BRO-DOZER! 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Review

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-17 13:00:02
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro review by The Straight Pipes. The Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro is putting down 437 horsepower and 583 lb-ft of torque from a 3.5L Twin Turbo V6 Hybrid i-Force Max engine. At $94,000 CAD, would you take it over the GMC Yukon AT4?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Jacob and I’m going for a [Applause] Drive 2024 Toyota seoa TRD Pro without Control still rips pretty hard with a brake boost horsepower and torque 437 horsepower 583 pound feet of torque from a 3.5 L twin turbo V6 hybrid I force Max and yes Yuri is not here he is sick so watch his Jeep Grand Wagoner L review after this one now I break boosted it

Off the line I left it in rear wheeel drive mode this this is a body onframe truck so you can primarily drive this in two high which is rear wheel drive you can also put this into four high or four low and take this thing Offroad and I

Did take it for some very very light off-roading if you can even call it that I basically just drove it on gravel I did have some fun hung the tail out you can turn off traction fully which is also how I got that launched to do the

Little skdy skd in the beginning of the video and yeah it’s pretty fun to drive off-road this being the TRD Pro which is what you want to take off-road I assume that’s why you’d buy this or just have the Bro truck that everybody sees on the road that thinks you go off-road

Meanwhile you don’t actually go off-road Fox shocks we get a little bit of a suspension lift and the shocks are actually pretty comfortable I wish they were a little bit softer they’re not adaptive so they’re just kind of stuck in their one mode so if you change your

Drive mode between Sport and normal and Eco it doesn’t actually do anything for the shocks they are comfortable in Daily driving but you go over some potholes and that’s when you’re kind of reminded that it’s uh body on frame still and then you may have also noticed this

Exclusive Terra paint uh I kind of do like it I like that Toyota does this kind of exclusive TRD Pro paint and they kind of switch it between the ears this one kind of looks like Earth which I guess is the direct translation of what

Tera is it’s kind of like clay ground it looks pretty cool in the sun it does pop a little bit more than in the dark in the dark it just kind of looks like reddish brownish but I do like it overall I don’t love it I still think

One of my favorite exclusive TRD Pro colors was that army green that we had in the old seoa versus the old 4Runner which is pretty cool and so up front we’ve got the Toyota Heritage Grill kind of like a Ford Raptor where it says Ford in big letters here it says Toyota in

Big letters we also have Amber marker lights now there’s a funny thing about the Amber marker lights with this truck I’m going to keep calling it a truck cuz yes it’s a truck there’s a reason the Ford Raptor got those Amber lights and that’s why they’re a thing on the TRX

And all these other bro trucks now they were a federal requirement for vehicles over 80 in so the Raptor was the first one to do that I think it was around 84 or 86 in I forget exactly this one doesn’t actually need those Amber marker lights it’s very close because this one is

79.6 in wide 4 in short of requiring those Amber markers so um kind of funny that Toyota did that but I also get it they do look cool pardon the interruption my old chap Jacob had a lapse in memory and I would like to remind you that there is also a light

Bar or torch if you’re from the old country like myself in the grill back over to you mate my next favorite part about what you get the TRD Pro package are these wheels they are BBS Forge Wheels I love the design the size of them everything about them they’re

Fantastic and you do get some off-road tires and the Continental recommended tire would be the terrain contact at and Continental Tire is running a promotion right now so click the top pinned comment on this video for full details and if you take a peek behind the wheels

You can see the fox shocks and the TRD suspension which is really cool to see the stamped upper control arm and then you also get a skid plate on this to take this thing Offroad so it does look pretty cool especially when you angle it correctly so you can see that skid plate

And then you also get these side steps which are supposed to make entry and exit easier but I find them to be not the right distance so I actually find it to be less comfortable to use them than it is to just hop right in and hop right

Out but if you’re a shorter person like Yuri you might appreciate them and then you also get this roof rack which looks cool however has been a little bit of a nuisance during my week with this car I’ve been daily driving this thing and I found the wind noise to be utterly

Annoying because anytime you get above like 60 km per hour which isn’t going that fast you definitely hear this so I’m just going to shut up for a second so you can hear it maybe for some reason it’s not that bad right now but when I was on the highway

Earlier my goodness could you not avoid hearing that but it does look cool and it is obviously functional you can probably throw some tents up there maybe go to sleep I don’t know whatever you want to do with a rooftop tent throw a gas can up there bicycle whatever and

Around the wheel arches you get this really cool camo pattern which translates to the interior as well you can see it on the seats and you can even see that pattern a little bit on the floor mats which I do admit look pretty cool however if you wanted maximum

Coverage in this off-road truck get yourself a set of tuxmat go to tuxmat docomo not have any for this car yet but I’m sure they will in the near future and yes I called it a car I’m just going to Interchange that with car and truck and suv whatever it’s an automobile okay

And then we get a ton of TRD Pro badges basically everywhere they’re plastered all over this thing you cannot mistake this for any other vehicle if I had to count all the badges I think I’d run out of numbers they are everywhere but they do look pretty cool and let’s get to

Some practical stuff now because this is after all a three row SUV and I do have the third row up however I’ve had some problems with it in Daily driving I had to pick up some dog food and the dog food did not want to fit kind of laying

Down flat which is what you’d expect but the seats actually can move forward and back which does give you a lot more room in the back at the sacrifice of the passengers in the third row so if you don’t have any passengers in the third row I would suggest moving those seats

All the way forward and then you can kind of use this a lot more practically however if you want to maximize the third row leg room the configuration and the levels of the benches just don’t really line up you can move the little uh tray thing at the back but when I had

To pick up 250 lb of water softener salt it just looked ridiculous back there and it is a very high load floor so it’s a bit of a pain but luckily I am very strong so it wasn’t actually a pain for me but for somebody else man you got to

Build up your muscles to get it up in this thing but I actually do fit in the third row it is not the most comfortable my uh knees are basically in my face that’s because I believe the battery is under those seats so they’re had they

Had to make some sacrifices for this ey Force Max which we have driven previously in the Capstone Edition so definitely check out that video as well but you can also move the third row seats automatically which is really nice up and down it’s a little slow but it

Does work and it is very convenient you don’t have to like break your back bending in there and in the second row we’ve got Captain’s chairs nothing to really complain about there nice and comfortable we do even have peasant blockers and they are absolutely massive because those doors are huge so it is

Really cool to have that sitting up here I’m very comfortable these seats again super super comfortable for the driver we’ got this nice armrest over here it is cavernous we also have this kind of hidden compartment storage down here so you can put bigger stuff and smaller

Stuff in here you can also open this all the way and then uh have multiple configurations which is really nice cup holders no problem anything that I’ve put into these cup holders has fit without an issue we’ve got a wireless charger down there which also brings me

To Apple carplay now it does take up the whole screen it does look very nice it is very high res this is a massive screen I know Yuri’s complained about this in the past however Yuri’s not here today I actually really like this screen when you live in apple carplay but Yuri

Was 100% correct because Toyota can actually fix this really good infotainment by just leaving this sidebar on at all times like a Jaguar Land Rover would and that that is literally my only problem with this whole thing well there’s one other problem it’s a little bit hard to reach

The right side of the screen because it is so massive but my workaround for that is actually just using the steering wheel buttons and it does work really well right beside the mode button you just press these arrows and you can skip your tracks and you don’t have to really

Reach that far away oh and one thing about the Apple carplay and Android auto it is only Wireless which is a bit of a pain it has disconnected for me a couple times where I’ve had to go through the settings and then click connect so wired

Would have been nice or at least the option for both we’ve also got a 360 camera which at the size of this thing is really nice to have if you press the view button you get egg mode so thank you TOA for egg mode my son really likes

Seeing that he was very impressed by egg mode he is too he actually thought the camera was chasing him around the vehicle so he really enjoyed that and thankfully Toyota has still left us some hard buttons for the climate controls we have heated and cooled seats all that

Stuff works really well big old volume knob we’ve got USBC usba and we do have some gloss black down here not the most would have been nice if that was deleted for the same textured pattern that’s beside the cup holders and let’s test the visor which I should have been using

This entire time which would have been nice to block the sun 3 two 1 full pass good job Toyota in there massive and one of my favorite features of this interior is the red party stripe just like my Raptor because anytime you see this it’s

A party kind of car or truck and we have a fully digital gauge cluster there is some customization between the uh the tachometer and speed and all that stuff so it does look pretty good but my favorite part about the gauge is the I Force Turbo gauge and the max gauge what

The two gauges show really translate to what you feel because you get that torque fill before the turbo kind of kicks in so I’m just going to floor it the max gauge is going to go first and then turbo gauge is going to follow and it really feels exactly like what I’m

Feeling so good job Toyota on these gauges I really like them and this powertrain all going to talk about right now it is really nice at low speed so coming from a stop sign or whatever I’m just going to literally stop right now very torquey off the line it I mean it

Kind of gives you V8 power it’s very very torky thanks to that I force Max torque fill it is pretty quick especially around town you’re going to notice that on the highway it kind of falls off but I also expect that but this does have a lot of torque so Toyota

Did a really good job of tuning that for City driving especially uh you can also dial that down by going into eco mode but I did not even bother with that I just kept it in normal and dabbled in sport just a little bit so let’s see what sport does through cliche corner

With full traction off in uh too high uh yeah it’s uh it’s big it’s body rolly pretty comfortable through here and just Hawking it in here with these off-road tires just screeching which makes complete sense yeah it’s a truck what do you want you want to take this thing Offroad but

For daily driving this is great the powertrain is great the transmission is also really good the 10-speed Auto does a really good job of smoothing out all the shifts you really only feel them when you’re like flooring it so right now had to go through a bunch of gears

And there you felt it a little bit but it is really really smooth and then when you’re in the lower gears driving at City speeds it’s totally fine very very good job Toyota and as for more off-road stuff you do have uh your MTS your DAC

Crawl your all all that kind of stuff that you’d have to use in uh four high four low you can also lock the rear diff you can’t lock the front diff but I don’t really think you need that I don’t know how many people are actually going

To take this thing Offroad I’m sure it’s fully capable of a lot of stuff although these side steps I feel like take away a little bit of the ground clearance so you don’t want to get high-sided especially because this thing is uh quite long but the approach and

Departure angles look pretty good oh we also have a TRD badge on the exhaust so let’s take a listen to the Outside but what I am certain of is a lot of people will be towing with the seoa and that’s kind of what it’s built for body on frame this can tow up to 9,000 lb which is a heck of a lot of jet skis or boats or ATVs and you can

Definitely party at the cottage for the weekend so overall I really like the look of this truck pretty tough aggressive mean you see this thing on the road you be like oh yeah broozer sick stock truck buddy and I do like how it drives the powertrain is really good

What I love of V8 heck yeah obviously but this powertrain does a really good job at being a twin turbo V6 hybrid so with all that out of the way I think it’s time I get to the price $94,000 which is a lot of money that’s

Nearly 100 Grand Canadian and uh is it worth it that’s up to you to decide go to tsp. truear for discounted price offers I’m sure you can get many different Seas but I like this it kind of competes with a Tahoe maybe a GMC Yukon the at4 all those off-road kind of

Things so let me know what you think watch Yuri’s video the Jeep Grand Wagoner L and we will see you at the next video when we are both together I’m sure Yuri will be fine by then thanks for Watching