Dino DC: A Walk Through Nismo Omori Factory in Japan

Reading Time: 9 minutes
Posted: 2022-04-06 14:41:48
Author: Dino DC
Dino visits Nismo’s Omori Factory in Tsurumi, Yokohama to check out the selection of race cars they had on the day, some of Nismo’s current OEM line up as well as some Nismo tuning parts for the Skyline GT-R including the new R3 Turbos.






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Dino DC Video Transcript

All systems go michael so we’re at nismo today um thought i’d drop by to check out some cool gtr stuff so um this is mori factory um it’s basically the mecca for anybody that owns a gt-r and if you turn around here you’ll see that usually they have a very

Nice display of cars um you know ranging from uh probably you know when this one started racing in the 60s and 70s all the way up to the new nismo uh factory-built cars like the note and the leaf and the z which they don’t have today

But we do have some cool cars to look at today so we’re going to take a look at the gallery first and then we’ll go into the shop check out some parts and check out the new r3 engine so nissan history is is vast i’m not

Going to go into history and you know numbers and stuff like that but we’ll take a look at this s30 worx race car and then kind of migrate here to my personal favorite here this is the r34 super gt actually i think it was still jgtc back

In the day so this is when they transitioned from uh the rb to the view the the vq engine as they were developing the z so it’s not really a true r34 gtr but it’s probably design wise uh my favorite you see her how the body has sunk

And the fender uh kind of protrudes through the bonnet line and you know the resulting profile uh really emphasizes the r34 uh boxy lines with some curvature and it really is for me at least the best interpretation of the r34 and it’s you know racing guys and we’re seeing that now so um

Nissan has just announced um how they will transition from the gtr r35 to the new z so we’re repeating 20 years later what happened in the early 2000s where there was a transition from the gtr to the z and this will be the car that’s getting replaced this is the 2022

Or 2021 uh rather super gt r35 unfortunately we don’t have a new z super gt to show you but you would have seen that in the tokyo salon coverage and again it’s amazing to see how these cars have evolved and you know gotten to such levels in you know

10 plus years of racing and uh we really have to go and check out some super gt racing on this channel i think it would make for some really cool content um i’m not really gonna stay there and kind of like talk you through racing and you know

Overtakes and all that stuff i think we’ll probably do like a pit walk if they allow us and we’ll just check out the coolest thing which is obviously the cars and how they kind of transition from street cars to to race cars it’s not going to be as

Cool as it was back in the late you know 90s and early 2000s but super g steels are pretty cool so we’ll we’ll probably check that out so another cool thing about nismo is that these days they make versions of pretty much uh most models that come from the nissan lineup

We have to hear the the leaf and the note so basically you know they want to promote evs these days so there’s a kind of electric theme going here obviously they’re missing the z unfortunately but and the interesting thing about this note is that it’s actually motor driven

But it has an unborn generator which charges the battery and in turn runs the motor so an interesting take on on what modern day sports car are and one will definitely add to the channel for future test drives but you know we all know what we’re here for so let’s

Come here and uh have a look at the the proper nismo stuff so we have a car that i shot probably i would say like eight nine years ago now for speed hunters this is a crs the clubman race package uh this is what nismo is able to um

You know build for you it’s a complete restoration and they’ve added one of their engines i forget now i think it’s running the r3 development engine at the moment and of course that flows back to the r33 which i also featured for speed hunter some years back and then the r32

All finished off in the darker nismo silver and here’s the big daddy the zed tune this is the zero zero zero zero zero one i forget now their development car i drove this car back in 2001 or two when they first did the drive and uh this car recently went for two

Million dollars i forget where but i mean it’s crazy what these cars are doing on the market these days it doesn’t seem to be stopping um and i guess it’s great if you’re a 34 owner because it brings up the value of the regular cars um you know what can you say

Nismo does amazing things and you can see some customer cards being worked on in the background here in the workshop some are in for maintenance some are in for complete restorations you can usually tell which cars are being restored because they have racks with all the parts that are being taken off

Uh so those parts either get rebuilt cleaned up or completely replaced with new ones so you can basically bring in your 20 year old gtr or 30 year old if it’s a 32 and bring away a year later a brand new fully restored nismo branded

Gtr because you do get a plaque that you put in your engine bay and that would be an instant value booster and exactly what collectors will be looking for so it’s it’s very interesting market and it’s continuously growing price wise and the good thing is parts wise too because nismo and a lot

Of other manufacturers like like hks are continuing continuously uh developing and producing newer parts for the rb and the older gtrs in general so very cool so yeah they just sold this car for two million us and originally back in 2001 or 2 when this was

First made it was selling for 18 19 million which i thought was an absurd amount of money back then but looking back i should have probably gotten you know 10 loans and bought the car myself and then maybe retire on it but yeah didn’t do it so i have to stick

With my 34. there’s a lot of cool stuff to see at nismo and one of my things that you know i always come and take a look at it even though it’s been on display for years is this uh 40 scale model of a 2013 gt500 gtr and you can see how they

Develop the arrow here i should probably have andrew brilliant here with me explaining stuff but basically they they 3d print all these uh you know aerodynamic add-ons and uh every every season they replace these because obviously the base card is kind of the same and they play around with arrow stick

This on on the the moving belt in the in the wind tunnel and then they do all their measurement and and see what uh what works what doesn’t uh what’s going to be legal for the next year’s regulations so it’s really cool to see how it’s all developed

And they have a ton of data and numbers on it no idea what that means but really cool to see and of course made out of carbon fiber no idea why this needs to be carbon fiber the wing is actually wood and uh from the back you can see how the diffuser

Is also a big component of the whole aero package and probably one of the things that kind of changes more through the seasons i mean i don’t know why they don’t use this a bit more it’s all gtrs r35s i think it’s tomica yeah atomic 35

And you know if you look at it from far away it just looks like a gtr logo but if you zoom in it’s hundreds of r35s and i think this is the perfect car to kind of explain the fender flare obsession that we have these days

Um i mean at the end of the day they are very much related to history this is what people used to do uh back in the day they used to create these massive over fenders to fit race wheels and tires and there were works cars that were you know

Built and paid for by the manufacturer so they didn’t have you know the technology they have today so when they needed to create a bigger space under the wheel while they extend the wheel arches forward to the side rather and we have the over fender or works fender

And uh i’m sure you you’ve seen this uh this logo repurposed many times that’s what rocket bunny uh is used for years now okamoto riken gomu safety drive because it was a rubber company you know what i mean so another thing you can find at nismo omori factory cool engines on display

This is a group a r32 engine from the late 80s this is basically the heart of what made the gtr super famous super popular and legendary it was built by rainek renisus engine produced anywhere from 500 to 650 horsepower with the overboost function on the steering wheel

And of course it was running twins it’s pretty much uh n1 based um very uh you know lightened internals and uh i’m not even sure if they were allowed to touch uh the heads but definitely like lumpy cams or anything like that and that kind of progressed into what we

Have here this is from the r34 gtr jgtc engine so as you can tell they went to a dry sump system here that’s the external pump and they have cool things like you know carbon fiber front cam covers they have magnesium camp covers on on the top

And my personal favorite is aside from the different design of the manifolds is uh the titanium uh heat shields which i always thought would be cool to kind of replicate on you know street gtrs but you can barely see that part anyway so it doesn’t really make any sense

But i think the main reason we’re here today is to see this so this is one of the many engine packages that nismo offers these days this is recently been upgraded to r3 so it’s the artune engine package which went from r1 r2 and now r3 so i think the differences are the

Turbines and slightly different fueling on the intake we’ll probably have to ask them for a rundown on the specs but uh again as i was saying uh nismo along with other manufacturers continues to evolve uh the r30 uh the rb engine uh in in all its entirety and continues to offer more

Choices to customers so you know when you completely restore your car you might as well go for an engine so there’s a lot of choice now as i was looking over this 35 race car i mean got to mention this so this car has been driven for years by ronnie quinterelli which is

A fellow italian it comes from verona i come from virginia probably like 30 minutes away cool guy you know representing italy in japan and doing it right he’s won the championship so many times and uh this year he’ll be driving the new z so one driver to look out for

I mean the coolest thing about these um gt cars is how they literally just cut the lower section of the car and just drop the car on the wheel arches so basically the wheel archers start protruding through the bonnet line and the rear fender line and it’s what gives these cars this

Really aggressive silhouette from the side and especially the front with the louvers after the wheel well it’s unbelievable but that still wins so this is one cool thing i like about um the nismo parts catalogue is it’s always been this uh titanium struck brace which went out of production for

You know like eight to ten years and it’s reappeared in a kind of new design it’s selling for 165 which is about a hundred thousand more than the original part used to cost it kind of kind of emphasizes the whole pricing how it’s bumped up and if you come around this corner

This is a really good example here this is the stock r34 shifter which is actually currently on my desk as a paperweight i think it used to sell for like two three thousand yen and now it’s 21. that’s part of the nissan genuine parts heritage program and

That’s another cool one i think that’s about 000 more expensive than it used to be i remember this being around the 10 000 yen mark which you know 15 20 years ago was expensive for a shift now but 20 000 i guess is the going rate for 2022

Front package so including the aero fenders the slightly wider fenders and the bumper they don’t have the bonnet on display here but you’re looking at it would be a million yen for the front bumper the undercover the front fender kit and the hood and the diffuser assembly so that would be one two

Now you’re looking around 4 million yen plus paint there’s a lot more carbon fiber if you want it this is the carbon air box which you can match up to the carbon fiber intercooler piping gives a nice a nice look to the engine bay nothing like carbon to emphasize the look

And you can see what those parts look like in the crs r34 over there okay so this is the breakdown of what the r3 package is made out of it’s basically an upgrade on the turbo side yeah on the turbocharger side and of course the fueling to go along with it

And you can kind of add this to the r1 package and get a bit of extra power a bit of extra response and of course the feeling to match that back in the day when i actually first shot uh at nismo when they opened this new facility i remember taking special

Interest in the toilet and that’s because aside from the camshaft handle on the door you come inside here and the race theme is well and truly alive another cool thing here is the carbon fiber rotor that houses the mirror in a waffle of cams so when you’re peeing you have something

To look at and i think before i get out of here i definitely want to get a drink for the road and of course you can always find vending machines in japan we have all sorts of drinks from green tea to canned coffee and i think i might actually go for

A boss black Black coffee awesomeness hope you guys enjoyed seeing the next episode