Dino DC: Aston Martin Valkyrie VS Fuji Speedway

Posted: 2023-03-08 07:59:33
Author: Dino DC
The Aston Martin Valkyrie is by far the craziest car to be released by any manufacture over the past decade. In this video, I was lucky enough to head down to Fuji Speedway for this Valkyrie’s unveiling to it’s owner. Thank you to Sam Perches for the POV Go-Pro footage of its lap around Fuji Speedway!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign hey there and welcome to through the white glasses today we’re in Fuji Speedway for Aston Martin theme day as you can see there’s a nice lineup of cars and this is actually the car I’ve been driving for the last few days this is a Advantage F1 Edition I’ll be doing a

Separate video on this but basically it’s a celebration of Aston being in Formula One so it gets a bit more performance and a more I guess complex body kit lots of carbon looks wonderful matte paint to finish it off next to the DBS super legit and the 707

Dbx which is actually the first one in Japan I believe but the cool thing is actually in here in the pit and if you follow me I have to put my mask on there is something special in here happening right now nice little Vulcan 83 Vantage but today is a very special event

Because this is one of two cars two Valkyries coming to Japan And we got a nice chance to check it out in the flesh before anybody sees it foreign stuff flew in from the UK to get the car set up and ready for the Handover today amazing cockpit I mean it’s so tight I’m not sure how two people can actually sit

In here but as you can see you can kind of sit like an F1 car with your legs up in the air but foreign carbon fiber weave just continues through all the different panels and this is car number 18 of 40. and this is the Am pro so it’s actually

The tracked version of the car it cannot be Road registered that’s why it comes with slicks and a built-in hydraulic jacks it truly is an F1 car for the street beautiful thing so we’re going to be checking this out a little bit more in detail today I have some time to

Actually shoot the car on track for asthma today so you’ll be seeing a bit more of the car in a slightly more quieter environment later on I’m quite looking forward to driving this 707 dbx it is actually my favorite SUV at the moment I don’t think anything really Compares design wise they’ve actually

Kind of done the impossible they’ve actually made an SUV look nice and well proportioned and not overly fat and bulbous as a lot of other performance SUVs are loved the Vantage but I have to say I’m a huge fan of the DBS this is such a beautiful car and today

Another one showed up here with this really sparkly dark blue color is actually in carbon fiber this this badging and I noticed there’s a the same thing here in the back the Aston Martin badge it’s actually carbon fiber tri-carbon machined out of uh I guess a Billet you could say

It must be an option I think we’ve ever seen it actually Uh All right Exciting Foreign foreign thank you Foreign thank you Foreign foreign foreign minor issues with the valkyrie so we ended up losing a bunch of time and that’s why there’s not so much footage but I just thought I’d show you um the little lineup we did here at the end for the final shot so the same owner owns this Vulcan

And also that Vantage GT3 race car and the basic position was pretty much like this what a trio hope you guys enjoyed it it was a slightly high-paced day but nonetheless I think it’s pretty cool footage so check back soon for more