BETTER THAN MERCEDES & BMW! 2024 Jaguar F-Pace SVR Review

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-14 13:00:40
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Jaguar F-Pace SVR review by The Straight Pipes. The Jaguar FPACE SVR is putting down 542 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque from a 5.0L Supercharged V8. At $105,600 CAD, would you take it over the Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Maserati?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Jacob I’m Yuri we’re going for a Drive 2024 Jaguar fpace svr with launch control that’s so Quick okay but we got to do that again without launch control so we can hear the C gr C so good horsepower and torque 500 42 horsepower 516 PB feet of torque from a supercharged 5 L V8 okay it doesn’t do no it doesn’t and we have those lovely crackles on the

Upshift those chainsaw upshifts thanks to these ZF 8speed Auto and it is lovely to drive this car so much we’ve reviewed this so many times it won our 2022 exhaust of the year and it’s probably going to win the 20124 exhaust of the year yeah and we’ve driven a lot more

SUVs a lot of SUVs have changed so we want to talk about how this is still kind of better than everything new that has come out even considering the prices and even considering the major changes that went into this 2024 model Yuri it is huge let’s start with the biggest

Change and probably the only one that I can find the logo it is now uh black stripes instead of red stripes yes that’s literally all I could find on this car that’s different hey they didn’t ruin anything no they didn’t good job Jaguar thank you for keeping this

Around and not screwing it up Engineers of the Year yes that’s literally the major change of this car everything else is basically the same we ran out of red paint the the red toner is gone don’t worry black and white so last one we had

Had cool orange paint this one now has a silver color which is still really nice I don’t mind it in silver I don’t mind it at all it’s kind of a sleeper until you hear that loud exhaust and see those big old pipes out back yeah let’s listen to it from the

Outside obviously it sounds great still sounds amazing thank you Jaguar for not screwing that up we do have an exhaust button the valve don’t open till right away and I still think it sounds better than the F Type yes and let’s see what it sounds like from the inside in case

They screwed that up no we already knew that but this time I used the paddles chainsaw obser are like the best thing ever and then back to the outside we do have gloss black around the fender flares which I think suits this completely as a luxury SUV yeah I think

They added a standard blackout package for all the trim and stuff like that so I think that’s the other major change to this car and they went uh Too Fast Too Furious and zip tied the license plate on I’m about it yeah and these wheels I think they are different as well so

Everybody knows I hate black wheels these wheels have a lot of black on them and when they’re full shaded they look very dark but when you turn them you get a lot of good Reflection from the silver and I like that a lot and I love the

Design of them it’s like a twisted five spoke but there’s still a lot of open area because the wheels are so big that you can still see the mass of calipers as well yeah but it’s not drilled no I know doesn’t that feel a little like poverty spec see the rotors not drilled

Or like slotted is a little weird yeah you’re like yeah what the heck but what would be the Continental recommended tire for an fpce the kti sport contact six and then as for other looks we the only real difference I think or thing that I’ve noticed that is worth

Commenting on is we have a tiny little spoiler on top of the spoiler okay I feel like that was probably there we just it was probably there but I looked at like it’s silly and then the headlights tail lights are cool the headlights look so much better on this

Than they do the new style on the ftype yeah and I mean this still sounds better than the F type and the F type is going to be gone soon and I’m sure this is going to be gone soon so if you have a chance to buy one of these do that right

Now tsp. do yourself a favor buy one of these this is one of my favorite SUVs of all time actually though for real compared to like a glc63 all that stuff this is the best one I think well nothing has broken on us so far no and everything feels really nice

In here like high quality and it’s F really fast so to you does this look better than my favorite my boy masara G oh 100% a question I still think I like the looks of the Gali more like a g tro over this no the headlights fit way

Better on this car everything about the front end would make me happier seeing that in my driveway every day yeah this would make me so much happier also because I know what it sounds like and that gr trao did sound pretty good that sounded amazing but there’s a V8 and you

Know V8s and me they’re just you know two PS in a pod eight P’s in a pod Yuri six-cylinder Teran okay so let’s get into the handling and all the fun stuff with this we still have Dynamic mode so I am going to send it into the corners

Not cliche Corner even though we filmed cliche Corner slightly different Corners right now and um the suspension is adaptive it is still really comfortable it is on the stiffer side especially when you put it into the stiffest mode but you can just dial your suspension back down into comfort and then leave

Everything else into Dynamic which is the way I kind of prefer to drive this but man this thing handles so well like the turnning it’s so responsive really good turning yeah and the steering also feels great everything about the way this handles and uh the the way the powertrain works the all-wheel drive

System I did even get some over steer out of it it’s just it’s such a great car to drive and I’m going to keep calling it a car cuz it feels like in it especially in these bucket seats which are also very very comfortable so there’s no issues with daily driving

This car well it it is on the firmer side of SUVs and I understand that it is sporty yes but it’s like where I feel like an SRT track Hawk would feel softer it would so like there’s St straight line going fast and turn going fast and

Since this is European I understand why it needs to be turn going fast exactly and it also needs to be uh LGE going loud Yuri it never shows up well on camera but you have to but we’re going to do it anyways you have to best all right let’s get you in the

Driver seat of this monster Yuri all right dude check this out check this out first thing I noticed is this not the smallest floor mat ever it is definitely quite small get some good coverage at tuxmat dcom thestraightpipes H it’s okay we don’t have predictable backfires anymore unfortunately but also fortunately

Because we did kind of play it out in that one ftype svr video and I’m sure the engineers were like we are never going to let this be predictable again yeah so the algorithm is gone all right and now a little upshift G oh with that shift light too flashing

R ofy it’s the most satisfying thing ever and then a little bit it wants to under steer a little bit that that turning feels so nice I know and it makes you feel like you’re doing sporty driving even when you’re not even like flying or anything yeah and it is

All-wheel drive but like it is rear biased and it just feels great all right enough of that let’s go into eco mode which takes some time because the mode button is very laggy but it is one of those buttons that you can push down I’ll turn my exhaust back on oh no I

Can’t switch it for you anymore okay some things I like about the interior besides it looking very nice the first thing is the look of these seats they are so sporty looking yeah they are thin you don’t realize how thin they are until you get out and look you’re like

Oh how did they do that because they’re still so comfortable we got full forward back up down Lumbar and we got bolstering which is very nice because some companies don’t want to give you forward back up down lumbar even like half luxury companies even though this

Is full luxury and then the next thing I obviously pay attention to the operating system of the car the infotainment I have grown to really be okay with this one I think this is actually one of my favorite infotainments and I remember loving this infotainment in the last Jag

And all the new jlr products because they use this nice curved display everything displays really well got Apple carplay Android auto it is a little bit laggy here and there and like certain things kind of stay up longer than they should so uh Apple carplay worked wired perfectly in an instant

Gave you the option for both that’s something that BMW doesn’t do that’s right we can always access our 360 camera with the button on the right which is something a lot of other companies don’t do either because you got to swipe to get to it and then

That’s the one that stays up longer than it should yeah like I can click it right now while driving and it’ll show up which is actually pretty cool but then we do have a 3D mode too and then we do have a lot of good stuff for helping you

Navigate like car wash entrances and stuff cuz you don’t want to scratch these wheels bro we could just film our own rolling shots like this okay but you can’t click Park to get rid of it you have to click the home button or X where was the X oh never

Mind okay and then the next thing I like even when you’re in apple carplay we always have a menu on the left which other companies like Lexus don’t do because they think they’re smarter than everyone when they’re actually bad at infotainments and then another cool thing a lot of infotainments if you

Click on the navigation or the phone it’ll take you to the onboard navigation when really you wanted your carplay navigation this shows a little phone next to the navigation phone so you know that’s what you’re going to it is so clear such good engineering and software design however could not get channel 341

Utopia to play it just got stuck on loading and then we have these really nice Push Pull buttons for the heated and cooled seats at as well as our climate as well yeah and I prefer to just like do that while parked because it takes a while for my brain to click

Into that that’s just like a like a little too much to do while driving sometimes until you really get used to it I guess uh this is no problem for me just go left right cool red blue you are also not driving at the moment true but

I still didn’t have any issue with it earlier and then we do have a heated windshield which was great because this morning it woke up Frozen I rode damn on the window but I realized I drew the a backwards so after dumping half of my washer fluid I’m like oh the lines and

It cleared it up like right away which was super nice and then our sound system is fantastic really nice and what’s great is there’s a settings button in the bottom right of the infotainment and at any time you click that and you’ve got your audio controls for your treble

And your subwoofer and everything so easily accessible which a lot of other cars you need to dig and dig and dig right yeah but how often do you change that stuff well once in a while if I feel like it I don’t know like if daily

Often enough I think so that’s crazy I crank my sub up and that’s it and with those home settings you also can change the theme so it can be black at night so it’s not just shooting this like bright white screen blinding you while driving which is very nice too yeah at least

Leaving on an auto is perfect then this wireless charging tray I found to be pretty good for holding your phone even when it’s plugged in and it’s hard to pull your phone out which is good if you have a problem with text and driving because it’s just too difficult then we

Also have room to put our phone there we’ve got jlr cup holders which traditionally are so grippy that they’ll pull a normal Cup right out and like make it difficult the lid’s going to pop off and they fit with this nice little Cup right now yeah reusable cup fits so

Much better in there and then as for the VIS huge fail I tested it on my way here I had to cuz the sun was right in my eyes and I have the perfect visual representation of why a sliding visor would be better okay so let’s find out

Three two one fail on the passenger side so then in the back seat as well there seems to be a ton of room Jacob do you fit behind yourself at 6’1 and A2 so comfortably I don’t even think I could be more comfortable back there and then I’ve got my rear-facing child seat

Behind you but I did angle it up more to the point where it’s not how I would actually use it so You’ fit do you have more room to go forward dud I could still actually go forward and be comfortable it’s very impressive yeah I think it’s like borderline enough room

For a 6’1 person and a rear facing child seat behind them very impressive Jaguar love it and we’ve got all these lovely like alcanta up on the what do you call this the ceiling the roofer headliner thank you I always screw that up headliner we have some of it on the dash

The car ceiling yeah the car ceiling thank you it’s all it’s all super good I love the materials uh some more things that I do like the mirror they fold in when you lock the car you know what else is good about that is I can open and

Lock every single door separately so if I pull my kit out I don’t have to walk up to the front door to lock the door that is nice but the trunk unfortunately doesn’t have a lock button back there which kind of sucks but I guess since

You can use any door whatever and lucky for us there is a ton of room back there for all your stuff too so this also does have very decent adaptive cruise Lane centering but it’s not as good as the Maserati system so it did make me put my

Hands back on the wheel even though my hands were on the wheel board floor it thank you go back to whatever you were talking about hey I get it I’m the boring guy who talks about the tag you’re not boring it’s just that I’m entertained by loud noises and fast

Speeds yeah and there’s other things to car reviews there are and we’re not race car drivers so I can’t just talk the whole time about a nurur ring time or whatever speaking of ring times I don’t know what it is but I’ve been on the nerur ring with two laps that I’ve done

In a rental vehicle I have a track car which is my drift car that’s my that’s my thing and then since you’re getting bored with my part of the car review I’ll end this off good thing I’ve got this cold brew here with a few more things we have three presets on either

Side which is sweet we have a full digital gauge closer which shows a bunch of fun stuff and oh yeah I actually really like that yeah it works well it’s nice actually the last time that we reviewed this the person that designed the G cluster commented and I asked that

Person if they could have both cars face in yes and then he said we have some fun stuff coming so if you want to comment again cuz we still haven’t seen any of that new fun stuff yet and then the and the last thing the buttons on the gauge

Cluster are piano black and kind of gross and the heated steering wheel doesn’t get too too hot no but the steering wheel also has a weird texture to it where to me it feels like a like a cheap cover I do like the stitching on

The inside okay with all that out of the way we both really really really really like this let’s get to the price oh no Yuri this is usually where these cars fall apart but this one does not fall apart here this one starts at $13,600 Canadian and this one is

Optioned out to a whopping $15,600 what that’s it this is actually less money than the last one that we drove in 2022 which does not happen yes the option differences and things this only has two grand in options that is insane that it has that few option and

It’s this good yeah like this is insane this is the bargain of the century for performance SUVs and this kind of competes with like glcs all the performance cars like the X5 M’s x3m competitions GLC 633 Maserati tros everything it’s all kind of in like the maans cayen gts’s

Turbos so the fact that you’re getting a supercharged 5 L V8 that goes compared to a lot of those other ones and this is a great infotainment and it’s simple and it doesn’t cost like yeah I don’t have to say anything this is the best car

Just buy it if you have a chance to I love this thing thanks for watching see you guys in the next video hopefully it’s another one of these cars it won’t be No