Dino DC: Behind The Scenes Of Ebisu Circuit – Power Vehicles

Behind The Scenes Of Ebisu Circuit - Power Vehicles

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Posted: 2023-07-13 10:36:31
Author: Dino DC
Another video back at Ebisu Circuit! In this episode, we check out Power Vehicles, the well known workshop, exporter, vehicle sourcer, located right in the heart of the circuits grounds. We also have a chat with Andy, the founder of PV, and look at some of the amazing stock they have and work going on.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign foreign welcome to a new episode today we’re still at Ibiza circuit on our shooting trip here and uh we’re doing a bunch of really cool cars that and the apower vehicles has uh recently picked up for some customers collectors and I thought it would only be right that we do a

Little feature on power vehicles uh themselves and you know everybody knows that power vehicles is based out of Ibiza circuit actually inside the circuit pretty much like in front of higashi we’re gonna go and check out the sort of work that they do a lot of people you know assume that power

Vehicles is a Formula D team but in reality if power vehicles is a legit car exporter reseller they have an insane amount of stock and they’ve kind of cornered the market where you know people kind of look for the really collectible JDM uh Legends like knobs

S15 and the garage tbk slash REM and Mia FD that we’re going to be shooting today so we’re going to take a closer look at the shop there’s actually a couple of different workshops that we’re going to look into and then we’re gonna have a

Quick chat to Andy and he can give us a bit of a rundown of what he kind of gets involved with here in uh Ibiza circuit so uh right in front of the shop is part of the stock it’s basically drift car heaven a lot of people keep

And store their cars here and come over for drift matsuris and other events or just to practice and train themselves out of like bigger events today is the second day of the grit Matsuri so that’s what you’re probably hearing some squealing and engine noises behind me

All right so this is the main workshop and there’s some really cool cars sitting around we shot knobs S15 yesterday so we’ll be seeing a full feature on that if you haven’t seen it yet this is next on the cards for today this is a really special auto garage tbk slash Remia build

It was a Midnight Club car back in the day probably like 15 16 years ago there’s actually features and featured in an option magazine it’s a quite famous car because I used to run with the yoshidas 930 tbk car the big Porsche Turbo that did like 340

Kilometers an hour in the one gun and yetabe so a historic car glad we get to immortalize it before it gets stripped off to its new owner this is another formula D Japan race car that Andy and his team are prepping for Fuji next round Engine Tuning is done by text modify

Nice selection of rays and ground lights the team power vehicles are sponsored S14 is another one we’re going to try and shoot today the camera on this work Seeker Wheels and these gzx 100 that you pulled out for fdj in the last round here in ibizu so that’s a 3.5 stroker running stroker

Kit with a gcg GTX serious setup still one of my favorite cars serious build I did a shooting this so long ago probably deserves another one it’s a nice uh Crown here it’s been sitting around for a while so you’re doing some general maintenance to it definitely needs some

Refreshed goodies in the engine bay this uh 180sx with the vortex Ridge wide body conversion it’s literally like possibly the best 180 setup I just love the way it just looks so smooth and to top it off t37s definitely featuring this today it’s got to be done I’m a big fan of 180s

Especially when they’re done this cleanly before that we’re gonna have a chat with Andy let’s get a rundown of the kind of business that power vehicles does we’ll take a look at the other workshops up the hill to see what the team is working on today I know they’re

Doing some welding work on on Ben’s formula D Supra Foreign All right we’re here with Andy from power vehicles uh you know I’ve I’ve known Andy for what for 20 years 20 years plus I don’t even remember where we met honestly forever yeah GTR register and yeah I mean it was back when you before you had the shop with

Kazama that’s right just when we first moved to Japan maybe 2005 and yeah I knew about you from the GTR register the forums it used to be back then you know the main person I think it’s bulletin boards and stuff yeah back in the day you and your brother can you can

You give us like a quick rundown of how your business is going to change from those days up until today well our main business has always been car sales and supplying dealers throughout the world for Specialists Japanese cars but yeah it’s kind of evolved over the years to higher end Vehicles more Specialists

Demo cars we moved out with every big tuner in Japan just about they haven’t sold many demo cars from you know HKS top secret oh you name it Veilside everybody you know it’s been really lucky to have good introductions and good partners to get access to these

Cars yeah and then a great client base around the world of guys just waiting on the super special cars too what do you make of how the whole JDM scene has kind of progressed and all these collectors you know buying cars that you know for

Us we’re kind of normal back in the day you know definitely they’re going to be blown up out of proportions it’s good and bad because the vehicle is pretty unaffordable for a lot of people yeah but um I’m still glad to be involved in buying and selling these cars luckily

Some of our clients some of their customers have still got in a position to to afford these vehicles so we’re really happy to be selling them you know because yeah you walk into some of our other facilities we’ve got two other storage facilities and you’re walking

There and it’s just like it still blows my head every time you see there yeah every time you walk in just amazing amazing cars can you give us a quick run down what you have in the shop today and just to give an idea to people what you

Kind of do you know week to week kind of thing yes it’s a good example I mean this is our Workshop in an abusive circuit this is where we actually prepare all the cars and Builder cars and we do everything like this is my one of our two or three motives my personal

Race cars that we’re driving from you know of Japan through the former D Japan team we’ve got two other Singapore drivers we’re joined with Team Kazama making a huge team so we look after see the cars here so they’re always in the workshop getting something done you know

What race cars are like so we run the the race car side of things we of course look after everyone it comes from overseas to drive in a an abys to itself so we prepare and look after a massive Fleet of drift cars that are all on site

And then we also do our export so that the Specialists export cars and things like this RX7 and the Soviet we’re preparing so a bit of everything and uh just uh I mean you probably remember back in the day the Matsuri was absolutely wild yeah like how has it changed I haven’t been

To Matsuri in like probably a decade Kenny just evolves with the cars here I mean 10 years ago there was a loads of missiles and everyone was just being Reckless and now it’s kind of evolved into the cars are a bit nicer these days and people are looking after them just

Do the value but it’s always well supported there’s always a good mix of foreigners all our customers come here and of course our local Japanese guys all mix it together so um it’s not seeing the numbers that they used to but I mean back in the early 2000s you know yourself everything was

Massively supported you know every event was crammed look at the old footage of a basic circuit D1 you were saying yesterday the uh the first uh or one of the first matsuris had what like 1987 the guys talk about the staff the older guys and Kumo will tell you I think 970 cars

In sight and it took two hours to get from one side of obesity to the other and I’ve seen some old pictures of like performing Army had the second level and stuff and it was just absolutely crammed absolutely even I think we should probably go up one level and take a look

At the other Workshop see where you guys yeah we’ve got our fabrication shop up the top obviously you can’t do the Fab stuff on top of the maintenance so yeah and we’ve got a separate room it’s a separate Place John was locked up there and there’s always magic with his his

Welding Also let’s go take a look cool foreign Thank you Second level on the hill this is where the other workshops are where Andy and these guys are always working away fabricating a few more cars stored out here let’s have a look I think the Benz Supra is being prepped for next week’s formula D and Fuji there it is no welding

So this is where all the fabrication is handled a lot of tools that I don’t know about stuff to bend and Weld and cut and saw tons of parts and boy do you guys have a lot of tires In Long tires all 19s as well what is this used to be a chaser it looks like it’s smiling at me yeah yeah wow English iridium yeah fuel tank always ready on stuff I’ve been used as the intake right into the radiator handmade of course All right Thank you all right so we’re here with Andy from Power Vic [Laughter] all right cut