thicker paint there huh I guess they painted it knowing that in my

Exactly the same reading 196. interesting okay so first of all I know a lot of people are probably going to be commenting below that we’re washing the car outside it’s probably you know I’m gonna have some water spots because of the heat but unfortunately we don’t have

Any other option this is Japan this space is what it is we’re gonna wash it okay but we’ll dry it when it’s still wet in the garage oh I see therefore there shouldn’t be any water spot that’s why we have this garage there you go foreign foreign foreign So even though the car is dry I wanted to try Aki’s new toy tell us what this is Aki so it just blasts a lot of air shall I go for it okay and instead of using towels my recent obsession is to use something like this with no cables yeah strictly you know

Battery powered to um dry we need to hit the lights by the way so Aki has this uh nerdy type setup here so he can polish his cars with all the brightness needed yes way better so there’s no water anymore yeah but there’ll be water here

Look just blow that away see what it does dry dry yes no I want to try that give me that there’s some water here there you go you got to remember you’re not just blowing there you’re blowing it off oh yeah I was enjoying that too much Oh Okay and very happy is oh yeah that’s like night and day all right what are you guys are you posting the audio a big issue okay come on okay you ready for this is the moment of truth okay that’s it oh yeah that makes a difference very nice

Wow wow that’s impressive of course the paint will need to be reapplied at one point but for now this will do looks good look at the haziness on this side yeah all the black Parts have been done way better than before you can actually see reflections it’s kind of highlighted all the

Blemishes Stone chips clear coat etching but not bad and now Aki started on the interior doing quick wipe down with the dash foreign Thank you Foreign So the polishing session or sessions rather have come to an end I think we’ve accomplished what we set out to do and that kind of bring a bit of shine back to the 30 year old paint and especially the roof part which was pretty much the biggest transformation that we saw so

I’m happy to bring the car back to the owner and at least it’s looking a little bit better than when you know I got it a month back I hope you enjoyed all the the content that came out of this car I’m really privileged and very lucky to

Have been given this chance to spend over a month with an nsxr so a big tick of the you know to drive list for me and I hope you enjoyed it