Dai Yoshihara’s 700hp Sequential-Shifting R33 GT-R

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-13 16:00:13
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

And I’m scared I I’m scared but D’s not scared all right too late here we go oh that’s definitely high boost good to go hey D what’s up it’s been almost a year since you’ve built this incredible r33 GTR and the moment I heard you were announcing this vehicle I told you I

Wanted to shoot this and finally we’re here right outside of the Utah Motorsport Park in Utah we’re finally able to check it out up close and in person and now it’s tuned it’s ready to drive yeah it’s ready ready for you for you know a little while but you busy I

Was busy and then finally this time FD Utah worked out so yeah thanks for doing this for us yeah so what’s the actual story behind this were you always a GTR guy did you always want an r33 i i i wasn’t actually but I always wanted to

Get a GTR ever since I mean I wouldn’t say I wanted to get it I just it was just one of my dream car back in the days like ’90s but my favorite GTR was R32 to be honest and I didn’t like r33 that much but last year uh to 14 Top

Rank and gr wanted to build a car and uh you know to 14 wanted to use this car for the seamour show and then I was like oh it’s about the time to buy buy GTR for myself and then it’s kind of like why don’t we do r33 I’m like h no I

Don’t like r33 that much that was my first reaction but looking at the online and I see like some cool ones and then kind of like a visualizing like oh there’s a way to make it cool so that’s why I wanted to get it and make it like

The way I wanted to the way it sits right now and the way the project actually came out it really reminds me of the 400r right I hope you don’t think it’s a copy of it but it kind of looks like it it’s no it’s it’s not a copy

It’s it’s a inspiration you get you get the inspiration from the 400 R and as we know now the prices of 400 RS are crazy right right I mean I think the rumor is that it’s $2.5 million it’s that much now I thought it’s like a a little bit

Over a mill or something who knows wow you know because well one hasn’t sold yeah in good condition in a while that’s right and there were rumors of one exchanging hands for around that price I see so it’s a lot easier for you guys to build something on your own so then like

What did this start life as did it start Life as a stock vehicle yeah it was Bond stock from Top Rank importers and uh we made sure to get the really really Mint Condition ones it was like really nice and then we didn’t want to cut the

Bodies because we wanted to keep as stock as possible so like you said it’s definitely in Inspiration by 400r but it’s like more like my way making more low bigger wheels and yeah so then was this originally silver yes it it was we didn’t really do anything that kind of

Part body color so then the actual body did you guys have to respray it nope so you just added the bit body bits on it yes yes and then we just did a really nice coing that’s why is super nice and smooth it matches really well so then on the body

Side what did you change from original we got Nismo s scir which is the same as 400r but uh we got the Nismo rear bumper as well which is a 400 R bumper but I didn’t like the look to be honest it seems little too bubbly and 400 R has uh

Little like over Fender piece but we don’t have that piece so with without it it didn’t look that right that’s why I got this I think it was like a top secret rear how do you call it it’s like a half spoiler yeah yeah like a re rear

Veillance I guess or something to me this is more like better proportion yeah it’s just more It just fits the the style that you’re going for got it so then what about the hood the hood is a a garage active dry carbon fiber hood which looks really really cool and then

It’s super light let’s talk about the wheels and this is one of my favorite Parts on the car so uh this is actually made by Titan 7 wheels and uh I asked them to make some something custom and it’s you know obviously based off the r33 stock OEM wheel but made it more

Like cooler look step lip uh two-piece two pieces and uh bigger it’s a 18 in and uh White dishes in inside yeah it looks really cool and I am assuming it’s um pretty lightweight yeah yeah because it is forged exactly yeah and then you have some big stop Tech brakes too yes

Sir good for Street and good for the truck that’s like the that’s like the theme of this build I see so it’s not like single Focus it’s not like yeah you you just built for track use or only for Street use you could use it for pretty

Much whatever you want so kind of like the concept is you know there these cars are getting super expensive lately it’s almost to the point like a exotic category right like a ferral or Poes and stuff so that we we wanted to make the things like kind of like that level so

Yeah it’s got the 700 horsepower and yeah let’s let’s take a look at that and we’ll we’ll talk about the transmission that’s I think that’s pretty much yeah let’s let’s take a look at the engine bay sure and uh we’ll talk about the transmission so the transmission

In your eyes is pretty much the feature of this vehicle huh that’s like the main feature yeah as far as the function yeah so what are we looking at here this I know this motor is very important and we actually had a chance to see like

They they had a display at the gredy booth of this motor this is the first ever 2.8 L um RB engine complete engine out of gredy right so basically uh gredy just started their uh complete crate engine program and then this is the the engine number one for rv26 which is

Stroked 2 2.8 and then so what’s special about this what’s the difference between this and something else that you like the HKS or whatever what’s what’s the big difference well I don’t know about H Cas do they have a complete engine I don’t think so maybe I don’t know this

Is fully built by gr you know including the Turbo Charge and you have a option to choose which size of the turbo and you can even do the twin turbo as well so it’s kind of like a like package that gr offer is this built in the US then

Yes it’s it’s a gry USA product oh so it’s not actually a gry Japan no well but I’m project they’re selling this to the Japan side and of course all over the world but what how backwards is that I don’t know that is so crazy yeah yeah

I I feel like it it should be the other way around you know uh I can’t believe that people potentially could be buying or are buying already yeah RB engines built in the US when this vehicle never even came well I think the complete like

A crate engine thing is more like a US style it’s not really popular in Japan yeah I see okay it’s like a US style of like uh the way of sailing the thing so and then you know the Grady has more attention from any other countries as

Well so they got offer from like middle east Europe and Japan side so I think it fits more in this market 700 horsepower 2.8 L stroker all of this stuff is gredy and then also gry intake manifold yeah everything’s gritty everything is gry this whole thing is gry

Yeah this is pretty neat too yeah it’s like this gry that they redo the stickers because they’re all destroyed right it’s really clean this is such a clean engine B and the whole whole uh whole thing about this build we didn’t cut the body we didn’t really like white

Body out of this but when they swapped the engine gr did like you know paint the inside and make it really nice and clean so that’s why it looks so nice and neat I see yeah because this probably need to get restored anyways right I see

H but yeah all right so let’s let’s talk about the transmission okay this is this is the pretty much the feature of this build yeah so if you look at it just briefly yep it looks like a regular H pattern gearbox but it’s just uh it’s actually

Uh the se you know like the aceta kosa or whatever you you play uhhuh the same gear it’s just a switch really yeah so we can we could have just eliminate this portion but since I told them I want to have something here not just padle yeah

So basically this got OS geen R um 88 transmission with the uh air shifter system so yeah it’s just a switch so okay air shifter system see this is the interesting thing about this yeah I featured a lot of these sequential GTRs especially in Australia they’re really popular yeah

Yeah yeah that’s right but they don’t really know what to do with this area or or at least what they do is they like to put like a switch panel here or something and and make it like not waste the space and make it functional but I

Almost feel like it looks a little weird to be honest with me that was my point to be honest I I feel like something’s missing here yeah it looks like a puus or something right yeah it looks it looks a little weird right um with that said I really like that there is

Something here even if it’s something that you won’t actually use um and you can just use the the just the paddle shifters right right so where is the air system hidden it’s in uh the trunk so then what did you guys do in the interior we got actually this is

Controlled by htek ECU mhm and we got the htic DH right here inside just I’m going to just show you real quick so that’s the air compressor yeah that was the the air shifter thing that that’s your pioneer head unit right we got the pioner you’d have to have

Tunes that’s your little custom Dash like a htech setup with your logo right and this is actually gry’s the boots for the shifter and the E braake and also the the steering wheel so we kept it really simple yeah we didn’t want to change too much but

Also we got the ricado yeah recable seal seat you got a little uh harness bar that’s right this is actually gr is a product uh it’s a harness bar so then how much of the OEM products did you have to Res like find Did You Have To Source this all looks

New you know what that’s the thing this car was so meant to begin with we didn’t really have anything replaced as far as the OEM parts inside really this looks like a car yeah yeah huh that’s why I wanted to get it it was really really nice condition okay so then how does

This all work because I I’m really looking forward to driving this okay so so same thing you know dip the clutch just in case uhhuh even without it actually it doesn’t you have to dip the clutch okay push the clutch in now it’s on it’s a neutral okay um

From neutral to go first gear you’re going to okay dip the clutch and you’re going to stay pull the lever for a little while but sorry didn’t do it first one but now it is okay so now it’s on first yeah so then can you use that to go into first that

Too yeah now it’s so then you can go all the way up in the gears even but it’s a it’s a you know uh the dog Mission you kind of have to like like it doesn’t go right now oh I see but you you going to like disengage the

Clutch it’s the same as like a you know I button got it interesting oh okay so then but but then with this system you can flat foot like you can stay on the gas and then just pull gears yes you can do flat shifting that’s like the big advantage

To Yeah so basically you only use clutch for when you’re getting getting out and then when you’re going to stop cuz when you stop you you have to disengage the clutch otherwise it’ll stall right but once you’re loading out you just need to like focus on the the

Gas and the brake how how weird does it feel for you to drive this then is this pretty normal it’s actually normal for the race cars like even like a GT3 spec cars it’s the same thing you’re going to use the crage to getting out but after that it’s like a puddle

Yeah so that way you could just focus on what you’re doing breaking yeah so you can use like a left foot brake stuff like that which I mean I don’t really do that for this car because it’s a mainy street but if I wanted to I can do that

Too this is a pretty crazy street car yeah yeah yeah you ready to drive or what well can can you drive it first and then I can all right let let me grab my stuff exciting all right it’s a little Dusty area but oh well so then have you launched this

Launch launch like yeah not really you know I’m still babing it you know it’s it’s still like a new new build yeah and again it’s not a race SC so yeah I got to be you know a little bit careful about stuff like that yeah so you’re good to go okay all

Right all right cool ready all right so then first gear first gear going yeah you know what let me I might get scared when you want me to like go go fast or what oh no man I just I just want to feel how it feels and then I’ll drive it

You know right so now it’s first gear okay then you know just regular car yeah clutches between but it’s it’s pretty good easy it’s a little harsh when you when when when you sift it right yeah but um yeah it’s it’s it’s pretty loud but it it’s pretty cool yeah it sounds

Good so I’m going to go a little okay do a little little little little pull here you ready yeah all right wo I didn’t see the road was ending it it sounds really really crazy yeah it sounds good I wish it was louder sometimes like this but when I’m

On the street I’m glad this is like super quiet like the tone is so nice yeah but the the actual volume is not that high right and it’s a gry exhaust I’m assuming yeah everything is gry on this car yeah Huh yeah let me go back to you go back to where we were so is it on E85 it’s a e85 yeah I can definitely smell it yeah something like this it sounds it sounds really really good Yeah jeez all right your turn cool okay all right my turn all right I’ll pass it on to you yeah die camera all right but don’t forget that straight isn’t that long yeah so then I can but you can you can short shift right you can short shift and you can still flat

Foot short shift yep got it so you know what don’t worry about yeah you can just put that shift anyways even if you’re partial it’s are you sure yeah yeah yeah it’s okay okay all right so exciting I’m actually kind of excited okay yeah so then all right clutch in

Like normal right and just pull this I can’t see it says can you pull a little bit longer you know what can you let it go uhhuh can you yes there you go now it’s in yeah it’s sometimes you have to you have to let it go a little bit sometimes

Yeah depending on where the Gear’s at got it so yeah so now it’s so now in first so why does it why does it flash when uh like when you shift why does a flash did it or Like I think I think when you when I think when you when you start it no uh well well you’ll see okay okay I guess I don’t know about my car as much as he does all right W okay that’s pretty you can down shift without the clutch too oh

You don’t even need to go that fast and it already feels crazy yeah you’re shelf shifting yeah I’m short shifting cuz I’m Scared jeez all right I’ll I I’ll just make a U-turn in okay it it just feels so it definitely feels more like a race car than a street car because of this feature right yeah yeah yeah oh what the hell what is that what is that hello

Cricket dang so then what’s what’s the red line 85 yeah exactly 85 oh my God what a what a crazy feature I think it’s good to be like more higher RPM but but better better higher RPM okay all right I’ll take your word for it oh

Let me try to do the first and secondary first oh it shift so hard oh wow that was kind of sketchy this is fine I’m okay with the events that are unfolding currently it shifts really hard yeah it does yeah jeez I see I short shifted there too no

You you were like really you did yeah okay like 70 70 7 maybe second to third but first to second you’re like perfect shifting right there okay yeah it was it’s it’s a lot I mean you know what it’s crazy though this being all whe drive it it still doesn’t lose Traction

In first gear it’s got good traction yeah yeah it has really good traction yeah I forgot to tell you guys actually we got these function as well here oh how fancy yeah like we can do all slow boost yeah we can change the Boost actually sorry it was low boost no I

Don’t think I want to try high boost low boost was already good on the street and then wait so you change the yeah we can do the two wheel drive all wheeel Drive oh just one from one button yeah so you could drift this yeah wow and like a

Cruise control stuff like that we haven’t actually set it up yet but yeah that is so neat so those are the future that I like how clean this is too it’s very hidden so this is kind of messy but yeah oh that is super cool wow I am so

Blown away cool glad you enjoyed it but yeah it’s not super crazy like you can still drive on a street but if you want to take it to the truck it does decent job I guess I hope what a what a cool car can I give it a couple revs of

Course yeah you do whatever you like You feel like uh try to do like uh how do you call it b b b b the response is pretty dope isn’t it yeah but I think because of the this altitude the tune is not not sounds perfect it’s like 6,000 ft right here right now yeah maybe it needs a

Different map tune at the you know in in OC which is like right next to the ocean so cool so we just put it in high boost now because D’s driving and I’m scared I’m scared but D’s not scared all right you too late here we go oh that’s definitely high boost oh

Okay all right that’s pretty cool though that you could just change it on the fly like that yeah all right I I I really like this car I love I just I love how special it feels when you’re driving it you know because I’ve driven so many skylines all over the world you

Know I’ve driven them in Japan I’ve driven the built by Legends ones you know they’re good friends of ours but I do have to say this being sequential and this transmission and the sound and just the the the Comfort it’s not bucket seats you know it’s reclinable seats

That’s that’s really what puts this build over the top for me thank you Larry I’m so happy you say that awesome see you guys later hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to Larry Chen prints.com I print and sign every every

Single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your Wall A