2nd Gear has left the chat // Sequential Gearbox Teardown!

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-01 13:28:12
Author: StanceWorks
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StanceWorks Video Transcript

Welcome back guys the E30 is almost done it’s on its own weight it runs everything is pretty much set up there’s a few small things left to finish out and I want the next episode on this car to be the full test drive we’re going to

Go out we’re going to thrash on it we’re going to burn up some fresh Falcon Tires it’s going to be fun but we’re not quite there yet and we’ve got to leave for SEMA but what we can do in the interim is our qua sequential transmission that

Blew up while we were in Australia has showed up we’re going to tear the thing apart today and see what the inside of it looks like find out what kind of damage we did if you don’t know what I’m talking about here’s a quick recap it’s

Probably safe to say most of you guys followed our trip to Australia where we competed in the Ferrari 244 gtk in the world time attack challenge if you didn’t watch the series you’ve got to go back and watch all four parts because it’s the best thing we posted this

Channel but the short version is overall it was a success but it wasn’t without some serious hiccups spoiler alert on our first ever lap of competition we had a very serious Problem on my warm-up lap second gear completely let go the gearbox sounded like it was full of marbles and we knew immediately this thing was toast we had to pull the engine and drive line out of the car in the paddock find a replace gear box and pull off an all night slog

To put the car back together and get it ready for the last day of competition in Australia we pulled it off but it required buying an $1,000 transmission I couldn’t afford by maxing out my credit card but our original blown up gearbox has finally arrived from Australia and

So I figure why not finally take a look at what’s going on inside Jesus Christ all right I give up I give up oh you just you guys didn’t see the Lotus Carlton out here new shop project no it’s not mine it’s it’s the guy’s next door go H all right

All right so like I said I think I really don’t know what I’m doing I don’t know how to work on one of these I’ve never taken one apart before I don’t even know what I’m looking for other than just a bunch of broken metal inside but I figured it’d

Be fun for you guys to kind of come along for the ride and just see what’s going on in here my best guess is that we just blew some dog ring teeth up um maybe there’s more Carnage inside we’re find Out What’s your over under on how bad it’s going to be in There Car Okay so we’ve got lots of Carnage here oo sharp too but that’s just magnetic so it doesn’t look like either of the nuts or any any of the nuts came apart which I know is kind of the common not common that’s what a lot of the guys

Have told me I really need to look out for as this thing gets used is blowing it up by having that nut come off and it needs to be welded or staked into place um so I guess that’s a good thing that it didn’t come apart only downside to

That is is it’s less conclusive as to what the issue could be so as you might guess the only option from here is to continue on into the unknown we’ve got to pull this thing apart and see what this gearbox looks like further down inside so the thing I

Don’t know is how to actually break these loose and get them to stay in place here I guess we’ll try it with a handle first and then an impact I don’t know so that’s one of three down but the next one requires a socket I don’t have

So let’s head over next door to lightbow and see see if they have the right tool for the job hey it’s too why do you not have a 44mm socket the you need that 44 you need a 46 I have a 46 what you need the nut inside my

Transmission a 46 goes on it but it’s looser than I’d like it to be oh what do you trying to use what are you trying to do 44 Louis Hamilton socket no for what seven time world champion it turns out tormenting your friends that happen to be dieh hard Max

Staing fans won’t help the situation but after I wandered back to my shop I did eventually find a socket that fits and took the next steps towards taking this thing apart I had to get creative on how to keep the gear Stacks from spinning while trying to loosen the nut and

Following that I had to figure out why the nut wouldn’t come off only to realize the inner bearing race holds it in place so I had to pry that off too there we go with no idea what I’m doing before removing the final gear stack nut I

Decided I should remove the shift Barrel just to make sure once everything comes apart nothing’s attempting to fight me and hold it all Together Don’t remember which the way that went in probably that way and then came the final biggest gear stack nut and maybe it was a bad idea but I decided I would lock the ring gear into place to hold everything still and it worked like a charm once again that pesky inner

Bearing race stuck to the shaft but it wasn’t too bad to remove and with it gone everything holding the top half of the transmission to the bottom half had been removed all that remained was the final perimeter of bolts that actually sandwich the Hales together Kalo wandered over from next

Door at lightbow initially asking for help to push a car on the parking lot but the appeal of seeing what was actually going on inside of the transmission proved to be too great to resist so he joined in on the tear down fun oh it’s going okay yeah I just don’t

Know if we’re going to run into interference on this thing way to find the you oh here it goes all right oh there’s a lot of uh oh no dude you see it second gear is just straight up black there’s no gear second gear is second look at this when the

Transmission let go in Australia it was abundantly clear something was wrong but I don’t think any of us truly expected to see second gear stripped clean it’s what we hypothesized but it just seemed so unlikely be honest I don’t know how Transmissions work with respect to everything other than from what I gather

We’ve got so it’s like first gear is here and then it’s probably if I had to guess second third fourth and then fifth was on top and so this is our second gear and then this would be the the one that it meshes with on the other

Side so there would be like I think two interlocking gears that make second gear and one of them as you can see has no teeth it’s gone aelo vista baby let take that out this goes here um and so yeah I mean like we can pull this whole thing apart it might even

Lift up and out to be honest with you you should but given how much damage there is and that I’m not a professional I want somebody who knows what they’re looking at to really kind of go over this thing and say hey like this how don’t dig your finger into the metal

Shavings or you’re going to stick yourself again again that didn’t happen once already what are you talking about the magic of editing ow here I thought I’d like pull up a finger full of material and be like thanks clue um yeah it’s I’m not going to stick

My finger in there again uh okay it’s full of parts and pieces there’s fullon gear teeth I can actually get that one maybe yeah I mean just full full teeth off of that thing it’s full of bits and pieces so I want somebody to go through this and inspect

Everything and let me know what needs replacing cuz the last thing I want to do is put it all together and think that I know what I’m doing have too much confidence spend all the time to put it back in the car and then have it break again cuz there’s some other failure

Point somewhere I mean I’m looking at it we’ve got we’ve got teeth missing off of this one too look at that if you come around here you can see it so we’ve got teeth missing here as well this is our other second gear uh or maybe you would call it the primary gear

For second gear or something I’m sure there’s a correct term for it I don’t know what it is but we’re missing teeth off of it I mean just this whole line on the transmission is just gone um yeah I mean she’s she’s cooked um again I don’t know what I’m really

Talking about here I can fabricate I’m not a transmission specialist um that’s not this type of failure doesn’t seem like it should happen to me this gearbox only had at the time of failure let’s call it two maybe 3 hours of use on it uh and that’s also not race Pace use that’s

Shakedown laps uh at the track to kind of get ready I don’t think that I should see a failure like this I don’t know what causes teeth to completely go like that I know that typically when you have a failure in these you blow the teeth off

The dog Rings where the kind of gear changes interface as opposed to the gears themselves interfacing with each other that would be an expected failure that’s what we thought happened initially we figured you know maybe I didn’t get a harsh enough shift in there or something

Maybe I messed up user error I don’t know how I could have done this doesn’t mean that I can blame somebody else I’m not trying to blame anybody yet there are people out there who know more than I do that are watching this they can chime in let me know in the comments

What you guys think I can’t imagine how I would have done this because I don’t think I was asking anything of the transmission that um it shouldn’t be able to deliver I mean we weren’t running high boost um at the track I think we were at 13 or 14

PSI 600 horsepower we were flat shifting it with the with the htech tune that Scotty put on there for us um and he said it was shifting beautifully and I just don’t think that any of those parameters should cause a failure like this but again I could be wrong I don’t

Know everything but I do know that that’s pretty up so the question is whether or not a failure like this comes with the territory obviously this is a race car part being being used on a racetrack but as said I don’t necessarily believe that this type of failure is acceptable given the

Circumstances of course I don’t know everything so I’m relying on you guys and ultimately qu to make that decision given that this transmission was essentially new I’d like to see it last a lot longer than just a few hours so here’s hoping the new transmission does

Just that and maybe with a bit of luck qu will help us make this one right as well sh so with that said everybody new shirt design has already been designed and we guess right we drew second gear blown up and uh those shirts will be hopefully available in the next

Handful of weeks if you want to help me pay for this transmission cuz it was $111,000 that I don’t have yeah like comment subscribe please