Buying the JDM Legend I Never Thought I’d Own…

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-10 18:00:05
Author: Dustin Williams
@JDMOFCALIFORNIA Thanks for helping with the car!!
Today, we buy a JDM car i never thought id own.. but i’m so happy we did it!!
Say hello to our new Toyota Chaser JZX100! This is going to be our dedicated drift missile to learn and have fun with!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

In the late ’90s and early 2000s Japan created some of the best cars ever made in my opinion we have the GTR we have the Supra and we have the NSX and there’s just so many more as much as you guys know that I love JDM

Cars there are a few of those cars that I could never see myself owning or at least I thought in today’s video we go check out one of those cars that’s it potentially buy it and just get right to work again Japan has created some of the

Best cars ever made and I think today just proves that today we start a new Journey before we get into today’s video holiday season is coming up and we have just the thing for you guys live on legends. media right now we have the November revamp which is essentially

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Below it’ll take you guys straight to the site and you can find everything that’s live right now so if you guys would like to support the channel and support what we do here you can head over to legends. media and check it out let’s hop back in today’s

Video oh man this can only mean one thing starting route to JDM of California I guess we’re really doing it here we are again again turn right I told myself I would never do this this is the car that was absolutely not even on my radar to ever

Even look at I don’t where you’re going straight you’re going straight here but uh you know it’s a new year I’m going to challenge myself with something a little bit different and we’re going to see a JDM car that I never thought I could see myself ever owning but surprisingly a little bit

Excited oh I see it you see it it looks good it looks oh they have a couple of cool things out back here so you guys are going to recognize this if you’ve been watching the channel for a while we are heading to my friends over at JDM of

California which usually supplies like really great uh JDM engin such as 2js RBS Transmissions Etc but today we’re looking at something a little bit different we’re going to go find David and learn a little bit about this car what are you laughing at what why is that funny it’s a Japanese bus reaction

That’s it I’m into it it serves a purpose I’m into remember what I told you what it was a Japanese businessman and I think that that’s why it’s pretty gangster I’m not going to lie it’s pretty gangster te money is a fan before I show you guys let’s head

Inside and go see some of the engine stuff that they have what’s up dude good to see you man how are you man good this is my wife Tiana we got a lot of cool stuff here yeah this unfortunately is not what we’re coming here to look at

But this is actually sick banana Supra and then ’90s version so you guys probably remember this we bought our Z engine we’ve been here many many times especially when I first got to California so it’s very cool to see they have K Motors they have B series like I

Said Jay-Z’s so many cool things SRS how crazy is this it’s like Walmart for engin I know I’ve literally never seen something like this so like I said we’re starting out today at JDM of California if you’re in the SoCal area this is the go-to for JDM Engine and as you can see

You can pretty much find anything here and you guys are stocked in here some Jay-Z’s dud one jz’s yeah St one well speaking of one Jay-Z should we go check out the car let’s go wow this is cool oh my gosh is that sold already yeah this

One is sold someone’s lucky this is a really great swap for a86 tell us a little bit about what we have here okay so this is a 1998 Toyota Chaser uh got imported actually this year is it got legal 98 25 years old so it was imported this year um very clean

Stock very clean stock uh one JZ original r154 yeah it’s it’s a beautiful car we got it from a a personal private owner uh in Japan in Japan yes in Japan so it was not brought from auction or anything it was really taken care of no actually no rust at all

And perfect that is awesome but the key features of this right now are Factory manual and 1JZ GT exactly yes that is very rare and very very cool let’s take a look at it so like I said the 98 it was just brought in now I told you guys

Already this car was like not really ever on my radar I’ve never been a Jay-Z guy or a super guy I always love RBS and 240s but this recently has really caught my eye and for the reason being I really want to get into drifting all the research and everything literally

Everybody says this is the car to learn on not even for just beginners learning but also for advanced drivers it’s good just all around exactly I agree with that yeah so I’m very excited let’s take a look at it see what we got here and just get up wo that’s cool TRD steering

Wheel Let’s uh let’s take a look oh my gosh this saw the ETC be don’t even need to see anything else it’s got the ETC reader in it oh this thing’s going back to Japan it’s crusty it’s got the JDM yeah wait hold on give it a good yeah smell smell

Smell it yeah there you go let pop the engine see the uh so this car comes with a 1JZ like we said GT which is the factory turbo option Factory turbo Factory uh 154 manual which is what you want thank you wow just walk it holy sh look how clean this thing

Is also when I was talking to David over here um they had just done a bunch of maintenance on the car oil change uh fluid changes all throughout the car a lot of like basic maintenance and also one really cool piece if you look in here TRD strut power

B and what’s really cool is the car is relatively stocked you guys take a look at it all it pretty much has is half mark body kit and like a probably an ex exhaust or something it’s got like some cheap old coilovers and stuff that really makes it easy for us to modify

And make our own now I was going to go look at a couple of them today but this is almost the perfect spec I mean if you come look at it down here like it’s got imperfections it’s rock shipped it’s cracked I mean it’s really good but really good in

A way where I’m not going to feel a bad beating it up which is exactly what this car is for let’s quickly talk about the Chaser the Chaser is a midsize four-door sedan that was most likely made for the Japanese businessman Through The Years this was found to be a sporty chassis

With great balance and even better engine the 1JZ GTE so his car was originally white the previous owner in Japan oh wow painted it black I would have preferred white but I’ll take you know I’ll take it we have oh actually a very nice JDM exhaust cocky Motor Racing that’s a very popular one one that you don’t really see too

Often anymore it has a very nice Jay-Z growl big pipe oh my God if you guys look under the car I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it but literally it is like spotless look at this what the heck let’s check out the pinch welds

What hold this for me let me get down here this is kind AC see wow it’s kind AC now is it’s so funny cuz this car was literally made for like luxury businessman it’s really big it’s like for a family but it just so happened to have an incredible power

Plant that now people have repurposed them for drifting and having fun at Motorsports which I think is actually pretty ride now again Chaser not my favorite car but now that I can it’s honestly it’s super gangster now that I’m sitting in it look at this I’m into

It what do I look like look at this ow time I’m not really sure how to do this I’m new here these comfy seats dude the ’90s like the stripe seats I know right and the door cards yeah like the yeah smell it smells like smoke smell eg it

Literally smells like Japan like this is it’s dumb I can bottle this up here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to take some jars I’m going to bottle this smell up and I’m going to send it to you guys I do thoroughly enjoy this I am not

Going to lie look at this big ass rear view mirror it’s so Japanese oh this SM it like runs through your veins okay let’s check it out here what do we got here definitely seen some use in there okay that’s good oh it’s like the old book that’s cool that’s super cool oh

It’s so sick that’s so cool look at this wo so they kind of like kept record of of time inpan I really like it cuz it was not an auction buy it was not like a another it was imported by someone else uh David imported this bought it

Directly from a seller in Japan look at that look at all their writing it’s just so cool and the interior is clean even though it’s get ripped out sorry but why why it feels big feels very large it’s a boat it it is very large feel large than charge it is very

Large but it sounds good nice and quiet nice and easy it’s very look at all this room I got for activities over here and go on a trip to a car this is a very good car sounds very nice oh yeah it does sound good

Yeah okay this is a stop sign here sir okay I’m digging this I like how it sounds yeah so important things to notice here guys it makes no Creeks there’s no Creeks it is very nice it feels solid obviously there’s a lot to be done to this car but that’s the

Purpose take you guys along for everything I’ll explain more about the whole idea of this build uh if we actually purchase it and take it home and like you know what what it’s actual purposes but uh for this I think everything checks out it’s very very nice very comfortable not that that

Really matters but you know what I’m saying it’s not a it’s not a pilot I also like that it just became legal this year like that’s kind of yeah this year stock power sh what do you think pretty cool I think we do it and that’s pretty sick I don’t want

To do anything hectic here but you know let’s go make it deal let go make a deal only 119,000 km which if I’m not mistaken if 150,000 km is 100k then 119 would be right around 70k or 80k 70 or 80 right okay I think so so fairly low

Mileage which is usually what you get from you know importing cars CU Japanese people like to like go their cars with relatively low dude thank you so much thank you man I’m excited we’ll definitely be in touch if you guys any engines JDM pieces parts and maybe

Some cars you guys can come find at JDM California on the off chance but uh it’s official we did it congratulations thank you congratulations he’s actually just telling us this came originally in the me give you another gift right thank you so cool yeah so this actually came in

The car when it was Imports Little cherry blossom shift knob I think we got to use it I think we doly Thank you dud Let’s uh head home in our new Dad mobile drift missile we got to figure out how to classify this thing that Jay-Z is good oh actually this is my first ever Jay-Z So I love it I’m so excited to see what this thing is all about and what it can do this is going to be a good One well if this isn’t the story of owning a drift car I made it uh I made it home but unfortunately the car isn’t running so I found the issue but really quick let me show you guys what happens I go to start the car okay everything’s fine it wants to

Go great RS and then dead so I want to go give it a little bit of sauce you know a little clutch kick action for some donuts and all a sudden the car just dies on me and will not move so I’ll get to thinking like

Damn did I I break the car already sure enough you guys look it’s going to be really difficult for you guys to see but this line right here from the charge piping to the blowoff valve actually popped off so up maybe you guys can see

It right in here uh sort of so it popped off and now the car’s on idling and I don’t have my is getting the shop because I bought this car and Tiana’s gone but you know really would it be a drift car would it be a good drift car

Series if you didn’t break the car as soon as you got home these are things I’m going to have to learn better start now right walk up my Hill grab the keys for the truck we’re going to fix this damn thing right now and I’m going to give it a

Victory lap stupid drift car this is why I do time attack not drifting but we’re going to learn screwdriver zip ties this will have to do for now let’s go fix this damn thing it’s pretty cool that it has pretty cool that it has the shocks okay

We’re going to get this guy off to get to the Boost line nice okay now as you guys can see that’s the line that came off W it’s so hot I need gloves there we go now it’s connected now I’m going to zip tie that not a

Permanent hold but should be good enough for the Victory lap okay I know this is a horrible angle for you guys but this is all we got right now okay dupid zip tie around this pipe here way more accessible than an RB which is pretty

Cool got it got it okay ow it’s so hot in here ow it’s burning ow [ __ ] there it is nice did it okay let’s get it up here got our temporary fix now this guy can go right back in here okay we should be back in business everything is back on now theoretically

Here this car should start and run good is only we’re back baby we’re so back let’s go we’re back yes it hasn’t even been like 3 hours and I’m already in love with this car off camera here I went ahead and just got right to work and uh put the

Clamp onto this boost hose which you guys definitely will not be able to see but clamp is on and it’s holding so far and uh we took it for a couple of rips and I think she’s ready to go so let’s talk about the real purpose of this Car this is too Good Me