Reading Time: 9 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-10 13:00:21
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 BMW Z4 M40i review by The Straight Pipes. The Z4 is putting down 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque from a Turbo 3.0L inline 6 cylinder. At $88,745 CAD, would you take it over the Miata, Supra, Mercedes SL?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Yuri and ZR going for a Drive 2023 BMW Z4 m40i with launch control in the Wet it’s still fast yeah horsepower and torque 382 horsepower 369 pbet of torque from a turbo 3 l inline 6-cylinder with a b58 engine code I am shocked at how well the traction everything like recovered off that launch control yeah yeah this is the same day that we’re filming the Chrysler 300C and

Uh let’s just say this hooks up a million times better and it’s starting to rain but as long as we go faster than the rain and the convertible we will not get wet so we’re going to try to go for that as long as my head stays under the

The top okay so yo this car we had the I5 but some stuff broke on it so they gave us this instead y drive faster we’re getting a little wet no no we’ll be fine turns out I absolutely L this and didn’t realize how great of a car it

Was a couple years ago when we reviewed it uh by the way this is is a convertible Supra for anyone wondering this is basically the same car and why this car exists and why the Supra exists but we found out that the Supra manual transmission was so Toyota and then we

Realized that the Supra is actually a Toyota and not just fully a BMW and then they also saved one extra torque for this car versus the Supra nice you really notice that torque all right so top down rain little cliche Corner Yu I’m getting wet that just means you’re not going fast

Enough oh traction is literally one traction off is saving my life yes it is well I’d be fine without it but it works very effectively in this car it is such a good safety blanket okay I think this is the best BMW right now with two doors why best

Overall to drive to look at to what to touch the infotainment a little bit of everything so looks wise is there a better looking twodo BMW right now I personally don’t think so the M2 is not that great looking the M4 is also not that great looking the M8 it’s all right

It’s okay okay and then as for manual transmissions this doesn’t come with one right now in North America that’s right I think there might be rumors of e coming we don’t know about the 24 currently you can’t buy one with a manual is there an amazing BMW manual

Transmission no the ones that exist just exist yeah so you know whatever you and I both have convertibles that are automatic only why can’t people be buying automatic only convertibles and this is a really good Auto it’s a zf8 speeed which we love and then lastly the

Infotainment we got iDrive 7 or 7.5 7.5 I don’t remember not I drive eight so we got the one to eight buttons we got all the rotary controller like a normal shifter normal gauges everything about this is my comfort zone I5 I got super frustrated the tech had an air so that’s

Why we had to give it back this just perfect easy to use I I love it I program stuff to my 1 to eights the rotary knob and dial is so simple I don’t have to use different finger placement for each thing it’s all the

Same am I wrong no you’re not wrong at all and this being a 23 is a refreshed model as well hard to tell that it’s been refreshed the bumper a little bit different apparently but like we reviewed the previous one and to my eye without seeing them side by side looks

Kind of the same yeah which is good it looks good I I love the looks the purple paints cool I think I preferred that previous spec we had with the red oh we had the the same purple in the m240i as well Thunder Knight metallic or whatever this is called thight purple metallic

And then the headlights I still like uh you said the front bumper is different I don’t know where but it does look really really good I think it’s more like the the trapezoidal things on the sides I think looks great looks great the grill looks good it’s been slightly modified

As well and subscribe if you like the fact that I got this Leaf out of the grill so you didn’t have to stare at that while filming the whole time definitely subscribe for that reason and if you’re realizing just like us that this is the best current BMW head over

To tv. and get one from any year cuz I feel like they’re all pretty much the same yeah definitely head over there and get one of these for yourself another thing that’s amazing about this is a bad pumped in audio with the top down I can’t tell what’s

Being pumped in versus what I’m hearing and the Pumped in with the backfires it’s good it is really is a good mix of BMW sound that I’m not mad at let’s take a listen to the Outside that b-58 is such a smooth sounding engine it is buttery smooth it’s just an overall good mix and since this is rear wheeel drive only it’s kind of like a better Miata and a more affordable SL which doesn’t even come in rear wheel drive anymore better is hard to say but

No no no no no to the Miata better okay a uh down a faster more luxurious automatic Miata yes and before we get too wet I’ll let you drive oh thank you I’m already wet Yuri I’ll give you permission okay my wet feet are getting these floor mats dirty get yourself set

Of tuxmat theay pipes to keep your carpets nice and dry unlike us which are getting wet right now wow a normal shifter it’s not made out of diamonds I don’t have to think and look at it and control it with my brain weird that was not launch Control yeah bro this is such a good motor and transmission so good and I’m getting soaked over here um okay so you mentioned the SL earlier the SL is like $200 plus th000 this makes a lot more sense to me for this price point this is like

Affordable and you get a lot of that same experience yes I know the new one now has seats back there they’re kind of useless so whatever yeah this is that one is significantly faster as well luxury I kind of prefer that one a little bit but the screen I don’t love

Cuz it was a little bit too intense to use this is kind of perfect as a new BMW is this inside cooler than a new uh four M4 convertible yes yeah cuz then a new M4 convertible won’t have the 1 to eight it’ll just have the big screen yeah

Exactly that has I drive eight and then looks wise yeah I don’t I never loved the m4s I got used to them I still like the headlights over these headlights these are kind of like weird spider eye headlights yeah but they’re cool I don’t know I I really like this look they

Should have added four on either side cuz then it’d be a real spider well it kind of does have well has yeah yeah don’t they have eight eyes no they have eight legs maybe why can’t it be both maybe anyways I I’ve seen this in front of my house with the fall

Leaves it just looks gorgeous okay sending it gingerly through cliche corner cuz yeah it’s it’s we’re getting real wet out here now okay Freewheel Drive in the wet very fun let’s get to the Continental recommended tire which is the extreme contact sport O2 on a day like today or

As it’s getting colder the Viking contact sevens and then daily this thing year round enjoy yourself yeah cuz even if you’re not driving it in the winter it is good to have a winter compound Tire when it gets below 7° C whatever the heck that is in Fahrenheit yes

Exactly it’s not just about ice and snow and that stuff it’s about the temperature you know you know Americans justify Fahrenheit being good they’re like if it’s 70° fit that means it’s 70% hot what and then if it’s 100° F it’s 100% hot and you shouldn’t go outside that I

Saw on Instagram that’s how iy was justifying why Fahrenheit is better than Celsius oh man that kind of C zero is where freezing happens they’re like oh if it’s zero fahrenheit it’s way too cold I’m like okay but then where’s freezing yeah at 10% hot yeah exactly

That doesn’t make any sense that’s what I’m saying that’s guy yeah that guy’s justification but the 100% kind of yeah yeah I get that get that 60% hot moving on uh this drive is great I love everything about this the steering is like whatever it’s that it’s that bad BMW steering yes

It is I did not notice myself veering off track at all yeah but I’m driving so now what I notice is that it’s just like constantly like doing this correction thing when you let off like I I hate that that’s what I found that the M5 did

That I couldn’t stand but it’s not the one where if you look at a bird you’re going to be in an opposite lane that’s what I’m talking there’s three different types of BMW steering there’s good there’s that one and then there’s this one which also isn’t my favorite but

Isn’t as bad as that one Supra didn’t have this no it didn’t Supra had like very different s Toyota yo okay hear me out convertible Supra manual yeah please that’s kind of what this is uh except no manual but yeah and yes but I mean through cliche like this this thing rips

So hard this is such a quick car and like if anyone bought this like the m40i version you’d be in over your head if you didn’t own anything previous to this that was kind of fast yeah but there are different modes right if you go to Eco

Pro and comfort like Eco Pro you can get like it gets really chilled out like if you’re not in the mood like when I drove here today I drove an Eco Pro when I get the cliche Corner sport one traction off so it saves me if I went to drift Jam or

Something with this press car full traction Off full traction off send yeah and it is controllable in little skids that we’re doing and stuff like that like this this does give me a lot of confidence driving in sport whatever we custom traction off and all

That kind of stuff so like yeah you can have a lot of fun in this thing I really like my time driving this car I love it man and then like I got my uh presets my Utopia on serus XM there that’s been nice and easy to use compared to newer

Ones I make my gaug screen the minimized version and then like everything’s gone and then I got an amazing head-up display which is also minimized I don’t have like an airplane thing flying like in the new ones like that’s right now I’m flying like an airplane yo I don’t want I don’t use

This term lightly 2023 sweet spot for BMWs for BMW I agree and the suspension is also really comfortable like the Adaptive works very very well it is so comfortable in sport mode it’s like you daily the heck out of this thing in the sportiest mode yeah this is a daily car

Like this is meant for dailying yeah it’s not like stiffness of like an M car the seats are comfortable like him my wife hates my Prowler hates my Fiat hates my 350Z think she would love this car and she still loves you she still loves me she just all the cars she just

Tells me to get rid of all my cars every day which which I get and then these seats okay we got the white seats that’s extra option we had a wasp sting the seat it tried to sting my back yeah yeah we got Jacob got him out hero yeah thank

You Continental Tire for this jacket because I’m not going to advertise this but I’m just going to say that today it was Sting proof I don’t know if that’s an actual claim that I can use but it it did not sting me it stung the seat and

You got that waspa with a cup that we had and the cup holders would go only on this half of the armrest and they fit really well visor test 3 2 1 not a chance super car no can the top go up while we’re driving

This fast no no we got toce speed go below the speed limit slightly 44 km such a fast top operation I love just doing it all the time like while I’m like taking turns and stuff makes me feel so cool I’m putting it back cuz our

Cameras aren’t lit up for this and then we only have a reverse camera no 360 camera which is my biggest complaint I love 360 cameras but this does have the good Backup Assistant which is also really nice this car is window oh yeah sorry this car is so small that like you

Don’t need that stuff it’s just nice to have it for forward and making sure you’re Cent rules voice is nice to have you don’t need it yo 360 cameras are a very accessible option these days to most cars this is such a small car and we have heated seats heated steering

Wheel but we don’t have an air scarf and I think that’s it because it’s raining harder now we should probably end this review uh let’s get to the price what’s the price Yuri starts at 80,500 Canadian and this one is 88,000 $745 this is a value proposition in

Comparison with an SL yeah that’s it though and it’s not even that far off from like a fully loaded Miata but it’s more okay fine uh it’s more than a Supra would be as well though if you want an automatic convertible that’s rear wheel driving awesome hit get go find one on tsp. thanks for watching see you at the next video hopefully it’s not raining I’m going to stop and just get wet oh yeah isn’t even that bad A